Sunday, 14 October 2018

Is an American Civil War II Possible?

The answer to this question depends on what's meant by a civil war. There surely cannot be a reprise of Civil War I in that no standing armies will be involved. But there are other kinds of ethnic conflict which are tantamount to civil war. Thomas Chittum in Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America convincingly claims that social, political, and economic forces are pulling America apart and driving it toward a bloody war. He envisages the nation dissolving into several different - de jure or de facto - countries divided along ethnic lines. He sees riots, gangs, militias, exploding crime rates, mass immigration and rising unemployment fuelling the fires of war.

Clearly we're a long way from that right now. But that's largely down to the refusal of White Americans to engage in identity politics except in the most passive way through the likes of White Flight. But for how long? How much longer will Whites, especially straight White males, put up with being mocked, marginalised, discriminated against and ultimately being displaced in their own country? An analysis of previous civil wars shows that events can simmer for a long time......and then explode into blood-red violence. Often a seemingly innocuous incident can light the fuse.

Which leads to my offering the following two vignettes which reflect what's happening all over the country at present. A report in Zero Hedge tells us that Bloody Battle Breaks Out On Portland Streets As Antifa Clashes With "Patriot Prayer". The standard playbook applied. Whites engaging in a peaceful demonstration are attacked by masked Antifa while the police look the other way. Until Antifa began to get their ass handed to them at which point they intervened. Hitler's SA (Sturm Abteilung) started under similar conditions. Contrary to (((popular myth))) the SA wasn't founded to attack political rivals. Its purpose was to defend NS marches from unrelenting attacks by Communists and Socialists. And it grew from there.....

In Brookhaven Mississippi two White police officers were recently murdered by a black criminal.  Such incidents are the rule rather than the exception given that blacks are the perpetrators in 85% of black/White inter-racial violence. While the White officers were risking and ultimately losing their lives the Chief Of Police was roosting in his office, getting fatter every day. Now I ask you to look at this guy's picture. A half-ton gorilla fast-tracked under AA into the Police Chief's job in a town that's 50% White. Seriously, this guy should be in a zoo, not heading up a police department. How must capable White officers feel about working under such a person? How do the families of the dead officers feel? Simmering with rage - at a minimum. Again, similar scenarios play out every day across the country.

Now to add insult to injury black "students" at a local holding pen school shortly afterwards did an enthusiastic reenactment of blacks shooting a prostrate police officer during half-time at a local football match. Chittum suggests that such developments will over time lead to “black inner cities surrounded by primarily White suburban and rural areas. Blacks will seize the municipal governments and urban Blacks will become increasingly poverty-stricken due to mismanagement and corruption of Black one party rule…Riots will increase, and Black mayors will not put them down so as not to alienate their power base. White flight to neighboring enclaves will increase, as will the development of parallel institutions for establishing security. Local police and National Guard units may engage each other or split, depending on racial composition."

Chittum sees such developments as the prelude to all-out civil war. Now if you add the burgeoning Latino and Muslim populations into the mix you get the perfect ingredients for a fissiparous country made up of mutually hostile ethnicities. Far-fetched? Maybe. Or maybe not....

Now it's customary to conclude such a essay by piously hoping for the avoidance of such an eventuality. But while I don't want to see civil war I do want to see Whites awakening and taking back what's rightfully theirs. Before it's too late. And by force if necessary. Because the earlier they're driven to this the less violent the eventual denouement will be. The longer it's delayed the more violent it will be.


Gorges Smythe said...

I believe the last sentence will be true, UNLESS the government intervenes at some point (unlikely).

Dexter said...

"At a time when Republicans are being shot, stabbed, doxxed, beaten, mailed powder, run out of restaurants, and sent death threats, Hillary Clinton urges Democrats to be even more uncivil. What an irresponsible statement."

Senator Bill Cassidy

A Swedish friend of this blog said...

If the police are ordered to stand down, then the law of the jungle has been imposed on citizens. Those most willing to use the most deadly force will win.

Cassius said...

It would be nice if the normie white people finally began to understand what’s being said and done here. They want us dead. They aren’t playing, they’re not pretending, they mean it and they’ll do everything they can to legalize our disenfranchisement, marginalization and finally, our genocide. What else can they say and do before regular people get the message?

Adolph Mussolini said...

Seems to me like the first few small skirmished of the civil war have started .

Cassius said...

The SS was made up of personnel with better educations than Americans today. Loads of lawyers who made the laws of the Third Reich. The SS were for the most part practicing Christians at one time. If a people who are better educated than we are, attended church more often can become SS killers, what do you suppose awaits US? The seeds of race, class, religious hate are being sewn in the USA.

Bill O'Reilly

PB said...

They need to stop allowing themselves to be defined by the (((enemy-run media))).

JK smaller said...

Lets get some Brown Shirts into.the streets degenerates.

Gerry said...

Meanwhile football lads alliance marching in London against Islamic extremists 13 th October yesterday
Are split into two by the police so as to make their number look smaller
The English police allowed masked Antifa to confront them
Then the police did this to English men in London whilst splitting their demonstration in half

Gerry said...

Secret recording of the British army threatening personnel for supporting tommy Robinson or any right wing groups
After a phone call from the council of British Muslims
They are now hounding white British working class from the British army

Fledgling said...

There's hope!

The worm is turning in both America and Europe.

Just remember that it took only one bullet in the right head at the right time to kick off the first world war. 6 weeks later it was full on.

Take inspiration from the simple albeit communist Vietnamese. They reeked havoc with the superior US forces. Same with the German offensive in Stalingrad. They were surprised and overwhelmed by the INFERIOR Russian army.

Persevere! Keep the faith. Tomorrow is ours!

SebastianX1/9 said...

I read Chittum's book many years ago and it struck me then and even more so today that it will be less racial and more ideological in nature. The White Left supports actions to kill off White Christians far more than do blacks. Blacks are used by the Jews to split the nation. Blacks do not promote evil; they do not advocate for transgender and pedophilia/gay marriage. They just want our money and some localized respect. Chittum is a Boomer of the Jared Taylor variety; they do not get it. White leftists and Jews are the real enemies, not everyday blacks. Do not fall for AmRen/Derbyshire garbage about blacks. Those men are paid up Zionists playing the blame blackey game on behalf of Jews.

Jules Joules Jewels said...

hate are being sewn in the USA.

sown- sew[n] always pertains to needle and thread activities

luke2236 said...

Dont kid yourself marcus marcellus - a SIGNIFICANT portion of 'da bruthas' want whitey dead and gone; they are too stupid to realise that whitey not only invented everything, but keeps it all running and w/o 'dey cehlphone' and dey ride and everything else stops working, not to mention the farms stop producing and the EBT stops paying...but they want us gone in the worst way. yes, they are being prompted/encouraged/protected by the jew, but they would just love to kill us and take our women for awhile...

And yes, civil war 2.0 is coming and quite possibly sooner than you think; the number of white people beginning to figure this out and beginning to 'ammo up' is heading towards critical mass. "Praise the Lord and Pass the ammunition!"

English Tom said...

This coming civil war has been scripted long in advance. Put simply, the Banksteins are moving wealth and power to The East as they know people in the West are on to them. It is imperative from their POV that we cannot go after them. Hence, civil war and complete mayhem that fractures North America (Canada will not be immune from this).
I also believe that a false flag of the level of 9/11 will be instigated on the continental USA (possibly a,nuclear FF?).

Dark days are ahead for the world. Let's not forget that US military uses a lot of high tech with Israeli components,I believe the Israelis have kill switches that can disable these systems.
For a look at America's future consider Russia in WW1. At war then a severe social convulsion. This is your future America.

Ken S. said...

Chittim wrote that book a long time ago.I had a pleasant beer with him once. Poor man is half deaf from being an artilleryman in the Vietnam War.

Don said...

The niggers have to be shipped back or Europe in finished in under a century.

Egghead said...

Flanders made a point the other day that was very subtle. As I understood it, Flanders mentioned that the basis for the ‘freedom of cake decorating’ ruling is that the court decreed that private businesses must NOT be made to associate with ‘messages’ contrary to their corporate values. Flanders’ point was that ‘freedom of expression’ was NOT ensured by the ruling, and Flanders’ conclusion was that the ruling would be cited as precedent used by corporations to further STIFLE free speech.

Karl Denninger explains related issues here:

The important point that I would like to emphasize is that these internet and media corporations have been funded and managed by various Western intelligence agencies.

Western tax dollars were and are used by intelligence agencies to run these internet and media corporations!

In the USA, that fact brings these internet and media corporations back under the DIRECT authority of U.S. Constitution!

Furthermore, I believe that anti-trust laws should also apply because these internet and media corporations are coordinating their illegal actions.

Lastly, civil rights laws should also apply as people are being denied the right to free speech by entities that are basically ‘owned’ by the federal government.

Note that oligarchs are claiming the right to ‘freedom of association’ for corporations that they have assiduously denied to white individuals, groups, and countries since the first USA Civil War.

James said...

Did CHEIF request a larger font size for his shirt badge? It sure looks that way.

An analysis of previous civil wars shows that events can simmer for a long time......and then explode into blood-red violence.

Whites seem to save their most intense hatred and violence for each other.

Too Many Koons said...

“In a race war, skin colour is the uniform”.

A race war and ethical ethnic cleansing in the USA would solve the problem that Abe Lincoon left unsolved in 1865. 4 million Coons bred for 150 years and became 40 million Coons. The Coons of 1861 to 1865 knew their subservient place and were by and large industrious and loyal citizens to their nation - the Confederate States of America. The 40 million Nigras today are mostly bums with an uppity attitude.

James said...

If South Africa is a model they can afford to keep it all running until whitey is too old and weak to resist outright genocide.

But when WW3 starts, so many scores will be settled.

it's a photo shoot said...

14 October 2018 at 23:23

What in the days of cctv and agent provocateurs.
1930s and now 2018 the battle of the ideologies are the same but the tac-tiks have moved on. In fact the authorities love you on the street in one place, they have organised and planned your nicking and smearing of your movement in advance, all you have to do is turn up.
Now if you acted on your own at any given time.
Just talking and keep on educating people to what's going on... Now, the tptb don't want that.

Celtic Morning said...

Marcus Marcellus is correct in that the Zionist is the main enemy, the strategist, the brain behind it all but differences of race will never be overcome in multiculti societies. The races, in mass,can only exist peacefully when they are seperated from each other, living in their own countries. They should then be able to interact with each other, trade and respect each others cultures- if they wish to. Live as each race sees fit, in whatever style fits each race.If any race then wants to live in failing states with murder and mayhem the norm, let them get on with it, dont interfere. If another race wants to worship evil then so be it. Dont interfere.But let the civilised races then be well prepared to defend themselves and to maintain their way of life against the overwhelming numerical superiority of those of a savage outlook. Numerically inferior, they should always carry armament to counteract any numerical deficiency so as to anihilate those who would covet their superiority and they should always be willing to use it instantly when provoked.

Jim Hansen said...

I think that the scenario of a "gradual takeover" is more likely. The Communists (otherwise known as the Democratic Party) know that there are too many armed adversaries. So what they're focused on are: 1) the mid-terms, and 2) the 2020 election. In Georgia we see that Stacey Abrams, the Black useful-idiot candidate for governor is now almost even in the polls. Then there's Black Andrew Gillum being pushed for Governor of Florida. And the list goes on.

So the Communists are working behind the scenes to shore up their weaknesses from the last election - their intent is to make sure that Trump doesn't take the states again that gave him his electoral victory. They are working very hard behind the scenes to keep him from winning again in 2020 - possible methods to achieve this objective include assassination (although this could disrupt their plans long-term so it's a last resort), impeachment / removal, funding his opponents in the primaries, and sewing up the swing states that could give him victory.

The Communists would have completed the takeover with the election of Hillary Clinton - despite Trump being elected, they are still within reach of the finish line. So they are working this methodically - knowing that once they have control of the White House, and possibly the Senate and House, they can start dismantling the framework upon which our country was built - with little meaningful opposition.

What they have accomplished with our citizenry is nothing short of amazing - the cult-like mentality of their followers is like something we'd see in a movie. These people are fanatical, are not able to think logically, and will commit violence without blinking an eye to help their Communist Leaders achieve the objectives.

The Communist movement is like Stage 4 Cancer that has penetrated all major parts of the body. They have taken control of the schools, the universities, corporations (not just Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. but we're also seeing it in the defense industry as well), and all govt agencies (in terms of having them embedded).

Savant wrote an article several months ago about the possibility of Luciferian influence - this keeps coming up with people that I talk with privately. We are amazed and stunned at how this whole evil movement has come together and snaked its way into all strata of our society.

At this point I'm seriously pondering the options of leaving our country before it's too late. I would be willing to fight if I thought there were enough of us that were seriously committed and were willing to organize. I see a lot of bravado on an individual level - people bragging about how many guns and ammo they have. But what they don't understand is that if you're not organized as a team and have communications (tactical radio gear of some type) then you are nothing but a sitting duck.

Tony said...

We aim and get better results.

Jim Hansen said...

Regarding my previous comments about the movement being cult-like ... With Communist regimes like North Korea, when a major party member dies, the populace has to show non-stop emotions of mourning. If they are in public then it's "non-stop crying" and the like.

So when Hillary lost, suddenly there were videos of women (taken by themselves) of screaming, crying and so on. They tried to out-do each other in their display of loyalty to the "Dear Leader" who has been "deposed".

And this cult-like behavior continues. This idiot woman wrote a piece for Fox News regarding who might be able to defeat Trump - What's notable is her comment "Sure, I supported Clinton, wanted her to be our president and cried for about three days in the fetal position when she lost - ".

Now if this woman actually cried for three days in the fetal position then she is completely emotionally unhinged and mentally insane. Or she's lying and she's just showing the required "respect" for her "Dear Leader" and "The Party". The point is that we see this kind of emotional worship of the "The Party" on a regular basis and this very typical of behavior in a cult.

A movement like this - that demonstrates cult-like behavior of its followers, is to be taken very seriously. If indeed they do take power, they are not going to give it up. If you are not one of the cult followers, then a cell in a Gulag lies in your future.

Jim Hansen said...

Ok so I'm on a roll this morning - you've got me fired up Savant. But this will be the last comment (unless following up on a comment or question) - not trying to dominate the conversation here.

Yesterday it dawned on me that perhaps there is another reason why we (the U.S.) have out-sourced our manufacturing base to China (part of the theme of the Communist Party destroying our country and setting the stage for a takeover - whether by Civil War 2.0 or other). Previously I thought in terms of it just being pure profit and greed. But then it hit me that China is still a Communist country - ruled by an elite. They have very effective control over their society and in fact recently have floated the idea of "social credit" - which fundamentally is what Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others are already doing in our country (you get de-platformed and "marked" if you're not worshiping "The Party").

The (((Tribe))) was an integral part of the formation of Communist China decades ago and they are still very much involved. So the thought is that the purpose of outsourcing our manufacturing / industrial base to China was to build up / shore up a Communist country while simultaneously destroying the "old order" here in the U.S. This is why the (((Media))) rarely criticizes China - does not mention the fact that China is the greatest espionage threat (along side Israel). The ratio of Chinese "agents" that are caught in this country (those who work in the defense industry for decades and eventually are caught sending classified information back to China) vs Russian "agents" must be 1,000 to 1 or much greater. Yet Russia is the big threat?

No - the plan has been for a long time to build up Communist China and then implode the United States so that (((they))) can rebuild it as a Communist nation. At that point, (((they))) will have two large Communist countries under their control.

Yes - I know it may seem far-fetched but one has to wonder why Russia is the enemy and portrayed as "aggressive" when China is the one building military bases in the South China Sea?

Thus the out-sourcing of our industrial base to China has served two objectives: 1) build up a "model" Communist nation, and 2) hollow-out and destroy the United States so that they can rebuild it as a Communist nation. And this feeds into the idea of the New World Order but that can be another topic at another time (at Savant's discretion).

To those for which this idea is already obvious, I apologize for being a late bloomer - I'm still learning new concepts every day.

PB said...

Its too late to wish it away. Wherever we all are in the world, it's coming.

Egghead said...

Jim Hansen: Your comments are generally perceptive, BUT the Communists recognize that they were, are, and will be unable to accomplish a One World Government with a white Western Christian and Christian-descended population.

In Russia, the Communist Revolution was owned and managed by Jews who viciously and violently tortured and murdered as many Christians as possible. Note the use of psychiatry as a means to counteract Christianity which was ‘labeled’ and ‘treated’ as a mental illness.

In the USA and Europe, the Communist coup is also owned and managed by Jews, and those Jews are importing and paying as many non-white and/or non-Christian mercenary non-citizen combatants as possible to overcome OUR citizenries.

Henry IX said...

Gerry did you see that ad for the "British" Army where the Muslims in the unit went off on their own to say their prayers? Would be funny were it not so serious.

nemesis said...

" White leftists and Jews are the real enemies...".

That is undoubtedly true Marcus. Jews always will be but 'the left' is starting to become a cold place for Whites, even those of the Left. When push comes to shove the color of your skin will determine on whose side you end up on. During the breakup of Yugoslavia there were large numbers of Croats, Bosnians and Serbs who were against the breakup but in the ensuing conflagration this counted for almost nothing.

However of one things we can be sure. The Jews will come out on the winning side.

Jim Hansen said...

Egghead - totally agree with your comments so if I wandered off the trail then that was "my bad" as we say here. If Jews were removed from the picture, all of these problems would disappear over night as their White useful idiots wouldn't know what to do next.

But I'm puzzled by the cult-like behavior of the White Leftists - they truly don't understand how they are being manipulated by the (((Tribe))).

Regarding psychiatry as a weapon, a short interesting observation ... When I was in 3rd grade, they would pull me out of class a few times a week to spend time with an man who would just talk to me about anything. This was for the gifted I later found out - and he would just let me explore ideas and talk about anything. The point is that during those times - "intelligent" children were recognized and valued.

Fast forward to my oldest son in 2nd grade - I get called in for a discussion with the teacher. She tells me that he's been exhibiting ADD symptoms - I say "Like what?". She says that he gets bored, looks out the window, taps his pencil, etc. So then I asked her "Is her disturbing the other children?"- her answer was no (of course). He was getting mostly As and a few Bs - so I asked her "are his grades a problem?" and of course the answer was no. So then I said "then why is this a problem?!?" She had suggested in the earlier conversation that "there are medications that can help with this problem" - so of course she was suggesting to put him on ADD meds like Ritalin.

In the past we'd recognize and encourage our bright students. In modern times, these students must be drugged because in the future they will think too much.

So the weaponization of psychiatry (with meds) is already used in our schools to attempt to keep the children dumbed down - wouldn't want them thinking intelligently and independently in the future.

Of course my wife and I did NOT agree to any medications - and unfortunately for them he's turned out to be a deep thinker (age 21) and very much Right-Wing.

Luke2236 said...

@ Jim Hansen ; you are correct - the jews not only started and backed the red chinese, but have been systematically shipping jobs, industry and technology there for decades. This is done for a couple of reasons as you stated, but I think the imperative here is that red china is the jews "next stop". [[[they are parasites, inventing or creating nothing, yet live very well off their hosts - just look at history. Red china is absolute paradise to [[[them]]] - once they suck all the knowledge and manufacturing ability out of the west, they can 'implode' us all once [[[they]]] think theyve sucked all the life/knowledge/money out of us they can. [see russia....] The red chinese present [[[them]]] with an awesome opportunity ; BILLIONS of mindless drones working away at whatever task they are given, with no sense of individuality, no morals, no Christian heritage, nothing. Just easily replaceable worker bees who will not question [[[their]]] leadership. The jew gets to own the world and all its money and act like God, which is what theyve wanted all along.

Tony in VA said...

Strange that you mention the favorable treatment China receives from the Western (((MSM). (Jim Henson). I have often wondered about that as well especially when you consider the demonization of Russia from the same sources. This despite the fact that China's foreign policy has been way more 'aggressive' than Russia's. Could it be that (((they))) realize that they have lost control of Putin's Russia?

English Tom said...

@Tony in VA

Re: the tribe losing control of Putin's Russia.

No. This has not happened. Check out Chabad Lubavich organisation. Very close to Trump (Kushner and Trump's daughter are Lubavichers) and would you believe, very close to Putin's Russia (see:redefininggod blogspot for more on this).
You might also want to research a Russian army called Alexander Lebed who was a governor of a Russian region and was mulling a run for president when he died in a helicopter 'accident.' Lebed's death paved the way for Putin to lock down Russia.
Understand, the bankers run the world and governments serve them. Here's a quote from Benjamin Disraeli from his novel Coningsby (believed to be about Lord Rothschild, who Disraeli was close to)

"Governments do not govern but merely control the machinery of government for the Hidden Hand which itself is the real ruler."
Take a wild guess as to what he means by Hidden Hand.

Gerry said...

Is this why the police acted so aggressive

awakened said...

Behind every act of violence perpetrated by progressives, liberals, socialist and communists are Mobs of democrat politicians, CNN and MSNBC fake news mouth pieces fanning the flames of anarchy…look it up for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

some one mentioned the German military lawyers during the 2nd world war, incompetent,,, they told their men during battle of the Bulge to dress in American uniforms and go behind lines and create mayhem, now heres the kicker,,,as long as they were not armed in doing the deeds they were protected under the Geneva Convention, where these idiots got their legal knowledge remains a mystery let alone a degree from any university,the ones sent behind lines were fluent English speakers as a lot were raised in the USA and knew slang, baseball teams, latest films etc,knew a guy years ago who said he and another GI were driving down road and saw American MPs stringing wire but actually it was found out later destroying it,stopped said hi and guy driving said""Krauts, you never saw MPs stringing communications"" drove off around bend and flew to unit up road who came back and captured them/unarmed but had hidden Whermacht ID, court martialed and executed as spies,

Chumlee's Brother said...

Anonymous said...
some one mentioned the German military lawyers during the 2nd world war, incompetent,,, they told their men during battle of the Bulge to dress in American uniforms and go behind lines and create mayhem, now heres the kicker,,,as long as they were not armed in doing the deeds they were protected under the Geneva Convention

.... Geneva convention for the Germans. You must be fucking joking.
Eisenhower passed the 'Disarmed Enemy Forces' Bill in 1944, which deprived surrendering
German soldiers of the Geneva convention for POW's, because all captured German soldiers were now "Disarmed Enemy Forces' and NOT Pow's. Which led to their extermination.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Jim Hansen said...

The Communists would have completed the takeover with the election of Hillary Clinton - despite Trump being elected, they are still within reach of the finish line.

... I do agree with most of what you write, Jim, but Trump was 'put-in' to give the anti-white base a chance to increase their demographic before the final act of civil war / extermination of whites takes place.
If Hilary had won in 2016, I believe we would already have, or be on the brink of a proper shooting war, and one in which the whites would win. But wait another 8 years, which is half a generation for Latinos / Mexicans and two-thirds of a generation for blacks , and the numbers of gang bangers will just be too much for the whites to take on.
Also, although I am personally staunchly anti-abortion, this new judge Kavannagh will probably do away with abortion, overturning Roe vs Wade and thus there will be even more black and pakis and Latinos than ever before.

Lemmyhead said...

I've just watched an advertisement that encouraged me to have a holiday in Ireland. I have to admit it looked very tempting. Great views. Great food. Great people, every one of them white. I can't imagine that the Irish tourist board wouldn't want to show how diverse Ireland was. Isn't diversity what makes every country great?
Would I be in for a bit of a shock? Would I find myself having the craic with an African?

Egghead said...

Jim Hansen: See 7/17/18 article.

The ‘Jews’ co-opt the elites of every country via bribery, blackmail, or threat of torture and murder (of the entire familial line). Commerce and intermarriage fall under bribery and enable a very effective class of rich crypto-Jews who have appeared to be European and Muslim - and more lately African and Asian - and yet who serve the goals of ‘Jews.’

The ‘Jews’ were called other names before adopting the ‘Jewish’ identity and may be called other names in the future (i.e., Luciferian). As I understand it, Mathis believes that stories of devil worship and witches (i.e., Satan worship) is a fake cover for intelligence agents.

The Talmud is completely immoral (i.e., Satanic), so one wonders if it is simply a case of ‘ultimate power corrupts ultimately’ - or ‘Jewish’ intelligence agents facilitating the commission of bad acts to bribe and blackmail people. Either way, the bad acts occur - and they are very evil acts performed by very evil people. Luciferians in deed....

Flyover Hayseed said...

@ Hanson

"I see a lot of bravado on an individual level - people bragging about how many guns and ammo they have."

Dangerously unwise on many levels.

Flanders said...

South Africa: A straight A, White girl student, 21, kidnapped, gang-raped and murdered by South Africa gang who crushed her skull with rock and tried to do the same with her companion.
Tenn: "Two nigger Males Make Video of Their Gang Rape of 9 Month Old Baby Girl"
Ga: Atlanta nigger Police Officer Mathieu Cadeau working an off-duty traffic job shot a White man for no good reason, wounding him 4 times. Officials with the Atlanta Police Department are not commenting. The man from "Morgantown, North Carolina, was in Atlanta with his wife for Motorfest, a motocross event at the Georgia Dome where his son was competing."
Philadelphia: A negress arguing with a 29 year-old White man in Dunkin Donuts and making threats, decides to run over and kill him and the group he was with. She's still on the loose.

"Action News spoke to McCreary by phone from the hospital to get his side of the story.

"She came from behind us, flying up with her car. Tried to hit us all. I didn't see her coming and she hit me," McCreary said. "I thought I was going to die."

Police spotted and impounded the car, which was being driven by a man, in Center City later the same day.

So far, the car owner has refused to identify the woman...".

Flanders said...

Iowa: A 54 year old nigger gets 50 years for stabbing to death a formerly white Coal Burning woman.
NC: "In Charlotte, North Carolina, Black Magistrates Work To Protect Black Criminals Engaging in Armed Robbery By Not Issuing Arrest Warrants (To Fight Racism)"
"Palestinian mother stoned to death by Israeli settlers" [2 min] Published on Oct 14, 2018

It has already been removed from some places.

Flanders said...

"A spokesman for a Democratic group ... supporting former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen in his run for a U.S. Senate seat referred to “white male” gun owners as "Murican gun nuts" in response to a Facebook post asking people to identify “the biggest terrorist organization on the planet,” according to a report."

Bredesen has attracted the support of pop singer Taylor Swift....

The NRA: “Phil Bredesen is a ‘D’ rated candidate, and he will not protect our constitutional rights in Washington, D.C.,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA’s Political Victory Fund, in a statement."

Flanders said...

I do agree with the points made by English Tom [15 October 2018 at 03:18, and another] and by Jim Hansen in his own very good comments at [15 October 2018 at 10:04] and thereafter, that the communist influences are there - and they always have been since at least the 1880's inside the US, since the forces of jewry started importing the jew communists from inside of Russia and other parts of Europe during those times. That was accellerated during and after the 1920's, and they imported still more after the "death of communism" in Russia.

I've been working on a comment related to that, and will post it some when it's completed. Many of those communists have also now gone "independent" and are forming thier own smaller and even more leftist and radical groups than the more doctrinaire-minded among them, but it is still all tied together into networks which know and work with each other. I think too many people tend to overlook their power and influence, which up until recently have "seemed to be" out of the mainstream and kept underground, and covered by propaganda saying otherwise.

Flanders said...

It will take a stronger White leader within a smaller knowledgeable group to seize control overall, nationalize communications after subduing jew media, establish defensive and offensive perimeters, and follow through by rallying the stronger-minded people among our White people to do what must be done.

The masses of people are not yet ready to do what must be done. Most of our own people today cannot even identify with or define what American actually is. I fear that the mentalities of too many of today's "white men and women" are imbued already with jewish poison which teaches them that "not 'all' others" are bad and mires their thoughts and allegiances into the globalist world view. Getting rid of the (((main problems))) will still allow that jewish-Freemason "tolerance and brotherhood" cholera to continue to plague and rot our countries from the inside.

That our American borders must be reestablished and firmly held together is another of the main goals, and to drop Hawaii, Puerto Rico and some of the other pretended, but socially and politically harmful or useless, "american" territories from any access whatsoever should make that easier, and no need to even mention Mexico. Borders must be secure, and immigration stopped without any pretenses that it can't be.

Also, So long as only a few jews remain among us, they will continue to utilize those others, and other unawakened "whites", and will continue attempts to split our people.

Only a fully prepared and consciously jew-aware group, led by a leader with courage and conviction with knowledge about jew communism can rally more and more white people into true American White ranks, but that will happen to the masses only after they have themselves suffered sufficiently, unless otherwise set free. The jew presently keeps them right at the levels that jewry deems necessary at the moment, where enough of them don't have, or even want to have, a clue.

Flanders said...

This below will go at least 2 comments.

Most people today do not recognize that almost every evil connection made among the most vile networks which are operating underground in our societies ultimately often spring from a common source. These are hidden by various entities which started out as front groups, but have changed and have bootstrapped each other into having much the same public face and the same public "credibility" and "authoritativeness" as legitimate organizations.

The old Communist Party USA, headed by the Finnish jew, Gus Hall [Arvo Kusta Halberg] for over 40 years, operated even then more as a front group to take the brunt of the heat away from the other communists who were burrowing deeply into other sections of society, operating and setting themselves up in cells, posing as "Socialists", labor unions, "liberals" or "conservatives" and also, at times, involved in regular types of work, and whom would not be caught at all carrying a Communist Party card.

Today, most people are convinced about the lie that "communism is dead". In some ways that may seem to be true, but there are networks which were established then which are still carrying on in the very same stealth communist networking way to accomplish the very same things which the communists were trying to establish then. Most of those old communists may be dead, but they have passed their networks and their beliefs down into the beliefs of many of their family members and others, who operate with similar dedication within the same or similar types of networks today.

There are many of the inheritors of those red mantles who operate openly today and who still have those old familiar networks which are backing what they do, and have expanded themselves into operating as modernized newly-refined front operatives, including especially within the media, the corporate, and MSM, governmental, education and political areas [both 'Partys'], and they are doing it in an organized way. They know who each of the others are [as the need arises] and are aware about one another, and work to support each other as they work to achieve their predetermined dialectical objectives, which are not discernible in rational ways, to outsiders.

If some of the fraternal groups work in the same way, there probably are reasons for some of those higher-level members to insist upon maintaining their secrecy.

It's almost been done "in your face". If they were to succeed, they will be all over you and all of us. Never think that you are dealing with a disorganized mob.

Not all the conspiratorial operations are communist, but many of the others groups are unknowingly used by those also inhabiting with them, who are within those types of organized networks.

The only disorganized faction is us.

Flanders said...

The article which follows below will illustrate some about what I have said. It's about an old communist jew who immigrated from Ukraine, and it will give you some idea about how the networks were passed on, even while using other newer names and faces. There were many others like Armand Hammer, although not many so effectively evil.

The site does a credible job of establishing and explaining the connections between Al Gore and the early old communist and jew agent, Armand Hammer. It begins by telling some about the even older communist, Armand's father Julius;

"To a Ukrainian Jew finding himself in the New World, what could have been more natural than to work to bestow upon America the same gift of Jewish Conquest that his coreligionists had recently bestowed upon the Slavic lands? This may have been a not uncommon aspiration among emigré Ukrainian Jews, as we have already seen one dedicating his life toward just this worthwhile goal in the case of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe,... And to such a committed Bolshevik as Julius Hammer, what could have been more natural than to name his son after the symbol which represented the cause to which he had dedicated his life...".

and later delves into Armand’s connection with both Al Gores, Jr. and Sr. There is a section on John Demjanjuk and the jewish persecutions which alleged his activities at Treblinka.

“Al Arm-and-Hammer Gore"

"Of all the people in the world that a US Presidential candidate would want to avoid being associated with, Armand Hammer would surely be near the top of the list; and yet of all the people in the world that you have been associated with, Armand Hammer has been near the top of your list. Your relationship appears to have begun early:
Julius Hammer’s manner of choosing his name for his son [Armand Hammer] is made credible by the recognition that Julius was not merely a believer in Communism, he was a dedicated Bolshevik aparatchik. A Ukrainian Jew born in Odessa in 1874, he did not emigrate to the United States until the age of sixteen. Biographer Epstein portrays his meeting Lenin at the Seventh Congress of the Second International in Stuttgart, Germany in 1907 as a seminal experience, though Julius’s enthusiasm for Communism can be traced back to at least 1892 when he joined the Socialist Labor Party at the age of 18.
Armand Hammer was one cog in the great Demjanjuk-persecution machine"
Remember, too, that OLD COMMUNISTS never truly die or fade away. They simply have found "legal" ways to CONTINUE thier communist dream:

"The Santa Barbara Museum of Art is delighted to present a selection of important paintings that have been generously lent by the Armand Hammer Foundation."
"Armand Julievich Hammer, aka "Armand Ettenberg" [May 1898 - October 1990]

Julian Armand Hammer [May 07, 1929 - April 03, 1996]
"Buying of the President 2000
How the Gores, father and son, helped their patron Occidental Petroleum"
"Deal-maker Armand Hammer Moscow's capitalist comrade"
"Brezhnev Remembered: Armand Hammer Recounts a Warm Side of a Fearsome Leader"

Flanders said...

"Gus Hall (1910-2000): Stalinist operative and decades-long leader of Communist Party USA"

"Gus Hall, who died at the age of 90 on October 13, spent more than four decades as the leader of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). ---

Hall was born Arvo Kusta Halberg on October 8, 1910 in the mining area of northern Minnesota. His parents were Finnish immigrants who became members of the revolutionary syndicalist Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Growing up in this family under conditions of extreme poverty, it was not surprising that the young man, who later adopted the name Gus Hall, turned to revolutionary politics. His father, Matt Halberg, became a charter member of the American Communist Party in 1919, and recruited his 17-year-old son into the party eight years later.

"The Popular Front alliance with bourgeois liberalism, inaugurated in 1935 at what was to be the final congress of the Communist International before it was dissolved by Stalin, was implemented with particular zeal by the American CP. Earl Browder, general secretary of the party during this period, dubbed communism “twentieth century Americanism.”

The party devoted itself to fervent support of the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt,..."
It was during this period of the virtual collapse of the American Communist Party that Hall took over the reins of party leadership,...

Over the next 40 years the American Stalinists became increasingly ossified under Hall's leadership. They remained unswerving in their support for the Democratic Party and the trade union bureaucracy. Millions of American workers, students and youth found themselves well to the left of the misnamed Communist Party during the 1960s and 1970s. The CPUSA, or what remained of it, could always be relied upon—in the struggle for civil rights, the movement against the war in Vietnam, and upsurges of working class militancy—to prop up the AFL-CIO and the Democrats in the White House, Congress and state and local office.

The CP, in fact, has supported every Democratic candidate for US President from Roosevelt to Gore, with the single exception of the 1948 race, when it endorsed the third party campaign of Henry Wallace, the former vice president and secretary of agriculture, who ran on a platform advocating continued collaboration with the Soviet regime.
... the American CP became dependent for its continued existence to no small degree on cash doled out by the regime it served politically.

The response to the death of Gus Hall in the media is of some significance. The New York Times printed a nearly full-page obituary of the sort reserved for the most important political figures.---

Hall's political career was nothing much to speak of, but the Times felt it necessary to note the services rendered by him and his party. Its obituary was a way of recognizing the role of the Communist Party in sabotaging the construction of a genuine socialist leadership in the American working class.

Above all, the spokesmen and ideologues of capitalism value Hall's role in perpetuating the lie that Stalinism equals socialism, which in turn forms the basis for their claim that the collapse of Stalinism signifies the collapse of socialism. These considerations were reflected in the title of the Times editorial, which dubbed Hall “America's Bolshevik.”

Flanders said...

"Armand Hammer (1898–1990)"

"Armand Hammer was born on May 21, 1898 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Cosby Show (1984). He died on December 15, 1990 in Los Angeles, California, USA. See full bio »

Trivia: Chairman and CEO, Occidental Petroleum"

Haiti here we come said...

All Hail the Royal Quadroon, the Regal Piccaninny, his Most Supreme Highness, Prince Kunta Kinte Markle-Windsor-Hewitt, Duke of Wakanda, multi-racial, non-binary, trans-offspring of Royal Babyfather, Good King Harry of Lesotho and Brixton, and of her Serene Majesty, Queen Megan Nefertiti Markle, Duchess of Detroit and Grenfell Tower.

Three cheers for the Africanisation of Britain, Hip Hip!

Flanders said...

Israel tries to pretend that they do not have clear and defined national borders, which the jews use as an excuse to ravage Palestine and the people living there, and to steal ever more of the Palestinian land, resources and territory and to destroy thier heritage and futures.

There is, in fact, such a plan which had set firm borders for Israel. The jews merely pretend publically that it never happened, and continue with thier slaughters.

And, the jews everywhere also try to censor and criminalize good people from inside those people's very own countries who make free speech comments, or protest, about the Israeli actions. The jews everywhere, who are residing inside our countries, also use that excuse in order to censor and take away all types of free speech inside other countries, as well as in our own country, which are critical of Israel or the jews.

International jew organizations tie all of those jew voices and activities together, which originate from jews inside our countries, to push it everywhere in order to apply maximum pressure at the top-most levels of our governments.

The jews' use that excuse as a leverage for their impositions of the full range of the jew's Cultural Marxism "laws" and "hate speech" laws, which are set to be enforced against all of us on a full range of "civilly protected" matters which protect their natural "allies" who are harmful to the rest of us.

Israel had accepted a UN approved Partition Plan [1947] which had firmly defined Israel's Borders, as the article below points out.

Uncle Nasty said...

There is one saying that my Mom was very fond of ... "Man proposes ... God disposes."

She loved those little aphorisms. Anyway the point of this is that -- if I may use another one -- is that the best laid plans, etc., etc.

The yids, more than likely are playing the end game, by which I mean a once-and-for-all, shit-or-bust solution, for them, anyway -- and let's be frank, they've used up every country in the world, except for the UK, the US and France, which they are currently plundering -- France and England, the second or third time round.

Obviously not quite finished there, yet.

So, considering their history of flogging everyone else's property -- physical, intellectual, state secrets, etc., one has to assume that this move to China is where they plan to end their days ... the world's biggest kike retirement village, so to speak -- even bigger than Tel Aviv -- or Miami.

This could be their biggest mistake. Look at China's history. The Ying-Tong politicians are almost as devious as jews. All they need is for China to make a few monumental political cock-ups and first thing the Chinks are going to do is what politicians have been doing for centuries ... millennia, even. Look for scapegoats.

And the very best scapegoats are those that are easily distinguishable. The New Chinese" -- the hosenoses -- are going to stick out like a cockroach on a wedding cake.
The kikes can pretend they're us, and almost get away with it ... but fake their way against Chinese? Naaah.
Oooooh, boy. Fun and games. Considering their history, the far orientals are even crueller than the Druze. The White Man's notions of "Justice", "forgiveness" and "mercy" are just words to the Chinks ... even more so than the Heebs

Don't believe me? Look up the "Death of a Thousand Cuts".

Secondly the notion that those fiendish, obsessive Orientals don't fuck up from time to time?

Urban planning --
Actual construction --
And ...
And ...
And ...

Aaaaand population planning? --

I can almost hear some of you thinking:- "But ... China is their very last refuge. Surely, they have learned by now? Surely they'll behave themselves ... finally?"**

So one would have thought ... the fourth time they were run out of France.


**Oh, and don't call me Shirley.

Uncle Nasty said...

I recommend this ...

I also recommend the actual movie, "The Death of Stalin", the very blackest of black humour which contains more truth than any Hollyweird production, and yet based on (believe it or not) a comic book.

I imagine that some people would disagree with me ... but still.


A Swedish friend of this blog said...

There is no doubt in my mind, having done extensive research in the subject, that the Jewish Doctors' Plot was real and that they poisoned Stalin.

nemesis said...

Surely, they have learned by now?

No, they have not and never will learn. For the simple reason that they refuse to contemplate any criticism of themselves, all of which they dismiss as mindless anti-Semitism. This can work very effectively in fostering group cohesion but it leads eventually to becoming seriously out of touch, despite monopolising power. Somewhat like the last Czar and his family. Eventually when the dam bursts it will catch them by surprise.

I hope I get to see it.

B3I1p19m said...

Only if Israel demands one.
Alongside the UK and France, I'm of the opinion the USA is competing to see which of the three countries can become irrelevant the quickest. A (dyed) blonde old man was never going to make America great again. He did move the American embassy to Jerusalem though.

I forget which (((supremacist))) had a plan which entailed the world being enslaved by Israel whose capital would be Jerusalem. It's hardly surprising Trump was the useful idiot who put the first piece into place. Ivanka probably asked her goy-daddy nicely.

Australia (yet another cucky formerly near-white country) is thinking of following Trump's lead and moving their embassy. It is remarkable how far the West has fallen; and so incredibly quickly. I'd love it if we're being punished for rejecting our ancestors' Gods and Goddesses for marxism (cultural variety) & (((Middle Eastern))) fairy tales.

Conservatives = conserve Liberalism and (((ish))) power.

English Tom said...

Sorry, a Russian army general named Lebed.

English Tom said...

Thank You for that Flanders. But don't forget jews also ran the American Nazi party as well. They like to control every organisation re: the Protocols.

English Tom said...

@Uncle Nasty

Whilst true the jews are moving East, they will not live among the Chinese in large numbers as the Chinks would suss them and smash them.
No, they'll head for Tasmania and/or New Zealand. Jews play the deception game but it is easier to do amongst Whitey rather than a billion people who look very different to them.

James said...

DS down again?

AnalogMan said...

Too Many Koons said...

“In a race war, skin colour is the uniform”.

Unfortunately, skin colour is not dispositive. Too many (((fellow white people))).

Your skin may be your uniform, but your foreskin is your flag. Fight male genital mutilation.

Too Many Koons said...

Here is some hope for white survival where blacks can be killed without compunction and everybody is glad. In a 1987 TV movie, Granada showed Dr John Watson shooting a black man who then falls into the Thames at night. The police steam launch does not even stop to see if the guy is alive. Watson, in 1888, has no registration or licence for his former service revolver which he kept after his Afghan campaign. No “conceal carry” permit either. The on river chase for a jewel thief and escaped white convict continues. Nobody gives a shit about the shot black bastard – including about every person who ever watched this episode, lefties, feminists, antifa, hose noses and all.

The man killed is a:

Midget, under 4 feet tall.
Refugee (Illegal Immigrant)
Asylum Seeker
Dreamer (Obama)
Aboriginal of the Andaman Islands
British Subject or (maybe) a British Protected Person

So far as I know, not one do gooder complained to the TV authorities about this shocking but fun wasting of a Coon. Nobody cares, and I would say 99.9% of all viewers are pleased to see the little bastard stop Watson’s bullet. The Coon was armed, he had a blowpipe firing poison darts – but how dangerous would they be with all the potential targets heavily dressed for the London cold riverside? He did land a poison dart in Watson’s hat. The black bullet stopper is also a cannibal. He was enriching London and increasing vibrancy a great deal. Why is his valuable contribution to a white society not missed? Where is the outrage? Not one reviewer on IMDB was upset about this little turd drowning in the River Thames.

The TV movie is “The Sign of Four”.

Flanders said...

[2013] "Russia And China Prepare For The Day When They Will Nuke The United States"

Just because it has not happened yet doesn't mean that the planning does not continue.
The main difference I have with the article is that Israel [and "US" jews] are not included, but that may be more due to the fact that the jews work their primary dirty work from the background.

Flanders said...

[J Weekly - North Calif.]
"Stop and smell the blossoming ties between Israel and China"

"Unlike much of the rest of the world, there is no history of anti-Semitism in China. Jews have had business connections there for centuries, and Shanghai’s embrace of European Jews fleeing Hitler is a kindness never to be forgotten.

In addition, there is abundant evidence that the Chinese have a favorable view of Jews, admiring them for their intellectual achievements and ability to survive. They also see Jews as sharing Chinese values such as family and education.
More than 1,000 Israeli companies have opened for business in China, and there is talk of a bilateral free trade agreement sometime in the future.

On the other side, Chinese delegations regularly turn up in Israel, clinching deals with Israeli high-tech companies. To cite just one recent example, in February the countries’ finance ministers signed a $300 million deal to export Israeli water technology to China.

Beyond business, last year China took part in the China-Israel Strategy and Security Symposium in Herzliya, signaling closer cooperation on security issues.

This matters because, as the world’s second largest economy, China exerts enormous influence on world affairs.
Which brings us back to the Israel China Cultural Festival. With Silicon Valley and some 40,000 Israelis living in our region, and with China’s strong Pacific Coast presence, the Bay Area is a nexus for relations between China and Israel, between the Chinese and Jewish people."

Flanders said...

[Feb 2015 ] "Russia and China Dance Across Latin America"

"From 2000 to 2009, trade between China and Latin America increased by a staggering 1,200 percent. If current trends persist, China will surpass the European Union next year to become Latin America’s second-largest trade partner. Within 10 years, trade between the two sides is expected to reach $500 billion per year.

[Flanders] The bigger story is what is it behind the "US" "indifference"?.

Flanders said...

"China Betrayed Into Communism"
Roosevelt’s Betrayal

"General Douglas MacArthur protested after discovering that ships designated to supply his Pacific forces were being diverted to Russia. Major General Courtney Whitney wrote: “One hundred of his transport ships were to be withdrawn immediately, to be used to carry munitions and supplies across the North Pacific to the Soviet forces in Vladivostok.... Later, of course, they were the basis of Soviet military support of North Korea and Red China.”

But Stalin didn’t just want materiel in return for entering the Asian war. He also demanded control of the Manchurian seaports of Dairen and Port Arthur....Roosevelt made these concessions without consulting the Chinese. Thus, without authority, he ceded to Stalin another nation’s sovereign territory. The president made these pledges without the knowledge or consent of Congress or the American people."

Flanders said...

"US Middle Class Still Suffering from Rockefeller-Kissinger Industrial Transfer Scheme to China"

"When Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller met with Zhou Enlai in China in 1973—just after President Richard Nixon had visited China establishing official relations—an understanding was reached whereby the U.S. would supply industrial capital and know-how to China.

In return Kissinger-connected corporations would gain the monopolistic advantage of low-cost labor production which could outcompete all U.S. domestic industry.

The comparative advantage gained was being able to hire Chinese laborers who were ready to work hard at exceedingly low cost—with no drugs, no alcohol, a strong work ethic, no unions, no paid benefits and weak environmental standards. And with such a large labor pool, burned out workers could simply be replaced. This gave the Rockefeller/Kissinger corporations a major edge over their domestic U.S. competitors who had to pay relatively high wages, high regulation costs, deal with union strikes and collective bargaining etc.
Remember, the entire money supply of the U.S. is borrowed—that is, the money co-created with a debt of an even bigger amount (principal plus compound interest) that must in due course be returned to the lender. But money in the domestic economy was going to multinational corporations and to China, while also going to taxes to pay on the national debt that resulted."

Flanders said...

"WWII: Espionage and the US funding of the Conquering Communists of Europe"

[Some good background to know about and to explore more deeply in this article].

"The covert European Revolution and how it was funded

In 1943, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was established (2years before the U.N. was founded) – clearly an organisation with post-war objectives. When the war ended, UNRRA set up “Displaced Persons” camps. In 1946, British General Sir Frederick Morgan, was Chief of Operations of the UNRRA in Germany (before his dismissal). He stated at a press conference in Frankfurt and charged, that an organised Jewish group was sponsoring an exodus of Jews from Poland into the U.S. zone of Germany… “They certainly do not look like a persecuted people. I believe they have got a plan, a positive plan, to get out of Europe.”

Flanders said...

[24/01/14] "Netanyahu Advances China Alliance in Davos"

"The sentiments support reports from late December, which revealed that the Prime Minister's Office, the Foreign Ministry and exporters in the defense industry are trying to challenge the US limitations on Israeli defense exports to China.

The report came after US fury over Israel's transfer of military equipment to China earlier in December, which led to the resignation of Meir Shalit, the Department Head for Defense Exports at the Defense Ministry.

Netanyahu's meeting with Wang comes as Israel is making signs of rapprochement towards China and away from the US. That process began picking up speed since last May, when Netanyahu traveled to China."

Flanders said...

"So I Guess the New Democratic Party Platform Is Violence?"

"Traditionally, political parties have a platform to convince voters to vote for their side. The left no longer has a coherent message for the American people. Instead, Democrats have taken their party away from politics and moved their position to revenge, assault, and chaos."
It's not jew conscious at all, but I like the way it's said [except for the "elite" junk].

"Our liberal elite sees themselves not as citizens of the United States of America but as something better, more enlightened, more moral – “citizens of the world.” But of course, that’s silly. There are no “citizens of the world” because there is no “world.” There is a collection of nation-states, tribes, sects, and other groups inhabiting this giant space rock, and you can be part of one or more of them, but there is no “world.” However, there is a trans-national globalist elite that shares the same stupid values, beliefs, and taboos, and that’s who our useless elite identifies with. Whether it’s some herring-gobbling Nord-dork in Oslo or some Marxist puppetry prof in Pomona or some gender-confused EU functionary in Brussels or some CNN geebo who gets huffy when peeps call mobs “mobs,” the trans-national global elitists share more in common with each other than with their own people. And it is to their fellow elitists, and not us, to whom they are loyal."

Poes and Latte said...

Have you noticed how many pointless, misandrist, left wing and truly god awful white 'women' with male hormones there are in North American, "EU" and UK politics??? What type of 'man' can actually love a creature like this? There again another example of the NWO kike dis-ease permeating everywhere. Their dis-ease is not only racial, it is matriarchal, gnawing away at our Christian virtues and civilisations in our white countries like rats under floor boards. Drastic measures will be necessary at some point to deal with this shit. Not surprising that MGTOW groups are growing and reaching out for Oriental women. Again that probably fits well with the plan for a ZOG planet full of mongrel slaves.

White males need to form a worldwide alliance to combat this shit starting with a lone wolf IRA style campaign. I cannot see any other way out with the current resources we have collectively. Rich whites don't give a shit - they hob knob with kike rats as part of the family. They are just as greedy and disposable imo.

Flanders said...

"The Boer War: How The Jews Seized South Africa"

"The criminal conspiracy of the British cabinet which ran the
opium war now extended its influence and power through Freemasonry
to the Transvaal. Behind Prime Minister Palmerston’s fine facade of
respectability was the rotten degeneracy of British aristocracy, besotted
by the evil of high Masonry. It was only after the Military Commission
on the murder of Lincoln made its findings public that some of the sordid
details of Palmerston’s connections with the Scottish Rite Freemason
lodges became known. I mention this, to remind my renders of the strong
links between U.S. history and the Boer War, i.e. the same people ran
both the American War Between the States, and the Boer War.
The Chinese Triads, the Order of Zion, were all part of the dirty tricks
organized to upset both America, and later, the Boer Republics. The trail
leads back directly to the British Court Jews and the Scottish Rite Freemasons.
We should not overlook the part played by the Jews in the Masonic
Order. Their starting point was the B’nai B’rith, also called the Constitutional
Grand Lodge of the Order of the Sons of the Covenant, which was
recognized as a branch of the Scottish Rite. This was headquartered at
450 Grand Street, Manhattan, in the home of Joseph Seligman. The B’nai
B’rith was nothing but an intelligence front for the Montefiores and the
Rothschilds as was proven with the advent of Judah P. Benjamin, a
British subject, and leader of the B’nai B’rith to the post of Confederate
Secretary of War! Confederate General Albert Pike, a Grand Commander
of the Scottish Rite, completed the deep penetration of the South by these
agents of Satan."

[Excerpt is from pg 8]

Flanders said...

"Scorched Earth," tells the of the destruction by policy used by the British military during the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902 [I've not watched it all, but understand it is good].

"Scorched Earth" (Anglo-Boer War) documentary" [1 hr 40 min]
"The Boer War Remembered"
By Mark Weber [A lengthy report]

"So far as wealth and power and even numbers are concerned Johannesburg is essentially a Jewish town. Most of these Jews figure as British subjects, though many are in fact German and Russian Jews who have come to Africa after a brief sojourn in England. The rich, rigorous, and energetic financial and commercial families are chiefly English Jews, not a few of whom here, as elsewhere, have Anglicised their names after true parasitic fashion. I lay stress on this fact because, though everyone knows the Jews are strong, their real strength here is much underestimated. Though figures are so misleading, it is worth while to mention that the directory of Johannesburg shows 68 Cohens against 21 Joneses and 53 Browns."

The Jews take little active part in the Outlander agitation; they let others do that sort of work. But since half of the land and nine-tenths of the wealth of the Transvaal claimed for the Outlander are chiefly theirs, they will be chief gainers by an settlement advantageous to the Outlander.

In an influential book published in 1900, The War in South Africa, Hobson warned and admonished his fellow countrymen: note 43

We are fighting in order to place a small international oligarchy of mine-owners and speculators in power at Pretoria. Englishmen will surely do well to recognize that the economic and political destinies of South Africa are, and seem likely to remain, in the hands of men most of whom are foreigners by origin, whose trade is finance, and whose trade interests are not chiefly British."

Flanders said...

I did have a very extensive list of 20 or more great sites showing much more information than this article below, which is about the jew's who sold China into communism, but I'm unable to find it and have to wonder how it could have been removed from my files. I'll continue looking, but this is a good one for now.


Flanders said...

"Kaifeng’s Jewish community thrived at first, building its first synagogue in 1163, and eventually swelling to several thousand members."

Flanders said...

[Oct 15, 2018] "15 YO girl set on fire at McDonalds in Cologne Germany by Islamic State supporter"

It turned into a hostage situation. The reporter said that there was water coming under the doors from the McDonald's where the sprinklers went off when she was set on fire. Video is about 4 min.

Gary Paul said...

"Nobody gives a shit about the shot black bastard ..."

Ah, those were the days....

NWO Chaos said...

Have you noticed how many pointless, misandrist, left wing and truly god awful white 'women' with male hormones there are in North American, "EU" and UK politics??? What type of 'man' can actually love a creature like this?

I urge you to check out Chateau Heartiste blog. Right up your street.

Barney said...

When I was at school, the term "Chinese junk" referred to a particular type of sailing boat. Now it's everything we see in the shops.


Whenever a pro-White event is organised, people have to first obtain official "permission". Those officials then arrange the "antifa" opposition forces.

There was no repeat of Charlottesville, but someone sent faked "evidence" to the police chief - and no-one else - that an anniversary event was being planned. Result? Antifa turned up.

We can hope that sooner or later a White event will be publicised, and permission obtained of course, but that the real event will be outside the designated area, and the pole-lice and their tame antifa scum will find themselves in an ambush situation against heavily-armed and masked White People.

No, not "inciting" anything here, Big Brother, just a bit of wishful thinking.


As for the moslems (I use that spelling because they hate the truth about themselves), I see little, if any, difference between a moslem and a jew. They both hate the Noble White Race and want to see us destroyed because WE create societies their limited intellect can't understand or adapt to. They want to take the world back to the stone age before destroying it completely.

The one difference I do see is that the moslems are prepared to do their own dirty work, while the jew is too cowardly even for that.

Boomer said...


Russian Jew Voitinsky founded Chinese communism in 1920. Check out the book "MAO the unknown story" by Jon Halliday. He also mentions that kike toad Kissinger facilitating the theft of schematics and know how for the rapid building of unbadged Rolls Royce Jet engines for the commie chinks just as ((they)) did during the cold war with Korea. The Brits dominated Jet propulsion during the post war years until the late 60's with Vulcan bombers and English Electric Lightnings. Like the motor industry (all British industry) it was destroyed by communist plants (unions) theft of the technical knowledge and crippling strikes. Everything was sold off by Thatchers capitalist Jews and sayanims. The English as such are a shadow of their former inventive genius of the war years. Look at England's cities today - utter shit holes polluted with Jewish/South Asian coolie shops and supermarkets.

That's why (((they))) precipitated wars between them and the Germans. They're Saxon cousins and the kikes know it. They will always seek to divide them and stir up 'hate' between the two nations.

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said...

"US Middle Class Still Suffering from Rockefeller-Kissinger Industrial Transfer Scheme to China"

"When Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller met with Zhou Enlai in China in 1973—just after President Richard Nixon had visited China establishing official relations—an understanding was reached whereby the U.S. would supply industrial capital and know-how to China.

Need one point out that Kissinger was the architect of the the 1973-1974 oil crises and all succeeding ones?

Not too bad for a poverty-stricken kike who fell off the boat in 1938 ... I'm surprised he didn't claim compensation for his stint in Auschwitz.

In 1955, he developed a relationship with Nelson Rockefeller (Frank Capell, Henry Kissinger: Soviet Agent. Cincinnati, 1992, p. 29). The poor Jewish refugee became a powerful figure thanks to the Rockefeller family that began using him as a proxy. In 1956, he was named editor of the influential magazine Foreign Affairs.

Henry Kissinger is a high-ranking official of the Jewish masonic organization B’nai B’rith. He is also a member of the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission. He belongs to the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina, the elitist Bohemian Club, and he is a member of Phi Beta Cappa Club, Cosmos Club, Federal City Club, and Century Club.

Oh ... and remember this? A book, later a movie by Peter Hitchens

Kissinger was even parodied in Kubrik's Doctor Strangelove (1964) by Peter Sellers ... a rather startling resemblance.


Gerry said...

Too Many Koons said...

Uncle Nasty wrote....
Kissinger was even parodied in Kubrik's Doctor Strangelove (1964) by Peter Sellers ... a rather startling resemblance.
Kissinger was parodied in "The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It" (1977), in the first few minutes. He is an arrogant kike slime ball named Henry Gropinger. Unlike the real slime ball, the film Gropinger comes to a sticky end.

If you watch at exactly 24 minutes - every London bus passenger is not white except the two heroes. Another colored turbanhead person gets on. This was filmed in London 43 years ago. The conductor is also not white. The driver is white and is smoking weed, as is Holmes. Did this short movie have powers of prophecy?

Unknown said...

Addressing Luke2236's comments:

"@ Jim Hansen ; you are correct - the jews not only started and backed the red chinese, but have been systematically shipping jobs, industry and technology there for decades. This is done for a couple of reasons as you stated, but I think the imperative here is that red china is the jews "next stop"."

Agree with all that you said - I'm just a bit late to the party on this issue. What didn't click for me yet was the "why" of shipping jobs unless it was just simply greed. But then the whole picture started coming together and it all makes sense.

Every time I think that I've figured it all out, I find that I'm just scratching the surface.

Anonymous said...

Savant - big mistake - please delete that last comment which shows my name as Michael (quoting Luke and Hansen). Don't know how to email you.

Boomer said...

Great link this..

The Englishman Rhodes realised a bit too late that the Rothschilds were using him.

Kitchener wasn't just British he was also Irish. Jameson was Scottish. The British also had thousands of Australians and New Zealanders in their ranks.
Just for the record

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Off topic but whenever you feel down just look at this. Before and After the Election 2016 Trump WIN Reactions.

Frank Galton said...

The Jewish referee at the House of Commons, Zionist John Bercow, is standing down after 10 years of determining who can, and cannot speak, in the House of Commons.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 October 2018

John Bercow, the first Jewish Speaker of the House of Commons, has told friends he has decided to stand down next Summer, it has been reported amid the fallout of a damning report on bullying of staff at Westminster.

His departure would come after he had served ten years in the role – during which he has repeatedly spoken about his Jewish upbringing and stressed his support for the state of Israel.


In the Commons the Speaker, or a Deputy Speaker, chairs debates and calls MPs in turn to give their opinion on an issue. MPs must get the Speaker's attention (called 'catching the Speaker's eye') and usually stand, or half-rise from their seat to do so. They may also write in advance to indicate their wish to speak, although this gives no guarantee.

The Speaker presides over the House's debates, determining which members may speak.

Frank Galton

Gelu Valah said...

clearly off-topic.
we have to stick to art, otherwise we degrade into genuine monkeys.
this is a demonstrative example, already seen and known by any of you from elsewhere.
we highlight the menu with Tristan Tzara, the Jew founder of Dadaism.
well, let us see how* the jew Tristan Tzara got “knowledge” from whom, and what development this jew “created.”
being a jew communist Tristan Tzara, master Salvador Dali indirectly rejected the communist influence in surrealism.
a pity, since only surrealism defines the state we’ve got nowadays in Europe.
this may be important, because this was way before the “Frankfurt school” and this was at the very edge of Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, maybe embedded in visual art and culture.
i am forwarding this “conspiracy theory”, educated as i am.
the “maybe” says the fact that “i do not fucking know exactly – check spooks for that”.

Frank Galton said...

Boomer said: "Russian Jew Voitinsky founded Chinese communism in 1920."

China Daily, 27 July 2011

Where does the name Communist Party of China come from?

As is known to all, in April 1920, approved by the Communist International, the Russian Communist Party sent the representative [Russian Jew] Grigori Voitinsky, who had engaged in the American Socialist Party during his time living in the United States, to help China's founding of the party.


Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia

VOITINSKY Grigory, Revolutionary

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

B3I1p19m said: "I forget which (((supremacist))) had a plan which entailed the world being enslaved by Israel whose capital would be Jerusalem."


"Jerusalem will be the seat of the supreme court of mankind"

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 January 1962

[Prime Minister of Israel] Mr. [David] Ben-Gurion’s statement reads:

"Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime... all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force.

"In JERUSALEM, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the supreme court of mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah."


"Jerusalem will become the capital of the world"

New York Times, 28 August 1922

Dr. Sokolow Tells Zionist Congress Jerusalem Will Be International Peace Capital

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world's peace," declared Dr. Nahum Sokolow, Chairman of the Zionist Executive Committee, at a special meeting of the Zionist Conference today.


"Jews must conquer the world"

The Allentown Democrat, 23 August 1907

Says Jews Must Conquer World.

The Hague, Aug. 2. The close of the eighth international Zionist congress, which has been in session in this city since Aug. 14, was marked with great enthusiasm... [President of the World Zionist Organization] Dr. David Wolffsohn of Cologne delivered the closing speech. He said, among other things, that the Jewish people must yet conquer the world.


"We shall have world government, whether or not we like it"

Revision Of The United Nations Charter

Page 494

Statement of James P. Warburg, Greenwich, Conn.

"We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.";view=1up;seq=11;size=125



Jewish Virtual Library

Wolffsohn, David (1856–1914), second president of the World Zionist Organization.


Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 05 June 1969

James P. Warburg, banker, financier... was a confidant of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. His roots were in the three great German-Jewish banking families, the Loebs, Schiffs and Warburgs.

Frank Galton

reveal1914 said...

Well the French are already a minority in their schools and don't seem to care. the few million who voted Le Pen have found themselves trapped in a lunatic asylum. Are white Americans any different. Where they some how immune to the endless brainwashing of the past 40 years.

Flanders said...

More details about the jews who resided both in and out of South Africa being the jew communist center who networked in South Africa - and elsewhere.

"Dr Shimoni writes of ‘..the extraordinary salience of Jewish individuals in the white opposition to the regime of apartheid. Throughout this period Jewish names kept appearing in every facet of the struggle: amongst reformist liberals; in the radical Communist opposition; in the courts, whether as defendants or as counsel for the defence; in the lists of bannings and amongst those who fled the country to evade arrest. Their prominence was particularly marked in the course of the Treason Trial which occupied an important place in the news media throughout the second half of the 1950’s. This trial began in December 1956, when 156 people were arrested on charges of treason in the form of a conspiracy to overthrow the state by violence and to replace it with a state based on Communism. Twenty-three of those arrested were Whites, more than half of them Jews. They included Yetta Barenblatt, Hymie Barsel, Lionel (Rusty) Bernstein, Leon Levy, Norman Levy, Sydney Shall, Joe Slovo, Ruth (First) Slovo, Sonia Bunting, Lionel Forman, Isaac Horvitch, Ben Turok, Jacqueline Arenstein, Errol Shanley, Dorothy Shanley. To top it all, at one stage in the trial the defence counsel was led by Israel Maisels, while the prosecutor was none other than Oswald Pirow. The juxtaposition was striking: Maisels, the prominent Jewish communal leader, defending those accused of trying to overthrow White supremacy; Pirow, the extreme Afrikaner Nationalist and former Nazi sympathizer, defending White supremacy.’ (pp. 227-8).

‘In this extended five-year period between the emergence of violent opposition and its effective suppression, the prominent involvement of individual Jews was in the public eye more than ever before. This was even more so than in the dramatic circumstances of the ‘Rivonia arrests’. On 11 July 1963 the police raided the home of Arthur Goldreich in Rivonia near Johannesburg, where it captured, by surprise, the leadership cadre of the Umkhonto we Sizwe underground. Seventeen people were arrested.. Five of those arrested were Whites, all of them Jews. They were: Arthur Goldreich, Lionel Bernstein, Hilliard Festenstein, Dennis Goldberg and Bob Hepple.. [There was an] overwhelming impression that Jews were in the forefront of the White radicals who were trying to overthrow the system of White supremacy in South Africa. When the secret African Resistance Movement (ARM) was crushed during 1964, it again became evident that many Jews were involved. One of its founders was identified as Monty Berman.. others were Adrian Leftwich and Bertram (Baruch) Hirson. Among those who were associated with ARM were Neville Rubin and Michael Schneider [and ] others implicated were Frederick and Rhoda Prager, Raymond Eisenstein and Hugh Lewin..’ (pp. 232-3).

Dr Shimoni records with obvious distaste the wording of an Afrikaans letter in a newspaper criticizing this fundamentally hypocritical proclivity of Jews: ‘They (the Jews) themselves are the most exclusive apartheid people, yet they exert themselves here for integration.’

Frank Galton said...

Barney said: "As for the moslems (I use that spelling because they hate the truth about themselves), I see little, if any, difference between a moslem and a jew."

Washington Post, 12 January 2015

The conservative Daily Mail was the major proponent of the word “Moslem” until it suddenly dropped it in 2004, two years after the Media Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain sent a letter to its editors asking it to stop.

“They specifically objected to the spelling Moslem, as they noted that it can be pronounced as ‘mawzlem,’ which is the Arabic word for oppressor,” according to “Discourse Analysis.”

The History News Network, hosted by George Mason University, agreed the roots of the word betray its prejudice. “Muslim” means Muslim. But “Moslem” means something entirely different. “Whereas for most English speakers, the two words are synonymous in meaning, the Arabic roots of the two words are very different,” the article said. “A ‘Muslim’ in Arabic means ‘one who gives himself to God,’ and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam. By contrast a ‘Moslem’ in Arabic means ‘one who is evil and unjust’ when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, ‘Mozlem’ with a z.”

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Washington Post, 29 December 2014

Family of young Winston Churchill feared he might convert to Islam, long-lost letter says

In 1907, Lady Gwendoline Bertie, who would go on to marry Churchill’s brother, Jack, wrote the future prime minister an impassioned note. She was concerned with Churchill’s dalliance with what she called the “Orient.” “Please don’t become converted to Islam,” she wrote him in a note recently uncovered by a Cambridge historian and reported by the British press on Sunday. “I have noticed in your disposition a tendency to orientalize … If you come into contact with Islam, your conversion be effected with greater ease than you might have supposed, call of the blood, don’t you know what I mean, do fight against it.”

He regularly played polo with Muslims, reported [historian Warren] Dockter, who’s working on forthcoming book called “Winston Churchill and the Islamic World.” And Churchill, who at times even wished he was Muslim, once claimed in 1897 he wanted to fight for the Ottoman Empire.

In the same year his brother’s wife wrote him that letter, he penned one himself, lauding that empire. “You will think me a pasha,” Churchill wrote to British activist Constance Lytton, referencing an Ottoman Empire rank of distinction. “I wish I were.”

Still, despite Churchill’s admiration for the Ottoman Empire’s history of territorial expansion and military acumen, Dockter contends Churchill’s family’s concerns were unfounded. “Churchill never seriously considered converting,” the historian told the Independent.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

I'm not sure that I'm being factually correct with the formal communist terminology as I use it in my 2nd paragraph below, but I'm trying to place these matters into a way that the jewish communists likely would do, in order to try to better organize our thoughts about them.

We do know after all that the jews are communists, if not every one of them, then proportionally a very great number of them - and almost all the rest seem to tag along and provide assistence to them at various needed times, while denying that they also know that thier tribe predominates within the activities of those seditious enclaves. The rest even "circle the wagons" during their overtly radical or spying activities in order to hide them from exposure, or to assist them once they are caught (and sending them back to Israel for a hero's welcome, as they want to do with Pollard). Those jews see themselves in the long-run as being on the "winning" side either way, but with a potentially much greater payoff for them once their red-cult brothers do succeed.

Let's not forget that Mossad, too, basically are militant and subversive communists who work primarily for the jewish "hyper-capitalists" who themselves act (in effect) as the Plenium committee executives who give Mossad the directions which are passed from the more upper-tier financiers and international bankers for advancing the work for International jewry. Mossad's purpose is to carry out the "underground" directives of what could be considered to be the orders from the full Comintern made up of all the differing branches at the top-levels of jewry - [such as the the international financiers and bankers, as well as the heads of their subsidiary-levels of jewish organizations) and the jewish heads from the masonic-types of groups such as top Freemasonry, CFR, RIIA, Bilderburg, etc.

"Mandela is sold as a secular saint. In fact he is a Marxist Saint. He was selected by Jews from Lithuania like Joe Slovo, Jews of the South African Communist Party to be their front man, working to overthrow the government of South Africa using Apartheid as an excuse....Now we find that Mossad was complicit in this particular evil, taking over South Africa & leaving the Oppenheimer family firmly in charge of the gold & diamonds....Mandela Trained By Mossad....Top-secret archive document also reveals that Mandela was 'familiar with the problems of Jewry and of Israel' and that Israeli operatives tried to 'make him a Zionist.'....Mandela received weapons training from Mossad agents in Ethiopia."
Meanwhile, A South African negroid "Artist" is now portraying Mandela as Hitler because - He Didn't Confiscate White Wealth.

Flanders said...

Nee Groid "Maryland officer accused of raping woman during traffic stop"

Why is he GREEN in his mugshot?

"Police say a preliminary investigation revealed Macklin pulled over a driver and then forced her “to perform a sexual act while they were both seated in her car in a nearby parking lot.

“Macklin was on-duty, in uniform, and driving a marked police cruiser at the time,” a police statement said. “At this point in the investigation, there is no evidence as to why he targeted this victim.”

Flanders said...

All the little atheists say: "Thank you, Jews!!!".

"US School bans Christmas carols containing word “Jesus” in fear they may be offensive to ‘diverse students’

"Students at Robious Middle School in Chesterfield County, Virginia have been told they won’t be singing any songs representing Jesus due to the “sacred nature” of Christ.

“We had a few students who weren’t comfortable singing a piece I have done many times in the past, but it is of a sacred nature and does mention Jesus”, the school’s chorus teacher tells a concerned parent in an email.
The plans haven’t been well received by some, though. One parent, David Allen, argues that the plans go against the very idea the school is trying to promote.

“I’m trying to rationalise how you can encourage diversity and yet be exclusionary in one specific area”, Allen said to NBC12."

Flanders said...

Flanders is reposting this yet again.
[Recommend that you might want to save it, for those who can].

A prideful jewess from Latvia chronicles her tribes "achievements" in South Africa.

"Legendary Litvak [jew] heroes of Africa

Three African Governments are these days coordinating a combined honouring of twelve Litvaks who through two centuries made outstandingly much to help their African homelands and their peoples. They release these honours publicly as a completely new stamp issue now in March 2011. The stamp issue acknowledges the extraordinary sacrifices made by Jews to the liberation of their African brethren, and these stamps recognize some of the most significant contributors to global humanity in the 20th Century.

In the anti Apartheid South African Liberation struggle, it was estimated that Jews were over represented by 2,500 percent in their proportion to the governing population.
Another Latvian tells about another matter:

"[...] among those 25 brutally murdered victims, who found their terrible death in cheka** of Ludza town from 21 June to 2 July 1941 and whose mutilated corpses were found near Greizais hill in vicinity of Selekova village, was also my father's brother Aleksandrs Mierins. As interrogation record of 2 July shows it, his only “crime” was his membership in Aizsargi*** organization.

What crime against Soviet rule could have committed farmer T., who owned only 3 ha of land, but who was arrested on 21 June and found mutilated on 27 June near Greizais hill (tongue cut off, intestines pulled out through his mouth). Also remains of the last victims were found mutilated in the manner typical for cheka officers: arms and legs broken out, fingernails pulled off, tongues, ears and other body parts cut off. [2]
Investigation of the crimes of Communist regime in Latvia was started already by prosecutor's office of Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic on 23 October 1988. The facts of mass murder of people of Latvia in Litene, Baltezers, Katlakalns, Liepaja, Valmiera, Ludza and many other places, as described in the book “Horrible Year”, were found to be true. But the criminal case was terminated because of the lapse. The legal process was restored in 6 April 1993 after a special section was added to the Latvian Criminal Code which provided for a criminal responsibility of the crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes as not having a lapse limitation.

[...] During all after-war occupation period of Latvia the crimes committed by the totalitarian Communist regime were hidden, the evidence was destroyed. Therefore any acquirable testimonies and evidence about this period shall be thoroughly considered. The events illustrated and described in the book “Horrible Year” shall be evaluated from this point of view."

Flanders said...

On that last comment which I had left, if you can, find the link to the PDF that the last non-jew link to Lativia is based upon, that cleased and censored version from that site is based upon a book which pulls no punches in naming those who did the murders and terrorisms inside Latvia as being jews and cheka. It has many photos showing the atrocities done to the Latvian people. I'll post only the very last section of the book from my copy.

"They murdered even when fleeing. A woman murdered by the Bolsheviks lay in the street on the day Riga was liberated.

Those who did not feel safe as they were troubled by a guilty conscience joined the Bolsheviks fleeing East.
However, military opreations were faster. Many Jewish refugees and Bolshevik supporters were apprehended.

All that the Latvians received from Bolshevik rule, besides promises of "freedom, brotherhood and equality" of a happy life and a sunny future, was

34,250 people

Latvia: Year of Horror 1940 - Abele Publishers, 113 pages, 1942 is the only locating information which I have for this PDF, if it's not within that link in my earlier comment.

I try to save the links where my PDF's are from, but not all of them save despite my tries.

Shaggy 2 Dope said...

Whether they are police officers, assistant store managers, working at DMV, or any other job with a hint of authority, it goes straight to their low IQ brains. Blacks are truly a scourge to any place they inhabit.

John 14:6 said...

War is a relative term. Man is always at war, the conditions of war is the only question.

Slavery is a relative term. Men are always slaves, the conditions of slavery is the only question.

Only through Jesus Christ is there Truth.

It is true that Jesus Christ is universal as there is only one Truth.

It is also true that Jesus Christ is specific as not everyone will acknowledge the Truth.

John 18:37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

Uncle Nasty said...

From Theo Spark ...

"Let's do a 40 year background check on every member of Congress -- Let's see who's left standing"

Indeed ... let's. How far do you think they'd have to go back before striking paydirt** on, say, the Clintons?

Speaking of which ... My sojourn in New Zealand has taught me one thing above all else about Liberals. Their lefty hero du jour -- right or wrong.

Every now and then one of them will say something like ... "How could the Americans have chosen Trump -- of all people -- as a president??? (Bleaghhh!!)"

My response: "You'd prefer Hillary fucking Clinton? An utterly corrupt unindicted criminal with a trail of suspicious deaths behind her and her sex-pest husband?"

What do I get?

About thirty seconds of that deer-in-the-Headlights stare then ... "How could the Americans have chosen Trump -- of all people -- as a president???"

Bloody broken record


**In this instance, a peculiarly apt metaphor.

A Swedish friend of this blog said...

Presumably the 'achievements' of those Latvian Jews in South Africa were similar to their achievements back in Latvia, Which could explain the fact that in no other country were Jews more enthusiastically handed over to the Germans and where per-capita volunteering for the SS was at its highest.

Gelu Valah said...

"Heinrich Graetz* (1817-1891) began a new era, a mean-spirited ideological, defamatory, and propagandistic legacy that endures to this day. His bashing program has been in place for 142 years since 1868. His legacy of hate speech and propaganda explains why so much media and entertainment agitprop in the USA attacks the diverse white American peoples and all Christians simultaneously.

Zinn, Ignatiev, and Sontag

The late Howard Zinn, Noel Ignatiev, and the late Susan Sontag followed or follow Heinrich Graetz, seeking to out-do him with the most stinging comment and the most demoralizing phrase to destroy our children's right to a decent sense of self-respect.

Other techniques favored by the Graetz legacy are the venomous application of so-called critical theory (deceptive theoretical constructs that "criticize" in the most malignant way possible), ridicule, historical omissions and deceptions, the techniques of deconstruction, universalist claims, and the legacy's always useful devices of artful anecdotes and Big Lies."

interesting site:

Gelu Valah said...

the site i mentioned in my previous post is not very large to inspect.
the material there has two fundamental points:
1. a template and means for a tool to be used for combat in the anti-White defamation politically correct discourse
2. stressing the idea that the White race is already diverse (tens of different languages and dialects, multiple genetic historical origins), hence rendering the concepts of "multiculturalism" and aquired forced "diversity" plainly irrelevant.

Rapparee said...

For those panicked by climate change, there’s a bright side: Global warming could actually help eradicate racism by giving people more similar skin tones.

Scott Solomon, Rice University ecology, evolution and scientific communication professor, argued in a recent article that climate change is expected to cause mass migrations, which would increase the number of interracial couples and multiracial children.

“The bottom line? As people around the world become more physically similar to one another, it’s possible that racism might slowly fade,” Mr. Solomon said.....

...such a cohencidence, how fortuitous. Expediates the Kalergi Plan..... (((Splendid)))

Gerry said...

So a asian shopkeeper waves a baseball bat around and he gets called a hero

Ps watch the looters grabbing fruit off the floor . I’ve seen animals in the zoo do similar

J Bull said...

Bloody fact Gerry. If that had been a white guy the verdict would have been 'racist attacks black children'. Fucking wankers.

James said...

Leftists hate the NPC meme.

It's because most of them are NPCs and they are programmed to hate certain things.

NPC said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Savant - big mistake - please delete that last comment which shows my name as Michael (quoting Luke and Hansen). Don't know how to email you.

It says with a google account you can delete it yourself.

PC said...

Bloody fact Gerry. If that had been a white guy the verdict would have been 'racist attacks black children'. Fucking wankers.

What about the Muslim that beat up (sort of) an old Jew in NYC recently?

No world-wide condemnation of Moslem supremacy in the newspapers yet.

James said...

About thirty seconds of that deer-in-the-Headlights stare then ... "How could the Americans have chosen Trump -- of all people -- as a president???"

The reason is this:

There is no vote for nobody. They are forced to select a president, and if most people don't vote, the voters choose.

How, indeed, could NZ choose someone like Jacinda Adern? She's even more ridiculous than Trump. Way more ridiculous. Worse than Theresa May. Possibly worse than Hillary.

NNPC said...

How dare you sir? How absolutely dare you. Sir, how dare you.

NPCs are programmed to exhibit anger response to Hungary defending itself against Soros. Newspaper NPCs write all about it.

Flanders said...

It's so difficult to tell what the races are in most jewsmedia stories.

[Mississippi] - "Grandmother [Carolyn Jones. 48] is charged with murder after toddler granddaughter was found stabbed and baked in an OVEN"

"Her brother arrived home to find baby Royalty Marie Floyd dead in the oven"

The "mother" was said to have lived elsewhere.

No matter when it comes to "fund me".

'Royalty was so beautiful & I loved her more than anything in the world,' the toddler's mother Veronica Jones wrote on a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her funeral. 'My daughter was stabbed and baked in the oven by her grandmother.'

This one even has photos.

Flanders said...

Gelu Valah, It seems that we have a disciple for Graetz's technique for subversion.

"In his new book White Shift, Eric Kaufmann (Kaufmann literally means “merchant” in German) is trying to sell white folks on the idea that racial extinction isn’t really that bad. It doesn’t hurt a bit!

Kaufmann has personal genetic investment in, and experience of, diversity.

He identifies as white — with, as for almost all of us, complications. His mother is half Chinese and half Costa Rican. His father is Canadian, the son of a secular Czech Jew. (“There’s been no religion for about four generations.”) He was born in Hong Kong, later moving to Japan and then Vancouver. He moved to the UK in 1993. He lives in Wimbledon, an affluent, predominantly white suburb of southwest London, with his wife, an economist, and their two teenage children."

Flanders said...

When situations such as the below now can happen inside any one of our formerly White countries - It is time for war - by every one of us.

This total madness has to be stopped.

"The Swedish government is expelling a 6 year old White Swedish orphan to Ukraine - while granting "amnesty" to 9,000 Afghans".

"When Denis was only 5 years old, his mother was found dead in an apartment in Södertälje. As his Ukrainian father has renounced custody, he is now an orphan.

Now the Swedish Migration Agency has decided that he will be expelled to Ukraine all by himself. There, he will probably end up in an orphanage since he has no family there who can take care of him, reports Expressen.
Despite his vulnerable situation, the fact that he can be taken care of by his grandparents who want to adopt him in Sweden, the Migration Agency thinks that he should be expelled to a country where he has no affiliation today."

Flanders said...

I’ll go ahead and leave some items of interest from my own notes made from Chapter 7.

“Freemasonry is based on apostate Judaism and books written by Jewish rabbis, such as Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah, which teach that man becomes a god by means of spiritual enlightenment, as opposed to the forgiveness of his sins by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. John MacArthur was mentored by a Jewish rabbi, the late Charles Feinberg, founder of Chosen People Ministries and the Charles L. Feinberg Center, whose Master of Divinity program for Messianic Jewish Studies requires intensive study of rabbinic texts, such as the Talmud.

“The Shulchan Aruch is the Talmudic Code of Jewish Law studied by Rabbinical students in the Yeshivas and Messianic Jewish schools such as the Charles L. Feinberg Center, where students are “encouraged to explore the ‘rich heritage’” of rabbinic texts and Jewish law and to take courses at Jewish institutions. The Shulchan Aruch was authored by Yosef Karo, a Sephardic Jew and Kabbalist born in Spain in 1488. Leon De Poncins wrote of the supremacy of this Talmudic Code of Law in his 1929 book, Freemasonry and Judaism, Secret Powers Behind Revolutions: [At the link]

What does the Talmud say about Jesus Christ and Christians? The Schulchan Arukh equates a Christian to a pig:

“It is worthy of note that the following list of unclean things is given in Biur Hetib, a commentary on the Schulchan Arukh:

“‘A woman must wash herself again if she sees any unclean thing, such as a dog, an ass, or People of the Earth; a Christian (Akum), a camel,(47) a pig, a horse, and a leper.’” (The Talmud Unmasked, Chap. 2)”
Rabbi Shapira has informed us that, in Judaism, “There is no name that is hated more than Yeshua’s name,” referring to the name of Jesus. Elizabeth Dilling wrote similar words in her 1963 classic, The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today:

“The ultimate object of hatred in Talmudic Judaism is Christ, and the targets of Talmudic hatred are not just Gentile non-Jews, ‘the people who are like an ass—slaves who are considered the property of the master’ (Talmud, Kethuboth 111a). Of these non-Jews, the Christians are most insanely hated and loathed because their doctrines are the opposite of every Talmudic doctrine. They rank not just as animals, like the rest of non-Talmudic humanity, but almost as vermin, to be eradicated. Language in the Talmud is virtually exhausted to find foul and hated names for Christians… Christ is always the ‘idol’ denounced by the Talmud, while real idolatry in regard to spirits, planets, child burning to Molech, Baal filth, are permitted in Judaism.

“Characteristic of charging as a crime against others what Talmudists themselves are doing, a Sanhedrin passage denounces Christ as a sorcerer (Talmud, Exhibit 76). It was to refute this Talmudic teaching of hate against Christ, that Martin Luther wrote his ‘Shemhamphoras’ on the charge that Christ did His miracles by sorcery, using the Tetragrammaton, which, in some Talmud passages, He is said to have stolen and hidden in His flesh!” (Chap. 3, The Talmud & Bible Believers)

In his 1892 book, The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, Rev. I. B. Pranaitis disclosed why the name of “Jesus” is infrequently mentioned in Jewish writings:

“Since the word Jeschua means ‘Savior,’ the name Jesus rarely occurs in the Jewish books. It is almost always abbreviated to Jeschu, which is maliciously taken as if it were composed of the initial letters of the three words Immach Schemo Vezikro—‘May his name and memory be blotted out’.” (Chap. 1)

The Zohar, which is the foundational work of the Kabbalah, which is Jewish occultism, calls non-Jews “pigs” and other unclean animals, as opposed to Jews whom God has given the distinction of being “men”:

Flanders said...

“Marina Rustow, a scholar of the Cairo Geniza who grew up on the Upper West Side, wins a MacArthur ‘genius’ grant.

“In the period I work on, the vast majority of Jews lived in the Islamic world and spoke Arabic. The Ashkenazi communities were tiny backwaters in uncivilized Europe. You can’t actually understand this crucial period in Jewish history without understanding how the Islamic world functioned, and how Jews lived in it, and how Islamic thought influenced the evolution of Judaism between the time of the closing of Talmud, about 600 to 750, and the rise of print culture, about 1500. At the end of the Talmudic period there were three main Jewish communities, in Mesopotamia, Palestine and Egypt, and a smattering of Jews in what is now called Italy. A few hundred years later, with the Islamic conquests, Jewish life had spread to an enormous variety of other places, from the Atlantic to India, so already Islam is crucial to the basic question of diaspora and survival. I’m interested in looking at Islamic political history to see if it helps explain what Judaism became in the Middle Ages.

Most of that material had been ignored, and that was a breakthrough for me. I noticed that some of the materials in Arabic script had been re-used for texts in Hebrew script, and some of them were government decrees. The Hebrew script explains why they were preserved in the Geniza, but it doesn’t explain how the Arabic documents got into the hands of the Jewish people who reused them.”

Flanders said...

MacArthur Foundation kicked out of Russia.

“After 20 years of making grants to Russian subversives, er, “human rights” ™ groups, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation of PBS funding fame is no longer welcome in Russia. Under a law, signed by Putin months ago, “undesirable” foreign entities can be restricted or expelled. The MacArthur Foundation has just been fingered, and Sulzberger’s Slimes doesn’t like it — not one bit!

Since setting up shop during the misrule of the drunken fool Boris Yeltsin, the felonious foundation, based in Chicago, has awarded $173 million in grants in Russia since 1992. The grants financed activities related to “higher education” (brainwashing of Russian students), “human rights” ™ (funding for anti-Putin agitators) and limiting the proliferation of nuclear weapons (de-clawing and de-fanging of the Russian Bear).

The MacArthur Group (and others) funded PBS’s Charlatan Rose Show (now defunct due to Rose’s sexual perversions). The greasy globalist ghoul would then invite vile Putin-haters like anti-family lesbian Masha Gessen, (cough cough), Yelstin-era crime boss Mikhail Khordokovksy (cough cough), and the Anarchist anti-Christian Pussy Riot skanks to come on his show and trash Russia.
Be not deceived by the “humanitarian” mask. NGO’s like MacArthur are part of the Globalist Mafia.

[Photo caption]: “1- Obongo’s main handler, super-bitch Valerie Jarrett, speaks at a Chicago forum, seated right next to MacArthur’s head super-bitch Julia Stasch.”

Technically, MacArthur is independent of the nominal U.S. Government — hence the label “NGO” (Non Governmental Organization). But the MacArthur gang does indeed work for the real U.S. government; that same network of interlocking Globalist Oligarchs who install Presidents and Senators (Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers etc).

The phrase “non-governmental organization” came into use with the post-World War II establishment of the United Nations. The term mandates a consultative role for organizations that are neither government nor member states of the UN. NGOs are officially sanctioned by the U.N.. This status gives NGOs official “consultative” status — which means that they can not only sit in on international meetings, but can actively participate in crafting policy as well.

NGO’s are a deadly weapon in the arsenal of what is known as “soft power,” — a tactic for attacking nations in such a way that the attack appears to be internal, when it is really external.”