Friday, 31 May 2019

Longford and Ireland's traitor class

Longford is a town in major economic decline, buried deep in the Bog Of Allen.  Not good but this should have at least one upside: Safety from the joys of diversity. But if you thought that you'd be wrong. As this picture of the local primary school entitled Schoolchildren Of Rural Ireland illustrates.
The excellent Gemma O'Doherty copied the image from the local rag The Longford Leader and posted it - without comment - on her blog. Given that the LL published it on their front page you'd imagine that they'd be proud of it. But no. When Gemma's post went viral they lawyered up, threatened her with copyright infringement and insisted that she take it down. Strange as you'd imagine this declining outlet would be be delighted with the publicity. Maybe their response to Gemma was driven by the reaction of the locals who seemed, based on the reaction of the local cricket club at least, to be outraged. To wit:

"This is not a political account. However, I feel compelled to call out @gemmaod1 for her horrendous attack on Longford [my emphasis]. This person is a vile, narrow minded, hateful woman full of disgusting sound bites. You hate Longford and we have you. So just fuck right off."

Which is also most surprising. Until you look at the composition of the "Longford" Cricket Club.
Yes folks, this is today's Ireland.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Iranian war threat

It's said that many of the worst conflicts have resulted less from planning and more from the combatants stumbling into an actual shooting war which then took on a life (so to speak) of its own. The claim is that military mobilisation, hateful propaganda, sanctions and deliberately impossible ultimatums coupled with a belief that any shooting war will result in quick victory lead to a powder-keg environment which needs just a small spark to ignite. History is replete with evidence supporting the theory and also reveals how frequently a certain much-loved tribe has been on hand to supply said spark.

All of these preconditions are there in abundance with regard to Iran. To make matters worse the warmongers in America have a virtual monopoly on politics and media. To the horror of those who voted for him Trump recently appointed John Bolton as his National 'Security' Adviser, from which position he has sought to activate his message of a few years back: To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran. That would be the same Iranian bomb which Netanyahu continually warns is 'imminent'. Note: His warning of an 'imminent' Iranian nuclear  bomb was first issued twenty three years ago.  Recently one of Saudi's state-aligned newspapers (no other kind is really allowed) called for "surgical" U.S. strikes in retaliation against alleged threats from Iran. We've also had a few preliminary false flag attacks on Saudi shipping but these were so pathetic they even embarrassed the warmongers.

However a juicy new target has just arrived in the Persian Gulf: The USS Abraham Lincoln's carrier strike groupNow I'm not suggesting it's a target for the Iranians. No, I see the potential attack emanating from the same source as that which attacked the USS Liberty and organised the Lavon Affair. And for the same reason: A false flag to get America into a war against the enemies of Israel (and in this case the Saudis as well). Many commentators such as Pat Buchanan play down the risk of war breaking out given the serious military challenge Iran would pose. A former General in the Israeli army claimed that 'In purely military terms, it's impossible to defeat Iran. It has a huge amount of territory. The Americans won't have enough forces to deploy there. The logistics are crazy, it's impossible for the Americans.' 

It's an honest assessment but those who argue that such impediments preclude a major conflict miss the point. The point being that those egging on the conflict, the Israeli/Saudi/MIC nexus and their whores in Congress and the media, don't need America to occupy Iran. The  Israelis and Saudis want a war (with of course the goyim/kuffars doing the fighting and picking up the cost) which destroys Iran's infrastructure and military a la Iraq or Libya, rendering the country powerless for generations to come. The MIC wants  the hundreds of billions on offer from the ensuing reconstruction and rearmament projects. 

That's why when it's claimed that the Iraq war was a failure I always ask 'a failure for whom?'. It certainly wasn't a failure for the "American" neocons, those who masterminded the conflict and whose goal was to further the Yinon Plan. Nor was it a failure for Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon or 'no-bid-contracts' Halliburton.

So then, are we liable to 'stumble' into a potentially catastrophic war with Iran and its allies? Well the false-flag sinking or disabling of the USS Abraham Lincoln would fit the bill nicely.  Were such to occur the crescendo of war propaganda might be too much for Trump to resist. The criminals who fomented the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are still there, still in power, unaccountable and unabashed.  Given that the same people launched the War On Terror based on a fable of skyscrapers magically collapsing in freefall it's all too possible.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

What do they really believe?

Not a very original post today but the subject is relevant and enduring. It concerns the actual beliefs of the vibrants who now celebrate the decline and eventual marginalisiation of America's White majority. For instance Ilhan Omar, who fled the world's worst hell hole to the sanctuary of the West (pausing on the way to get married to her brother) tells us that 'America will no longer be the country of white people'. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, the new darling of the left, agrees and awaits the the day of the dusky majority with relish. In fact it seems that non-Whites of every hue feel the same way.

I ask myself can these people be for real. Gentle reader, I really do ask myself that question. Do they really believe that when the majority is composed of blacks and Latinos that the USA will remain the kind of country it has always been? Can they really believe that races who created failed, and in some cases dystopian societies will magically transform their nature, capabilities and ingrained cultures to become what we know as Americans? 

It’s not as if they’re short of in-your-face evidence as to what’s likely to happen (despite the machinations of the MSM). Blacks are simply Africans transposed to America, as Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, Gary and dozens of other cities and towns will testify. They’ll see it in their own black neighbourhoods, if they’re unlucky enough to live near one. They're Africa on steroids. 

Latinos in the USA are still Latinos. Whole regions of Southern California now look and sound like Mexico. Latinos everywhere, Spanish the prevailing language, while garbage litters the streets. Squads of seemingly feral children swarm all over the place, the cars are rattle-traps, while begging and panhandling are rife. One writer described it thus: “My neighbourhood has turned into a barrio, with bars on doors and windows, abandoned shopping carts, old sofas and junky cars strewn everywhere, graffiti, rude, surly people, chickens in yards, Mexican music blasting all night, ridiculously long waits in emergency rooms full of illegals, overcrowded, dangerous and ineffective schools, auto accidents caused by uninsured illegals. 

Who do they think is going to pay for all the black and Latino welfare (and thereby what passes for peace in their respective ‘communities’ today) once the productive white taxpayer fades into irrelevance? Or are they like the cargo cult natives of Africa who thought that civilisation just happened and that White men just happen to own it? They believed that once they got control of, for example, wealthy and peaceful Rhodesia that they'd simply swap places with the white man and live in peace and plenty for the rest of their days. Same with once-great American cities like Detroit.

What do they really believe? I really don't know the answer.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Anti-Semitism reborn: Survivors speak out

Did you know that the spectre of anti-Semitism is rapidly rising once again? No? Well the pages of the MSM these days report one shocking atrocity after another all with chilling overtones of 1930s Germany. Take this story from Borehamd Wood in Essex. Anti-Semitic handbills which 'made a number of antisemitic references to the Rothschild family, “thirty pieces of silver”, the “New World Order” and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion infamous fabricated text which purported to describe a plan for Jewish world domination were stuffed through the letter boxes of traumatised residents. Police are now searching for the perpetrator.

If you think that's bad then what about this from Melbourne where an unfortunate peace-loving rabbi was verbally abused in traffic. This survivor recounted in a breaking voice that a man shouted 'would you like me to get out and show you what Hitler did? …You should have died in the Auschwitz'. And Jews are now questioning whether they have a future in Belgium of all places after courts there seek to ban kosher slaughter. Brooke Goldstein, executive director of The Lawfare Project claimed that 'the ban on religious slaughter is a shameful and vindictive act towards minority communities. If allowed to stand it has appalling implications for Jewish communities in Belgium'. Appalling implications is putting it mildly.

Even New York, the capital of Judaism, hasn't escaped the horror. In a time when anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head both in the city and around the county, it’s painful when it comes from an NYPD Traffic Agent. A motorist contacted Yeshiva World News, saying he was trying to turn into the Queens Midtown Tunnel. At that point, the Agent walked over to the vehicle, took a look at the Orthodox Jewish driver and his passenger, and told them “you can’t make a right turn, you stupid Jew”. The traumatised driver is now receiving counselling and the officer has been fired. Fired? He should be jailed for a long long time or else the Nazis will be firing up the furnaces again.

I thought that we Irish, despite Alan Shatter, were better than this. But to my bitter shame and regret a vile shocking incident took place here recently. An Israeli journalist in a Derry bar questioned why Palestinian flags were displayed. One man at the bar says: “The only thing that Hitler didn’t do wrong – he didn’t kill enough f***ing Jews… Jews are the scourge of the earth." Others laughed as he said this. I hang my head in shame.

As you can imagine this spate of incidents has sent shock waves through Jewish communities everywhere. How can any people continue to endure such sufferink? It's anudda' Shoah I tell you. The one source of consolation is that such incidents have garnered massive media exposure throughout the world. Unlike in the thirties. And why not? Can you imagine the international explosion of outrage were someone to call an Irish guy stupid? See what I mean? And unlike in the thirties no police resources are spared in tracking down the culprits this time. For instance four Florida officers have been assigned full-time to the task of identifying and bringing to justice the psychopath who shouted 'fucking Jew bastards' at a group of peaceful Jewish worshippers. Hopefully the survivors will recover in due course and submit a claim for generous reparations.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Perspectives on IQ

When Trump recently announced his revised H-1B visa programme (which apparently is 'popular among Indian IT professionals') he waxed lyrical, to the extent that he can, on Indian brilliance. There are just so many geniuses in that country he assured us. Well, of course there are. A lot more brilliant Indians than there are brilliant Finns for example. But that's because there are a lot more Indians. 1.3 billion of them in fact, with the vast majority of them distinctly unbrilliant. Average Indian IQ levels are way below those of Finland but were there even twenty times more Finnish geniuses per capita than Indians there would be more than ten times of the latter in absolute terms. So no mystery here.

Of course cooing about brilliant brown men is just a variation on the Muslims-invented-everything meme. Another way to denigrate White males. And denigrating White males in turn is part of the master project to destroy the White race and its civilisation through mass Third World immigration and the ensuing miscegenation.

The other side of the coin is interesting as well. We know from an abundance of peer-reviewed research that IQ is one of the biggest determinants of life outcomes....if not the biggest. Which, as Jordan Peterson helpfully explains to us goyim, goes some way towards explaining the abundant Jewish presence at the upper levels of, well, just about everything, especially finance, media and academia. As with Indians the nub of the issue lies with proportionality, but this time from the opposite perspective. Assume truly superior IQ levels (e.g. 150+) of Ashkenazi Jews to be twice those of Whites and that this represents 4% of the Jewish population. (The figure is nowhere near as high, but bear with me). So taking the USA as an example would mean there are about 250,000 Jews in this category. But the number of White Americans of equal IQ (
i.e. 2% of the White population) would be nearly four million.

In other words nearly twenty times as many Whites as Jews in the super-genius category. I now invite you to reflect on the actual dispersion of the two ethnicities at the levers of wealth, influence and power in Western societies. And marvel.

Friday, 17 May 2019

I retain the capacity to be amazed

I thought I had lost the capacity to be amazed but this story proved me wrong. In a nutshell: Jewish 'comedian' (Steve Hofstetter) jokes about crazy Whites who claim 'Jews will replace us'. For laughs he asks the audience 'where could that happen?' Audience member responds 'TV'. Which is perfectly logical and you'd imagine Hofstetter would have been prepared with a witty response. Instead it was like you slapped him in the face with a wet fish. After which he launched into a tirade of abuse against the 'heckler', asked security to throw him out, and after establishing that he worked in TV threatened - undoubtedly correctly - that his career was now in ruins. So he refutes the charge that Jews are powerful in TV by threatening to destroy the heckler's career in TV.

So here are the things I find amazing.

1. Hofstetter freaked out and forewent the comedy in response to an innocuous remark. A totally unreasonable and counter-productive reaction which suggests a level of paranoia among Jews at which even I was astonished.

2. Hofstetter is so tone-deaf and insulated in his criticism-free bubble that, as his introduction shows, he actually thought he had emerged triumphant in that exchange.

3. Even though he had totally screwed up I was still amazed at the reaction to the video given that it was on Hofstetter's own channel......presumably not a haven for Nazis. The comments were virtually 100% negative.  

4. Despite this crushing reaction the video and the comments are still up. I don't get this at all.

5. And those comment! Talk about being Jew-wise! Here are just a few for your delectation.

Where's the comedy?

They're getting hypersensitive about it, because they sense that whites are waking up. And when enough whites are awake, it will be very bad news indeed for Jews.

That's why the jews are flodding the west with nonwhites, they think it will make it less likely for unity among whites to fight jewish power.

We have a long fuse, but when whites wake up this time the entire earth will tremble and the other races will tell tales for generations, in hushed tones around an open fire of the wrath of the old gods. The survivors will be left in the dark ages no longer to take our technology and generosity for granted.

This is so horrible. How dare they say we run Hollywood?! Someone get that goys name, he'll never work in Hollywood again!

We know your game Schlomo and we're sick and tired of it

And then one day, for no reason whatsoever, Hitler was voted into power.

Watch how he recoils! The stories are true!

The jews created Hollywood and have literally destroyed this country.

There are lots and lots more. Log onto the site and enjoy. Before it gets taken down.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

In the name of tolerance, you will not be tolerated

It might not have had the mass appeal of some of the other banned conservative / alt-right outlets but nothing enraged me as much as the recent deplatforming of Chateau Heartiste. Not sure why exactly....maybe because CH was such a gifted writer, immeasurably better than anything available on the MSM. And now he's silenced.

With Wordpress (hitherto regarded as one of the more tolerant platforms) having also become witch hunters Big Tech has finally shed any pretence at even-handedness. It  is now as openly biased as was the Soviet Union's media. Seriously. I'm reminded of Mark Twain's dictum to the effect that the job of a newspaper editor is to sort the wheat from the chaff. And print the chaff. Things are now getting critical in that it seems all dissenting opinion is eventually going to be silenced.

Which raises the question as to what can be done. In fact there is a simple solution. Not an easy one but a simple one. But first let us dispose of a few popular but impractical responses, the most obvious of which is trust-busting, breaking the Faceborgs into smaller competing units. This is not practical. First it can be spun out almost indefinitely by smart lawyers and the politicians together with the relevant oversight agencies are hopelessly beholden to Big Tech through financial doping and/or exposure to guilty secrets. Also in the unlikely event of its being successful the monoliths would be replaced by multiples of smaller companies run by the same kind of people.

The  simple solution is to regulate the social media giants as utilities. This would render their current biased editorialising and censorship as unacceptable as AT&T refusing to carry phone messages for customers of whom they disapprove. The corollary is to treat them as publishers where they'd be liable for the content published on their platforms. This would result in a litigation nightmare given that so much of their content is libellous and/or violates copyright.

This can be supplemented by the 'Christian baker' argument. If Christian bakers are forced to bake degenerate cakes for degenerate customers how come the social media giants can get away with rejecting customers of whom they disapprove? It's a powerful argument. Copper-fasten it by legislating for an absolute right to online privacy. No tracking, no cookies. At a stroke their business model is gone.

But is there the political will? Strangely enough the European Union is taking the most aggressive approach as things stand. But Trump has to do more than tweet. His supporters are the ones getting silenced while his political opponents are given free access. It could finish his political career if left unaddressed.

I'll close again with JFK's warning to the effect that those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Another stunning Farage victory on the cards. But what would it mean?

It's looking like Nigel Farage is about to score another stunning success at the forthcoming local and European elections. Polls indicate his Brexit Party will win more votes than Labour and Conservatives combined. This undoubtedly reflects boiling anger throughout the country at the Brexit betrayal and Farage is playing a blinder milking it. According to the Irish Times  'the Brexit party, launched only last month, is now on course for a thumping victory that MPs fear will see Mr Farage use to support his argument that the UK must leave the EU immediately without a deal. There are signs of mounting panic and recriminations in both Tory and Labour ranks as their MPs attempted belatedly to mount “stop Farage” operations.'


So far.

But while he has made uncontrolled immigration a central plank of his platform (his 'Breaking Point' ad was game-changer) he's actually a fan of the 'right' kind of immigration. That is from places like Africa and Pakistan rather than Europe. In other words the wrong kind of immigration. I saw him on a TV talk show reassuring some black 'journalist' that he supported immigration from 'people like you' and not from Latvians or Bulgarians. This from a BBC Leader interview “I have to confess I do have a slight preference. I do think, naturally, that people from India and Australia are in some ways more likely to speak English, understand common law and have a connection with this country than some people that come perhaps from countries that haven’t fully recovered from being behind the iron curtain.”

Oh dear.

He's also very weak on the Muslim Question and has bitterly attacked Tommy Robinson and UKIP for their 'Islamophobia'. In fact this was the main reason he cited for quitting UKIP under its current leader Gerard Batten. And as for the JQ.....don't make me laugh. 

Remains to be seen how all of this pans out. But Farage shows all the signs of emulating his former BFF Donald Trump by betraying his base once personal power is secured.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Measles: Time to panic

 I have a rule of thumb that serves me well: When a new cause celebre appears out of the blue with the MSM, the UN, the EUSSR, the 'independent' think tanks and all the bien pensants commenting in lock-step. fact when every official source speaks with one voice you can be sure of but one thing: A major mind-fuck is underway. Bin Laden to blame for 9/11, Iraq and its non-existent WMD, Putin and Russia responsible for everything that goes wrong, the Kosovo 'massacres'...I could go on. Remember the viruses that were about to wipe out all human life? Zika, ebola...the latest lethal flu virus. Remember them? Why aren't we all dead by now?

The latest orchestrated campaign of fear-mongering concerns measles. Daily we're warned that incidences of the disease have climbed 600% or more. Sounds horrific. Until you look at the absolute numbers. Which are minuscule. 
Mortality rates are 1 in 10,000 for well nourished people.  Probably more people die from spontaneous combustion than from measles. When I was young almost everyone got the infection and all it meant was being taken out of school to which you returned none the worse after a few days in bed. Yet daily we're bombarded with disaster porn while non-vaccinated people are banned from work and quarantined. Many if not most Governments in the West are now actively considering mandatory vaccinations. Similar to the fluoride in drinking water campaign where the authorities went to extraordinary draconian lengths just to reduce dental cavities a bit.

What the hell is going on here? Well for a start I claim no expertise whatsoever as to the claimed risks and benefits of the vaccine. But what I can see are the unnerving similarities to that of the contrived Global Warming panic. The Usual Suspects are driving it, there are calls for 'a global solution' to the problem, the role of Third to First world migration is systematically ignored, data is falsified and mangled, sceptics are branded as heretics and deniers. 

What's the objective? I can only speculate but surely an unholy alliance between big pharma and politics cannot be rules out. I understand that the US Congress has introduced a Bill that would render the suppliers immune to legal liability for catastrophic side-effects. Neither can we rule out the possibility that there's more to the vaccination than is admitted. For instance it's now clear that with large numbers of men SSRIs can drastically reduce libido. And low-libido men are so much easier to control, aren't they?

But whatever the agenda might be we can be assured of one thing at least: They're fucking with our minds again.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

A philosopher puts career first

Most people, at least on this side of the pond, will know that Sir Roger Scruton, 'the foremost conservative philosopher of the last hundred years' has been sacked from his Government quango following reports of a 'racist and anti-Semitic rant' in the left-wing New Statesman.  The interval between the Twitter storm breaking and his termination (which he learned about  on the news) took less than five hours. The subsequent forced publishing of the interview tape showed no evidence of racism or anti-Semitism, and still less was it a rant. The closest encounter with the Third Rail was his mentioning of 'the Soros empire' in Hungary.

Scruton and his supporters quickly took to the media to bemoan the injustice of it all and more specifically to refute the charge of anti-Semitism. He praises Jewish intellectuals and their commitment to free speech and open inquiry and assails the concept of of thought crime and the suppression of free speech. 'One way to silence argument is by the invention of thought crimes, which are so vaguely defined that anybody can be accused of them. We thereby seal off areas of inquiry with a warning notice, saying “enter at your peril”.'  Here he was referring to so-called Islamophobia but in doing so studiously avoided the Jewish Third Rail.

Because thought crime started with the criminalising of anti-Semitism as defined by Jews. Subsequently the concept was capitalised on by non-Whites and Muslims. As a leading philosopher Scruton most certainly knows this. As he does the progenitors of what he identifies as destroying the West: Feminism, degraded art, mass immigration, rewriting history, anti-family laws and propaganda and so on. But he carefully turns away from the real enemy. In fact he could have drawn a further clue from the most prominent figures who ensured his ousting; George Osborne, Tom Tugendhat and Lord Finkelstein. All Jews. The Board of Jewish Deputies admitted that 'as soon as we saw Roger Scruton’s unacceptable comments we contacted the government to make our concerns heard. We are satisfied the right decision has been made to dismiss him.’ And the Minister who fired him is married to a Jew.

So Scruton is less a hero, more a doomed accused in a Stalinist Show Trial who, while fully aware of his fate, nonetheless professed undying love and loyalty to Stalin and the Party. But maybe we should cut him some slack. Perhaps he considered the fate of becoming a non-person like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or James Watson. And I can understand why he might make that choice. Seriously.  But if that is the case then he's no hero.

A King is born: Hail Shaquille Windsor

Thursday, 2 May 2019

A happy tale of awakening frogs

Sometimes I just don't get what the NWO globalists are up to in their program to destroy White ethnic homogeneity. They were doing so well by slowly boiling the White frog, who, fat and comfortable, relaxed in a stupor, largely unaware of his impending fate. But rather than allow things continue on their merry way they've suddenly begun to pour scalding water onto our amphibian friend, prompting him to leap out of the pot, White with indignation as it were.

Of course the anti-White agenda (mass immigration, celebrating The Other, AA, gun control etc,) has been ongoing for a very long time. But up until fairly recently this was presented as the just and best thing to do, righting historical wrongs, importing brilliant hard-working and peaceable Somalis to look after us in our old age, safer societies for us all without guns. 'Diversty' was good for everyone, Whites included. Even AA, we were assured, would be a temporary inconvenience, to be phased out once equality had been achieved.  In those cases where Whites were undermined it was done more by portraying minorities in movies and ads as cool, intelligent and desirable than Whites as the bad guys. Of course there were always BadWhites but they were vilified not so much as White rather as racists, Southerners or Germans - surrogates for Whites generally.

But that has changed in recent years. Anti-Whiteness is now out in the open, aggressive and unashamed. Diversity training has become explicitly anti-White, universities fall over themselves to offer courses in White Awfulness. In scenes reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution offenders are forced to confess their White privilege simply for being born into that race. Why is this happening now? It could be that the globohomos feel the time is right to move in for the kill. It could be part of what I described as The Quickening whereby the war against Western civilisation has gone into overdrive for reasons unknown to me. Or it could be that the globohomos' black and brown foot-soldiers/birthing-units have slipped their leash and jumped the gun, inadvertently exposing our enemies' dastardly plans to the White frog.

Whatever the reason the inevitable result has been a corresponding growth in White identitarianism. As James Baldwin observed "identity is questioned only when it is menaced.” And the menace to White identity sloshes around our feet like a rapidly-rising toxic sludge, forcing even the most self-hating of our race to reassess their positions. Hence Trump, Brexit and the explosive growth of "far-right" parties throughout Europe. 

Another case of our enemies shooting themselves in the foot?