Thursday, 31 October 2019

The Noahide pandemic

The Noahide Laws are, according to Wikipedia, "a set of imperatives which, according to the Talmud, were given by God as a binding set of laws for the "children of Noah" – that is, all of humanity. According to Jewish tradition, non-Jews who adhere to these laws are said to be followers of Noahidism and regarded as righteous gentiles who are assured of a place in the world to come." That seems ok then, especially as the laws themselves are like a slimmed-down Ten Commandments. I mean, even though the penalty for every transgression is decapitation, I can forego the temptations of blasphemy and the worship of graven images. However the views of Rabbi Schneerson, the Noahide Movement's founder, give me pause for thought.
To wit: "We do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of . . . a totally different species. . . . The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world . . . The difference of the inner quality [of the body] . . . is so great that the bodies would be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews]: “their bodies are in vain”. . . . An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness."

Oh dear. So it looks like our place will equate to that of blacks in the antebellum American South, But why worry?  After all those laws only affect a marginal Jewish cult. Right? Well no. In fact Noahide Centres are sprouting up all over the world. And they're made up almost exclusively of former Christians, overseen by a visiting rabbi. Their proponents make it clear that the laws are for all mankind. Whether mankind wants them or not. To underline their pervasiveness the laws have been formally  introduced into the American legal system via Public Law 102-14 and there's an active campaign to get them approved by the US Supreme Court, even - especially - the capital punishment bits. Make no mistake, the laws are to be applied to the whole world, administered by a rabbinical court in Jerusalem.

I have no special knowledge of the laws but I do know the following:

The plan for their world-wide implementation is real and has powerful support including that of the Israeli Government and Western traitors like Kushner and Von Rumpoy

The laws are incompatible with Christianity (hence the rewriting of the Bible and Koran under the guise of ‘improved translations’)

They are tightly interwoven with Chabad Lubavitch, one-world government, the Third Temple and various other manifestations of Jewish eschatology

They are very bad news for the goyim

If you're interested in pursuing the subject check out the excellent videos by Adam Green over at Know More News which include a fascinating debate with the founder of Jews For Jesus. Here's the Bitchute link, they're also on Youtube.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Does Orania have a future?

Just by way of context for this post I have a neighbour who's been visiting South Africa at least once a year going back to 1995. He was a believer in the Rainbow Nation for a long, long time. But over the last few years he's relented. Admits that the country is going to hell in a handcart, that every time he visits he sees further signs of decline. He perceives the impact of BEE to be worse than that of violence or corruption. (BEE is of course a form of legalised corruption). Every visit sees another black nincompoop elevated into a position of crucial importance . He says that unlike in the Middle East such blacks appear blissfully unaware of their crippling limitations and that this is having a catastrophic impact on effectiveness and morale. As an aside he also professes astonishment at the number of Whites who continue to profess belief in the country's future.

Which brings me to Orania, a town which seems to be going from strength to strength. Even The Guardian admits this while expressing 'disquiet' at the uniform Whiteness of the town. Presumably they'd see no problem with the uniform blackness of Soweto.  According to the report 'the school has experienced strong growth particularly in the junior primary phase — the youngest pupils — and many of the classes have for the first time reached such numbers that they have had be to divided into two'. Some estimates see the population rising to 10,000 (it's currently about 2,000) by 2030. No surprise to learn that crime and unemployment are negligible while the industrious people have, as the Afrikaners have always done, carved a good living out of deeply inhospitable terrain. 

So can the Afrikaners really build their own homeland? History is against them. They built their own civilisation after they arrived in the 1600's but in the early 19th century were forced out by the British. In 1834 they upped sticks and trekked into the barren interior of the Cape and into Natal. After much further tribulation they established genuine independent homelands in Transvaal and the Orange Free State between 1854 and 1856. However they had the misfortune to pick an area which happened to have the world's largest diamond reserves which in turn lead to Britain yet again dispossessing them by way of the Boer Wars. The Afrikaners' final attempt took place under the Apartheid system under which Africa's most prosperous and advanced country was created. So desirable that blacks flocked to it in droves from the rest of Africa despite the supposedly hateful apartheid regime. But 'freedom and democracy' were not to be denied and by 1994 the Afrikaners were sold out again, this time by their own leaders.

So yes, history is against them. And today Afrikaners have (almost) no place left. Except maybe for Orania. But Orania can only ever be a peripheral solution because there are literally millions of Afrikaners and they can't all move there. So what are the prospects for the town itself? As things stand it's protected by the South African Constitution which allows some freedoms for tribes to have their own communities. Hence the importance of its remaining an exclusively Afrikaner community. But anyone who believes that the country's Constitution will, if tested, hold back the bantu is on cloud cuckoo land. If you have any doubt jst take one look at the country's top law enforcer (this guy). 

So a few humble suggestions.

Keep it Afrikaner. If you dilute the ethnic, cultural and religious homogeneity you're doomed. I always believed that the unwillingness of pre 'democracy' Whites to do all of their own work, including low-level labour, fatally undermined the Homeland policy. 

Don't be too successful, or if you are don't flaunt it. Ostentatious wealth will act like a magnet to both the impoverished black masses and their wealthy overlords. And in turn they'll be repelled by a frugal, honest and hard-working lifestyle.

Train to be as military proficient as circumstances allow. This includes small arms training, survival skills, emergency and contingency planning etc.

Learn from history in that under certain circumstances you might be sold down the river by everyone, even your own leaders. Prepare accordingly.

And finally consider the possibility that corruption could actually be your friend. A relatively modest bribe to key political and media figures might, just might, go a long way in deflecting unwanted attention from your success.

I offer these suggestions with a sense of deep humility (having as I do only an outsider's understanding). Humility because I'm offering survivalist advice to a doughty people who have overcome impossible odds throughout their history. But I offer it as a friend and well-wisher. I hope and, literally, pray that things work out for you.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Where the job opportunities lie

Many of us tear (what's left of) our hair out at the tumescence of university 'degrees' in useless counter-productive subjects like women's studies, lesbian dance theory, sociology, feminist theory, peace studies and the like. We argue that such 'qualifications' do not provide students with the means to earn a living in the workplace. Instead, we proclaim, they should study engineering, technology, medicine and science. But maybe we're wrong. Because in fact there are plenty of positions waiting for graduate of Woke.

Google alone employees literally thousands of 'hate speech' sleuths whose only objective is to detect and eliminate anything that conflicts with the Approved Narrative. The police in Britain and all over the Western world have branches of the force dedicated solely to sniffing out 'hate'. In fact the Victim Class is actually encouraged to take offence and report it to one of the woke police officers. There are endless opportunities for diversity managers, even in for-profit enterprises. Jared Taylor a few weeks back quoted some grovelling CEO proclaim 'nothing is more important to his company' than diversity. Nothing. Boundless opportunity for Disabled Lesbian Theory alumni there. And the demand for race hustlers was never better, a profession greatly enabled by a degree in Reparation Studies.

Meanwhile White STEM graduates are getting replaced by low cost Asian immigrants. Maybe I was wrong all along...

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The Kansas City schools "experiment"

In 1985, after finding that the city and the state had maintained a racially segregated system, Federal District Judge Russell Clark ordered an ambitious overhaul of Kansas City's schools. As he put it, he "allowed the district planners to dream" and "provided the mechanism for those dreams to be realized."  All on the White taxpayer's dime of course, $1.5 billion in all.  Annual spending per pupil grew to twice that of nearby White suburbs. Rotted buildings were replaced with state-of-the-art facilities. Greenhouses, laboratories, a 25-acre farm, a planetarium, schools that offered  "total immersion" in foreign languages, an Olympic-sized swimming pool with an underwater viewing room, television and animation studios, a robotics lab, lavish athletic arenas, radio and TV studios, computers in every classroom field trips to Mexico and Senegal.  You name it, they were given it. Teacher salaries were substantially increased and the student:teacher ratio was reduced to the lowest in the country.  

And the results were spectacular. SAT scores and attendance rates soared for black students while dropout rates declined dramatically. Many of them went on to found leading-edge companies and develop brilliant careers in science and technology. Well no, actually. In fact the experiment failed so badly that after ten years the Supreme Court stepped in to bring it to a halt.  The dropout rate actually increased while daily attendance rates, despite the magnificent facilities, actually declined and 60% of the 'students' who started high school never finished. Performance on standardised tests showed "no measurable improvement" (PC-Speak for 'no improvement'). Worst of all the black/White achievement gap, the bridging of which was the program's centrepiece, remained as wide as ever. By some measurements it had actually widened. The forecast rebalancing of student demographics (70% black) not alone failed to emerge but actually got worse, rising to 80% in 1995.  Even the Washington Post admitted that 'compared to students in the rest of the state, Kansas City pupils are worse off today than when Judge Clark began underwriting the school district's dreams'. 

Heckuva job there Judgie, well done.

White taxpayers (but I repeat myself) naturally enough objected to Clark's social engineering. Not only had they to fork over more tax money for black kids but now also tens of thousands of after-tax dollars to send their own kids to safe schools. (At a given bus stop it was common to find ten local kids going to ten different schools.) This revolt prompted Clark to take over fiscal policy as well, inflicting massive tax increases on the unfortunate citizenry. So not alone was he making the law up as he went along he then ruled that citizens weren't taxing themselves enough. 

The whole experiment was an unmitigated disaster, with ultimately no winners, not even the "teachers" (almost all black and described by one educator as "not focused, vacuous, totally devoid of intellectual capacity, ill suited for the mission at hand") feeding at the Gub'mint trough, most of whom eventually lost their sinecures. In fact it wasn't an experiment at all because the results of a real experiment are, ipso facto, unknown beforehand. Whereas the results of Clark's folly were utterly predictable. I mean, all it took was a couple of weeks in Nigeria and another few weeks in Rochester NY for me to understand the truth about blacks. How can people grow up in America and not realise the same thing?

I ask because not a single analysis of the Kansas 'experiment' even hinted at the real explanation. Even the "right wing" Cato Institute. The failure was attributed to lack of incentives, training, self-esteem, money and time. Or the legacy of name it. We all know that the leading nation-wreckers were fully aware, rubbing their hands in glee as society disintegrated before their eyes. But what about Judge Clark and the army of White libtards who volunteered to implement the scheme? Apparently Clark went to his grave believing that with just a little more time and money the achievement gap would have been eliminated. And the madness continues to this day.

'They don't know enough to care or don't care enough to know'.

Friday, 18 October 2019

The greatest meme of all?

Read the reactions below and watch libtard heads explode as they struggle to explain their problem with the slogan. Their problem is that the lies they tell themselves have come home to roost. Spiked explains their dilemma: ‘I thought we had all agreed to pretend not to have any negative opinions about Islam. But this statement forces me either to agree with it, which I don’t, or disagree with it, which I’m not allowed to.’ The result is utter confusion on the part of the interviewees about how to signal their obedience to the unspoken lie. One woman, who struggles to explain why she found the posters ‘upsetting’, nevertheless, ‘ripped them down, took them to the police, and alerted social media’.

Anyway, read and enjoy!

"For women, the message is insulting and unnerving."

"It was short-sighted and you didn't gain anything from it"

"It's unclear who they target, women or Islam."

"Its either targeting Islam or women or both I don't know"

“I’m not really sure what point they were trying to make but either way it was terrible”

"I don't know what this means but it feels illegal."

"It's insulting to someone with an Islamic background"

Now what I'd love to see is a follow up meme saying “Islam is right about homosexuals”. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Diversity: The costs to White Americans

Have you ever wondered how much diversity costs a country in hard financial terms? Well regular commentator Dexter sent me this link which provides some fascinating analysis of the 2014 American Federal Budget. In a nutshell the average White American over his lifetime transfers $384,109 of his wealth to a single black American.  Or at least the Federal Government does it on his behalf. This is based on the following average annual net tax/welfare benefit trade-off:

White: -$2,795
Black: +$10,016

Normalising for the respective population ratios the average black would then be a net lifetime beneficiary to the tune of nearly $800,000. For married couples the figures would approximately double. Kids will widen the differential further. Surprisingly (to me at least, you know, those hard-working Mexican dreamers.....)  Hispanics are barely better than blacks, being net beneficiaries to the tune of $7,298 annually.

Bad and all as these figures are from a White perspective they tell only part of the story. Because they refer only to welfare, and Federal welfare at that. The financial drain on Whites of the black and Hispanic undertow extends much wider and deeper than that. For a start you must factor in State and Municipal welfare payments and subsidies of all sorts for which the tax/welfare benefit trade-offs should be broadly similar to those at the Federal level. Then factor in the likes of incarceration and general law enforcement costs (Hispanics incarcerated at twice, and blacks five times, the rate for Whites). This would add about another $2,000 annually to the individual White's annual tax bill. 

Then, and this is a huge although unquantifiable financial burden on Whites, consider the tens of millions of (mainly public sector) make-work AA 'jobs' occupied by persons of colour. I've read where about 40% of the black so-called middle class occupy such positions. And as everyone who's worked with blacks knows, they're generally useless at anything other than the most basic tasks. So indirectly Whites are paying for this as well. And the cost is stratospheric. The blog author's Conclusion states: The negative fiscal impact of blacks and hispanics is significant. All of this discussion of a “national debt” and “deficit” is primarily of function of blacks and hispanics. Without them, we would be running budget surpluses today, even when keeping the military the same size.

My conclusion is to point out what should be obvious: That this cannot continue. A system based on declining contributor numbers and a soaring population of net beneficiaries will hit the wall sooner or later. When probably depends on how long the Federal Reserve can get away with magicking up their funny money. 

Or when Whites revolt.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Sweden's busy sexual assault police

Something very strange going on in Sweden, the Land Where Women Rule. According to their crime statistics institute (appropriately named Bra "Almost a quarter of the population chooses a different route or another mode of transportation as a result of anxiety about crime... Among women aged 20-24, 42 percent state that they often opted for another route or another mode of transportation, because they felt insecure and worried about being subjected to crime. Young women in the 16-24 age category have seen a massive increase in sexual harassment. The number of sexual offences against this group has seen a surge from 7.1 percent in 2006 to 34.4 percent in 2017."  [Side note: In Scandinavia virtually all rapes are committed by Africans and/or Muslims.]

But the sexual assault police are working on it. Look how this go grrrrlll all-female unit takes down an Afghan criminal with brutal and ruthless efficiency (start about one minute in). And there's more! The cops have issued a Three-Step Rape Prevention Process (it's on the web somewhere, I've seen it) which demonstrates a keen understanding of the African and Muslim mindset. So when the would-be rapist lunges the woman's first response is to put one hand straight out (palm outward-facing) while saying 'No!'. In the unlikely event that this fails to deter the tumescent attacker she's then to put out both hands while saying 'No!' even more emphatically. If he still persists - and it's hard to believe he would after all that - the woman is instructed to hit him with her handbag! 

So why are they still they're afraid of being raped?

Well maybe Mikaela Blixt can explain. After a man attacked her in the street and tried to rape her, the police did nothing, even though she knew where her attacker lived and could easily have identified him. The Swedish mainstream media outlet, Expressen, wanted to interview her, but only on condition that she not mention that her attacker was an Afghan migrant.  Surprisingly this attack took place in a remote farming community.  Surprising because diversity is, for now anyway, largely confined to Sweden's urban areas and also you'd imagine there'd be enough sheep and goats around there to satiate even the most romantic Afghan. In any event "the police refused to send a patrol because the crime was not ongoing. She was referred instead to 114 14 where she ended up in hour-long telephone queues".  Unless my Google Translate is way off, then you read that right. So while you're getting raped in Sweden you must, if you want the police to help, manage to extract your phone, ring the help line and provide an approximate estimation of when the attack will finish. If the police can't get there within that time frame then, well, you'll be in Mikaela Blixt's position.

Why are the sexual assault police so slow to respond, especially when their numbers have almost doubled in the last ten years? Well maybe they're all busy stitching up Julian Assange. Vague accusations of sexual assault lead to an explosion of police and prosecution activity and man woman-years of background work, as prosecutors took his case up to the highest levels of Government in order to get an extradition order from Britain. Contrast that with the handing of the Mikaela Blixt case where nothing was done even though she (Blixt)  knew where the rapist lived!

I've said it before: We're living in The Matrix.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

The threat of judicial overreach

The relentless rise of judicial overreach has been one of the most remarkable and dangerous developments in recent decades. Judges now routinely re-define the law based on their political and social views rather than judge on the basis of constitutionally enacted legislation. In the USA the President and/or Congress are routinely thwarted nation-wide by obscure politically-appointed Federal judges in remote judicial outposts. The enforcement of immigration law has in effect been abandoned by the courts who base judgements on what they think is best rather than on duly-enacted legislation. And given that such  judges usually have names like Conchita, Shan'uikwa or Wang the verdict invariably blocks enforcement. In one truly bizarre example a judge determined that a law was invalid because the legislators 'had not spent adequate time in framing it'. So judges now decide the legislative agenda as well?

The recent Brexit Parliamentary prorogation ruling from Britain's Supreme Court illustrated how judicial 
overreach can have real practical implications at the highest strategic levels. In admitting that 'this was a once-off case' Justice Hale virtually admitted that the law was being selectively interpreted to arrive at a pre-ordained verdict. The almost contemptuous dismissal of the prior Divisional Court judgement makes you wonder how two sets of senior judges could arrive at diametrically opposite verdicts. And while the judgement takes pains to assure that it was not passing judgement of Boris' motivations - which would be ultra vires (see how I'm getting into the swing of this legal thingy?) - they let the cat out of the bag later by admitting that he had 'no good reason' to prorogue Parliament. Blatant judicial overreach.

True to form Tony Bliar and New Labour had a major hand in these developments by establishing the British Supreme Court and by incorporating the European Convention on Human Rights into British law. As we know, so-called human rights and 'hate' legislation is framed in such vague and loose terms that its enactment ineluctably transferred power from Parliament to the Courts. And facilitates politically convenient verdicts.  In doing so Bliar also set up a lucrative 'human rights' practice for his ghastly wife Cherie.

All of this has major ramifications.  As Saul Alinsky, the Frankfurt School, Gramsci and even the Protocols Of Zion all recognised, regulatory capture is the key to power.  We've seen the extent to which free speech has already been curtailed in Britain and it's only going to get worse. In an article in The Spectator some time ago a would-be judge discovered that to be successful he'd not only have to commit to supporting 'diversity' but would have to demonstrate the practical measures he had already undertaken to support it. This is judicial capture, pure and simple. The scary thing is that any counter-measures undertaken by elected representatives can be deemed 'unconstitutional' by the courts and thus rendered void.

Either George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde accurately observed that all professions are conspiracies against the public. Yet any questioning of the courts is described as ‘undermining the rule of law’. The rule of  lawyers would be more like it. Shakespeare had it right: 'First kill all the lawyers'. The Bard saw the dangers hundreds of years ago.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Darker forces at work

Boy, things must be bad in Ireland when the Government is withdrawing a measly €30 per week allowance from disabled workers.  The Minister for Health has defended the axing of a grant paid to people with disabilities on some training programmes. The move to cease the €31.80 per five-day week payment from September 1st has been criticised by social workers and Opposition TDs. Describing the move as a “callous act affecting those most vulnerable and most in need of disability supports”, Donegal Independent TD Thomas Pringle claimed it was motivated by the need to save money.  But the measure, estimated to affect about 400 people, will yield less than €1 million in savings annually.

This represents just one of a wide range of Government support cuts spanning health, education, home support for the elderly and much more. Even the supposedly ring-fenced contribution to the Rainy Day Fund has been abandoned due to fiscal constraints. But the politicians were nonetheless able to conjure up nearly €11 million to fund a range of "Gender Equality and Migrant Integration" projects. The migrant integration projects will provide a range of practical supports directly to migrants, including English language classes and workplace training. Anti-racism and cultural diversity initiatives will also receive funding. The gender equality projects will support women’s entrepreneurship and participation in the workforce through a range of training and mentoring initiatives. In other words get mothers out of the home, the stated primary objective of this freak to whom we've handed over responsibility for children and the family.

In that referenced post I asked whether I was paranoid in thinking greater forces were at work influencing Irish Ministers to make such decisions. In it I described Irish politicians as nonentities, without convictions, whose only interest lies in ensuring their continued place on the gravy train through re-election. Taking training money off the disabled and giving it instead to migrants assuredly does not help with this. So why do they go along with it? Stronger and darker influences are at work here,

Friday, 4 October 2019

Another Misunderstander Of Islam strikes

Where's Inspector Clouseau when you need him? Because the famous bumbling French detective could hardly do worse than the Paris police investigating the recent mass killing at their HQ. They're totally baffled as to the killer's motive.

INVESTIGATORS ARE COMBING an IT staffer’s computer today for clues as to why he stabbed four colleagues to death at police headquarters in Paris. The 45-year-old man killed three men and a woman in a frenzied 30-minute attack that ended when he was shot in the head. A search of the couple’s house found no evidence that the man, who converted to Islam about 18 months ago, had been driven to his criminal deed by radical religious ideology. Shortly after the killings, Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said anti-terror investigators were not involved in the murder probe. All possible motives were being examined, sources have said, including the scenario of a personal conflict at work.

Which probably means that the sleuths failed to find a statement from the killer (a black immigrant from Martinique) explicitly stating 'in the Name of the all-merciful Allah I will go in to work in the morning and and stab everyone I can find'. Therefore nothing to do with the Religion Of Peace. Just another Misunderstander Of Islam. He must have thought that when the Koran enjoined him to 'Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them' (Qur’an 2:191) 
the 'sacred' text meant, well, kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. And like most misunderstanders he seemed, apart from the mass murdering bit, to have been a swell guy. According to a fellow worshipper “he was a very quiet person. I used to see him going to the mosque but he practised (his religion) in a normal way” . Well he sure did, didn't he? And remember Jihadi John, the notorious 'English' head-chopper for ISIS? He'd been described by his imam as 'a gentle, spiritual boy'. Indeed.

So what's to be done? Well I believe I have a solution. Reinterpret the sacred texts in the light of latest thinking and research. You know the way Pope Francis reinterpreted the Bible to mean that homosexuality and all kinds of degeneracy are fully in accord with that book's teachings. I've been working hard and this is the result to date. I seriously believe that when complete it has the potential to eliminate mass murders stemming from misunderstanding the Religion Of Peace.

My initial attempt.

Quotation: "Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Qur’an 9:123
Scholastic reinterpretation: "Make friends with your infidel neighbours". 

Quotation: Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Qur’an 5:33
Scholastic reinterpretation: "All discussion on religion should be open and tolerant."

Quotation: “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water;melt their skin and bellies.” Qur’an22:19
Scholastic reinterpretation: We're working on that one. But meanwhile lads lay off the hooks and rods and melting bellies and all that stuff.

So gentle reader, do you think it'll work?

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Pointing out the fallacies of feminism is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. But it's worth examining the implications of today's movies and advertisements which feature a powerful kick-ass women juxtaposed against a dopey (and invariably White) male. In effect what they're promoting is masculinity. Except that women are the vehicle. The 'virtues' of the New Feminine Lead are essentially masculine. Tough, strong, unsentimental, capable of extreme violence as and when necessary. 

They're conceding that masculine qualities are superior. Which is why the female lead is in practice a man. But without the male appendages. Even more paradoxical is the fact that the heroine (are we allowed to use that word any more?) is invariably represented as scantily-clad and sexy: The very things feminists are supposed to be against. You know, objectifying the female body and all that. And by portraying the men as weak and incompetent you'd have to ask whether they can see women as superior only when set against such men.

To what extent are the feminist war-boars being used by a greater power? I'm no expert on the subject but a lot of the agenda strikes me as Satanic Inversion which includes inverted symbols such as crosses and pentagrams and of course the broader inversion of good and evil. Just look at what's seen as good today (every kind of sexual perversion, transgenderism, full-term abortion) and what's evil (motherhood, national, cultural and ethnic pride....). Baphomet, an important Satanic deity is a man with the breasts of a woman. (In 2014 The Satanic Temple commissioned a statue of Baphomet in Oklahoma). The Black Mass is of course the ultimate expression of Satanic Inversion.

In any event something is happening. The process of societal degeneration is progressive at breakneck speed. It's like as if the world is approaching the edge of a cataract. 

Could this be the explanation?