Saturday, 30 November 2019

Straight from my 'You couldn't make this up if you tried' file

Sometimes I meet people who still hold out hope for South Africa. They profess to believe that the Rainbow Nation will overcome its, er, transitional problems and will come to fulfil the vision of Saint Mandela. For such people I have a simple response: A picture of that country's Chief of Police. I show it to them and rest my case. For such a humanoid to occupy the country's highest policing position should be sufficient to dispel the illusions of even the greatest optimist.

And yet, in his own way he has impressive real-world insights typically lacking among Whites. Take for instance his assertion that there'd be no crime  in South Africa were it not for Whites. Insane? Well listen to what he's quoted by ABC News as saying at a conference last year in Pretoria: Sitole told about five hundred police officers in attendance at a conference in Pretoria that if it wasn’t for white people, there would be no crime in South Africa. “They brought TVs, cars, jewellery, and other things our people will be tempted to steal, if it wasn’t for that, our people were never going to learn to steal, they did all of this to make us look bad.

Now this report was quickly denied by SAPS (they would, wouldn't they?) and has disappeared from the web. And maybe it is false. But I'd put nothing past someone with a head like that.

Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance, the main opposition party, has imploded. This was entirely predictable once it went native and appointed a bantu as its leader. Despite being 'handsome (sic), intelligent and articulate' - and with a White wife - Mmusi Maimane is nonetheless a black. And blacks will be blacks. They see - and I have countless direct first-hand experiences to prove this - a position of power as a means to enrich oneself, one's extended family and one's tribe. Despite mastering the appropriate platitudes they literally do not understand the concept of disinterested service to a nation. They just don't get it. Which is why Maimane, once appointed Leader, immediately went on a campaign of gibsmedat. In flagrant violation of traditional DA philosophy he instigated a major push for enhanced affirmative action (non-Whites must get 92% of all jobs) and Black Economic Empowerment, a form of legalised bribery in which White-owned businesses are forced to hand over money and made-up jobs to well-connected blacks. He also insisted on the DA 'reaching out' to the black community. In other words become a mini ANC. All with predictable results.

Those South African Whites who retain hope of turning the country around are looking for a unicorn, for that pot of gold at end of the rainbow.  It will not happen because it cannot happen. And it cannot happen because nature will not be gainsaid. How they can delude themselves to such a degree is beyond my comprehension.

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Thursday, 28 November 2019

Icelanders: Brace yourselves for diversity

Icelanders are an amazing and admirable people. With a unique gene pool (60% Nordic, 40% Celtic) manifested in a language and culture that go back over a millennium, they have survived in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Frozen over for half the year, and at any time liable to be engulfed by an earthquake, smothered by a volcano or swamped by a tsunami, they have not alone survived, but prospered. The country is consistently at or near the top of the UN's Human Development Index. Amazing given the lack of diversity with which the country is afflicted.

But that could be about to change. "While Iceland has a population of more than two hundred Jews, the country has never had a dedicated Rabbi in residence until now. Just a few weeks ago, Rabbi Avi Feldman made his much anticipated move to Reykjavík along with his wife Mushky and their two children. The family is here to open up their very own Chabad House and Jewish Centre—the first in Iceland.

Rabbi Feldman grew up in Brooklyn, New York, while Mushky is from Sweden. The two have spent the past few years working with various Chabad causes worldwide, where they quickly developed a passion for working with Jews of different backgrounds. We knew this was what we wanted to dedicate our lives to. We are really excited to be here for the Jewish community.”

“Chabad is about bringing Judaism to people and making it available to learn about in a very user friendly way,” Feldman says. Which would have come as news to the cult's founder Rabbi Mendel Schneerson. To wit: "Two contrary types of soul exist. A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness. There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life."

The report goes on: While they have already started hosting events, the Feldmans’ focus right now is on getting to know Iceland’s Jewish community. “Judaism is about more than celebrating the holiday traditions,” Mushky says. "It's also about flooding our host countries with Third World parasites, subverting their cultures and corrupting their youth" she added with a knowing smile. 

So keep enjoying yourselves Icelanders and look the other way as your nice new visitors get to work.

Monday, 25 November 2019

A very Jewish coup

There are times when something hidden in plain sight suddenly hits you right between the eyes. Nothing in my experience has matched the realisation that the current impeachment process against Trump is in effect a Jewish coup against a sitting President. Sure, I did have the vague idea that it was pretty Jewy but only when I started to dig deeper did I realise that it's a Tribal project from start to finish, top to bottom. Mad-eyed demon-possessed Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Elliot Engel, Nita Lowey and that Congresswoman who held up the Talmud as she announced she was supporting the impeachment are running the project in the House. Same with the prosecution staff who are lead by one Daniel Sachs Goldman, a name that sounds like a caricature from Der Sturmer. There's hardly a goy on the whole Project Team. Same with the witnesses for the prosecution. Ambassadors Sondberg and Yovanovitch, so-called whistleblower Vindman, that guy from the National Security Council, the Ukraine's President and several of that country's oligarchs...all Jewish. 

Meanwhile they all seem to know one another! And of course the (((MSM))) has been fully on board with the Project from day one. Speaking of which don't forget that Project Impeachment has been on the go almost from the day Trump was elected. And again it was Jews running the show. Rep. Steve Cohen started the ball rolling in 2017 while Rep. Brad Sherman introduced the initial impeachment articles based on the bogus Russiagate conspiracy. Billionaire Tom Steyer donated $50 million to the project a few years ago.

This is nothing less than a Jewish coup against the Constitutionally elected President of the United States. And it's going on in plain sight. Even the Jewish media openly admits it. Celebrates it would be more accurate. Just check out the Jerusalem Post, Times Of Israel, The Forward, Haaretz, the JTA and others. 

And who's leading the fight against impeachment on Trump's behalf? Chabad-Lubavitcher Jared Kushner. Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up!  Look, I've barely scratched the surface here. Please check out this great video for a comprehensive insight into the jaw-dropping scale of this treachery.

Now that I've recovered my composure let me make a few points and ask a few questions. First, why are 'the Jews' doing everything in their power to take down Trump given that his support for Israel has been almost embarrassingly servile? And why does he keep appointing people who hate him to top positions in his Administration? People who stabbed him in the back at the first suitable opportunity? And now Kushner - 'one of them' - is leading his defence?

I just don't get it.

Next question: Have Jews any idea of this plot's ramifications? I ask because it plays right into the stereotype of the scheming and subversive Jew and thus has the potential to expose the ZOG in a way previously unimaginable. Yet they seem  blind to the risks. Does this again illustrate their legendary habit of pushing too far, of never knowing when to stop? Surely, despite the controlled media, the identity of who's behind the coup will become apparent? If so there will be millions of angry White Trump supporters out there, thirsting for revenge. But today the country is split down the middle, between Traditional America on one side and a rancid stew of leftist Whites and ethnic minorities on the other. How could this play out?

Well I leave you with this thought: The parallels between 1917 Russia and the USA today are chilling. Having fomented conditions of severe social and political instability the Jewish Bolsheviks eventually seized control of the whole Russian Empire after a dreadful civil war. Thereafter they instituted a regime that killed directly or indirectly tens of millions of Christian Russians. Churches were burned down or converted to warehouses while 'anti-semitic'  acts incurred the death penalty. A crazy comparison? Maybe. But remember that Jews in Russia back then had little power having been for many years severely constrained by the Czars. Contrast that with America today where they control politics, finance, media, academia and - crucially - Big Tech. 

Final thought: As with Russia in 1917 and America today somebody named Schiff was/is masterminding the project.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Tidings from the Emerald Isle

Like most Western governments that in Ireland lives on borrowing. Especially since our EUSSR 'partners'  put us on the hook for €50 billion to cover the banksters' gambling losses. Long hospital waiting lists, patients on trolleys for days on end, thousands of homeless languishing on our streets. It's unfortunate but, you know, we just don't have the money. So bad that we have to discontinue the €30 per week allowance we used to give to disabled workers.

However, the good news is that money can be found if the need is sufficiently great. €320 million of it in fact. "Plans are being drawn up for new Direct Provision centres with space for 5,500 asylum seekers. The Government is promising to engage with local communities about the proposed accommodation. So far this year, more than 3,700 people have applied for asylum in Ireland, the highest number in over a decade which has put pressure on the Government to find enough accommodation for them.They will be located in eight regions and cost at least €320m."

And there seem to be wonderful people in those DP centres. "Tánaiste [Deputy PM] Simon Coveney has praised the “courageous” women in direct provision who are advocating against female genital mutilation (FGM) in Ireland. “There are between 3,500 and 4,000 girls and women in ireland who have been impacted by FGM. That’s a lot. And if we’re going to persuade and convince and insist that other countries end this barbaric practice then we have to make sure that we stamp it out in our own country first."

A curmudgeon might ask why Ireland needs to do anything about FGM or indeed take in any asylum seekers. Because the Dublin Convention explicitly states that asylum must be claimed in the first safe country reached. Ireland has no direct links with qualifying countries, ergo, we're entitled to ship such bogus claimants back to where they came from. But we don't.

And now we'll have lots and lots of extra accommodation - €320m worth of it - to house these courageous people. 

But some people are never satisfied. A new promising Nationalist Party has been founded to - crazy concept this - defend Ireland's interests. "An Páirtí Náisiúnta is an Irish nationalist party dedicated to the fulfilment of the Irish national idea. We believe in the Irish people, our right to exist as a nation and our right to defend and lay claim to our homeland. We seek an Ireland united, Irish and free.

"We stand against the criminal financial institutions which have enslaved future generations of Irish men and women to debt without end. We stand against the corrupt and amoral establishment who push replacement level immigration which will in time completely destroy Irish nationality. We stand against the project of a federated European Superstate which is explicitly anti-national and therefore anti-Irish. And most of all we stand against the decay of national spirit at the heart of our society."

Well I'll be joining. And so should every Irish man and woman.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The perfect present for your Xmas stocking

Well Xmas (whoops, nearly incurred a cyberspace ban there by saying 'Christmas') is coming and with it comes the time for Seasonal presents. For which I heartily recommend a new book by Norman Lebrecht which addresses a much-neglected subject. Genius & Anxiety: How Jews Changed The World 1847-1947 revolves around a central question as expressed twenty years ago by George Steiner, who, 'meditating on 2,000 years of persecution and suffering posed the taboo question that nobody dared ask: Has the survival of the Jew been worth the appalling cost?'.

A good question, you'll agree. And the book provides some fascinating insights. I learned of 'the hate, the fear, the degradation, the miasma of contempt ....which has been the birthright of every Jewish child across the millennia'. How come I never heard anything about this before now? Nor did I know, prior to reading the book, that without Siegfried Marcus we'd still be driving around in the horse and buggy, that without Fritz Haber the world would be starving and that surgery would still be at 19th century standards absent the contribution of Karl Landsteiner. Which lead me to ask why we hear so little about Jewish contributions to society. Jews need to be more forthcoming about their achievements I say.

The book however is not without the occasional flaw. For instance I'd disagree that Weimar Germany (in which every facet of commerce, academia, media and finance was controlled by Jews) lifted German culture to the unprecedented heights claimed by Lebrecht. On the contrary I'd argue that, with its untrammelled degeneracy it lowered German culture to hitherto unplumbed depths. Every kind of sexual depravity, including rampant child prostitution prospered in the midst of terrible poverty and destitution.

But hey, let's not be small-minded or pedantic here because the book is a must for anyone striving to explore the hidden world of Jewish suffering and the ingratitude of the goyim among whom Jews dwell. 

Order your copy on Amazon today!

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Project Fluoride

I've always been suspicious of the project to put fluoride in our drinking water. It was the climate change of its day with all the great and the good, media scribblers, government and "science" on its side. Despite this it has attracted constant opposition from the beginning due to low safety margins and the inability to control an individual's intake when administered at a community level. Maybe I could have understood the dogged commitment to the project (authorities were found to have gone to the extent of secretly introducing it) had it offered a cornucopia of benefits. But reduced dental cavities were all that was ever claimed for introducing one of the earth's most dangerous chemicals into the public water supply. I mean.....seriously? And just as with GW we ordinary rubes were patted on the head and patronisingly instructed to 'trust the science'. 'It's a naturally occurring substance you know'. Thanks, but so is arsenic.

That the debate has continued for over 60 years suggests that the issue has passed from the realm of reasoned discourse and into ideology. So - again- why did the authorities persist in the face of endless opposition and for such a trivial return? Well maybe the return isn't so trivial after all.  "A study, published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that increased levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with declines in IQ in children. Previous research has made similar findings, but this is the first such study to evaluate the effect of fluoride on populations receiving what the US Public Health Service considers optimal levels of 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of drinking water, such as in the United States and Canada."

Now it begins to make sense given that - and this post is worth reading - there really is a plan in place to dumb down American education (and by extension that of all White countries) and to achieve behavioural changes in students, parents and broader society which have nothing to do with commonly understood educational objectives. So the "educational" system has been rejigged to produce future generations of dumbed-down drones unable to counter their NWO globalist overlords. And men will have been replaced by emasculated soy-boys. 

Brave New World beckons.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Welcome to the new Bernie

It seems that for his current Presidential run Bernie Sanders is recasting himself as “a proud Jewish American”, an appellation he's downplayed up to now, preferring to pass himself off as a humble horny-handed son of the soil. Why? Who knows? Maybe this particular champagne socialist changed his mind when checking out his latest house (he now owns three), a lakeside mansion partially paid for by funds his wife looted from the "charitable" foundation bearing his name. Or maybe it's because, according to him, “antisemitism is rising in this country.”

He also assailed White antisemitic conspiracy theorists. "This is the conspiracy theory that drove the Pittsburgh murderer—that Jews are conspiring to bring immigrants into the country to “replace” Americans.”  Actually it's conspiracy fact Bernie. Jews conspired for most of the 20th century to undermine immigration restrictions on non-Whites and succeeded with stunning effect through the 1965 Immigration Act 
(Soft Genocide Act). An Act that resulted in Whites declining from nearly 90% of the population then to about 60% today. While Jews made it appear to be Teddy Kennedy's brainchild in fact the bill was written by Norbert ('now let the floodgates open!') Schlei and pushed through the Senate by Emmanuel Celler and Jacob Javits. Behind the scenes various Presidential advisers and policy makers worked on the same project. These included Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration and Max Rabb in Eisenhower's.  It was a Jewish project from start to finish. And the work continues unabated to this day as Jewish organisations openly admit to strongly supporting immigration "reform" ("reform" =  favouring immigration from the Third World).

Reading and listening to Sanders ('this is not who we are') you'd think that the America envisaged by the Founders was race-blind. In fact the 1790 Naturalization Act, drawn up by  the  Founding Fathers and signed by George Washington himself restricted immigration and citizenship to ‘free White people of good character.’ That's right Bernie, 'your' country was founded (and envisaged as such into the distant future) for free White people of good character. Why then Bernie do you oppose - make that hate! - George Washington and the Founders?

I don't know what's behind his new emphasis. But in light of it I offer him the following campaign slogan free of charge:  “It’s complicated, goyim, trust me.”

I close with an observation by Unz Review commentator Colin Wright. "The irony is that if Sanders got the nomination, I, as someone who views Israel as profoundly evil, would have to vote for him. Waffling or not, he’s the closest card to an anti-Zionist in the deck."

Bizarre. But true.

The ZOG is real.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

How goeth diversity in the Belly Of The Beast?

As capital of the EUSSR Brussels represents the fountainhead of evil, the belly of the beast, the heart of darkness. It is here that unaccountable globalist apparatchiks hatch their plots to destroy our nations, atomise our peoples and flood the continent with primitive Third World savages. As such they must derive a grim satisfaction, cackling malevolently as they survey their handiwork at close quarters. Because the once-enchanting city has become the poster child for diversity.

Within a stone's throw of Le Berlaymont vibrant crime-infested no-go ethnic enclaves proliferate. Here mainly Moroccan drug dealers freely ply their trade safe from the forces of law and order. From such enclaves they issue forth on an odyssey of crime. Which explains why one quarter of the city's residents carry some sort of self-defence object. An incredible figure for Europe.

There's also a pandemic of child kidnapping - no fewer than seven in the first three months of October. This makes sense when you consider that 25% of the city's population has Muslim roots. Or to put it another way, about 50% of the under-15 population is Muslim. 

Bye bye Brussels. Bye bye Belgium. Bye bye Europe?

Saturday, 9 November 2019

The full diversity package

They were the ideal modern couple. White wife, black African husband, biracial child. Their friends and neighbours could see it. Spectrum News NY reported that "neighbors described the couple and their young daughter as ‘the perfect family’. They were lovely. Just a normal, every-day family. They were part of the community, they were involved with the block association'". According to ABC 7 NY he was described as "a friendly and kind man who adored his wife and daughter". Yes, anthropologist Jennifer Schlecht and her devoted husband Yonathan Tedla were living the woke American dream. Poster children for the new polyglot family.

They nonetheless - like all families I suppose - encountered the occasional  problem. To wit: "Schlecht was found decapitated, with her severed head resting in her lap. Her daughter suffered a cut so deep to her neck that she was partially beheaded. The five-year-old’s father was found hanging from a rope tied to a bedroom door". Who could have imagined? Certainly not Schlecht given that she majored in anthropology, which is the scientific study of human behavior and society. This should have provided her with the ideal tool-set to evaluate inter-racial marriages. Especially those between blacks and Whites. You'd expect the very first semester to highlight that a White woman marrying a black man is eight times more likely to be killed by him than by a White husband. Not twice as likely, eight times.

But today universities are not about factual inquiry and learning. They're about propaganda and indoctrination. So the highly-educated Schlecht would have had less meaningful understanding of black pathologies than would the trailer-park White women whom she secretly despised. Same reason that a White progressive ex-colleague of hers lamented "that she should die under such brutal circumstances is beyond understanding." Well someone said that when you lie to others it can work. When you lie to pay. Nature has a way of dealing with such people.

The fantasy black men 
Schlecht saw in the media - cool, clever, masterful, wise, top jobs, devoted fathers and husbands - were just that. Fantasy figures. I can  imagine how she preened and virtue-signalled in front of her equally woke friends. As Pompidor Quixote (not his real name!) observed over at the Daily Stormer "Even her daughter’s name was diverse. She got to experience the full diversity package, beheading and all."

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

If a tree falls in the forest....

"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it did it still make a sound?". This is an apparently subtle question from philosopher George Berkeley. To my mind it's bullshit because.......of course it made a sound, you dipstick. But actually he might have been onto something in that if an event takes place and nobody is ever made aware of it did it really take place? The same question arises with a planetary time warp (you can see my superior mind at work here).  So here's my point: If nobody hears of  the depredations of a country's black/brown invaders have those depredations - from a practical perspective - really occurred?

I ask because there's been a truly embarrassing faux pas by Ireland's Minister For Population Replacement, the pathetically useless Charlie Flanagan. Charlie made a big fuss of 'new Irish' athlete Cameroon-born Brandon Arrey as he recently introduced a new raft of Orwellian 'hate' legislation. He wished him well as a symbol of the New Ireland. He didn't know how right he was. Because within days Arraey was shown up to be a misogynistic racist of  the worst kind. Earlier tweets recorded him in conversation with a Hispanic associate - "Well you are just a Mexican bastard and your mother is going to have a miscarriage and die with the unborn baby still inside her". Lovely. And his new countrymen didn't escape his wrath. "Went to the Burren [County Clare] today and the tour guide kept calling me Brendan. I was like my name is Brandon you fucking whore, I was ready to kill the Bitch". "Shut the fuck up you white wigger!!!" and "Ireland will be multicultural in 10 years and your kids will have [no more than] the same rights as mine. I can only laugh writing this" summarised the esteem in which he holds his new benefactors.

Oh deary deary me Brendan. I mean Brandon. You landed the Minister with a PR disaster. Well you would have had it been reported in the media. But it was not. In contrast to the blaze of publicity surrounding the launch, the exposure of Arrey for what he is was met with a wall of silence from the Irish MSM. So special thanks to The Tricolour, a patriotic site trying to ensure that trees falling in the forest do get to be heard.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

The "Honourable" Member takes his leave

Consider the wisdom of appointing Casey Anthony to oversee childcare policy. Or George Soros to reform campaign financing. Or Madonna to develop modesty standards for teenage girls. Trust me on this, such appointments would be prudent and far-sighted compared to appointing coolie Keith Vaz, the "Honourable" (stop laughing at the back!) Member for Bangladesh Leicester East, to oversee justice in the Mother Of Parliaments.

Because Vaz must surely be one of the most corrupt, venal, unscrupulous frauds ever to ooze into Parliament. And treacherous. Having assured fellow bindi Salman Rushdie of his 'unstinting support' during the Satanic Verses furore he performed an instantaneous volte-face once his 'Asian' constituents' views became clear. At which point he lead a mob of several thousand outraged Muslims (are there any other kind?) demanding the book's burning.

But he was most notable for the industrial-strength corruption in which he was embroiled throughout his career. Fiddling expenses, peddling influence, selling UK citizenship, lying under oath about his numerous conflicts of interest, failure to register sources of extra-Parliamentary income, employing an illegal immigrant at slave labour wages, making slanderous allegations for which he had to pay damages, intervening to prevent the extradition of Iranian mega-crook Nadhmi Auchi to France.....mired in corruption throughout his career. Little wonder fellow MP Patrick Mercer described him as
 "a crook of the first order". An observation that got Mercer suspended for, wait for it, 'bringing Parliament into disrepute'.
Vaz seemed to have run out of road when he was exposed as a carpet-munching drug dealer after being caught having unprotected sex with two male prostitutes at his £500k London apartment, a soiree at which he offered to supply copious quantities of cocaine in return for access to their asses. (I wonder did he use Vaseline for lubrication?). That was in September 2016. Yet the following month he was appointed by Harriet  Harman to the Justice Select Committee! Harman isn't  nicknamed “Hypocrite Hattie” for nothing. She supported for years the Paedophile Information Exchange which worked, inter alia, to legalise sex with ten year-olds. Yet after Jimmy Savile was finally exposed (posthumously) she had this to say in a passionate and tearful Parliamentary speech: “It is impossible to overstate the suffering caused to those whom he abused. No one should be complacent. There are countless young women and men who have been abused but have never complained." 

And like Diane Abbot (the Hackney Hippo) she worked tirelessly against high-priced private schooling which apparently 'propped up society's inequities'. Only to send her own kids to exactly such a school. She was roundly criticised for her hypocrisy by Abbot. Who proceeded to do exactly the same thing once her own mutant spawn were old enough.

But exposing 'woke' hypocrisy is like shooting fish in a barrel so back to Keith who has at long last been suspended from Parliament. Such a suspension normally signals the end of a political career but don't rule out a comeback. Because he still has one priceless weapon in his armoury: He's a brown man. Already he's on record as saying that the copious criticism he has attracted has been driven by (shudder) racism. He's been held to a lower standard of expectations all through his crooked parasitical life because of his race. Which means a Lazarus-like resurrection could yet be on the cards.

The Long March Through The Institutions continues at a brisk pace.