Friday, 31 January 2020

Why has Ireland become so woke so fast?

The self-administered transformation of Ireland in the space of two generations has been staggering in its scope and depth. We've gone from mono-racial nationalistic Catholic conservatism to becoming multicultural and the wokest of the woke. Few nations - if any - have sloughed off their past and embraced globohomo with such enthusiasm. On approving a referendum to extend abortion rights thousands of young women thronged the streets, weeping with emotion. In revulsion at the impending deaths of thousands of additional unborn babies? No, in celebration of the fact. The right to gay marriage was fought for here with an intensity rarely seen elsewhere. And approved in a landslide.

What accounts for this almost unprecedented transformation? Surely the massive scandals that lead to the implosion of the Catholic Church were central. Because the Church was and remains inextricably linked with Old Ireland. In Old Ireland the Church was everywhere, ruling every facet of life with a deeply conservative rod of steel to the extent that an unmarried teacher 'living in sin' with her boyfriend would lose her job. When the dam finally broke and the full breathtaking scale of the corruption and hypocrisy was revealed the moral and spiritual bedrock of the Irish people was removed. This took place just as the sixties Cultural Marxist revolution was sweeping the world. So very quickly anything opposed to traditional Christianity was enthusiastically welcomed. Agitators sneeringly questioned what it really meant to be Irish. Hundreds of thousands of Africans and Pakistanis were happy to broaden the definition.

Why has Ireland's collapse been so abject? Surely much of it can be attributed to our colonial legacy. We always saw Britain, England really, as overwhelmingly bigger as well as stronger and better. Despite the bluster our national pride rested on shaky foundations. But then (for a variety of reasons) within a relatively short time we became wealthy and technologically advanced. On most Human Development Index criteria we now outperform the Brits. As this new standing coincided with our abandonment of Old Ireland (in particular the Church) the association became, or appeared to become, clear. We were the beggars on horseback and we knew who provided us with the horse.  Traditional = bad, progressive = good.

But it's a Faustian Pact and one that we're paying for already in terms of soaring murder and suicide rates and declining social cohesion. Meanwhile the building blocks for future race and religious conflicts have been put  firmly in place. Hopefully this catastrophe can provide 
some lessons for the countries of Eastern Europe, currently under unrelenting attack by globohomo. Because they too have suffered centuries of colonisation and/or occupation and see themselves as backward vis-a-vis 'the West' just as Ireland did with Britain. And just as with Ireland (though by no means as bad) the Church there cowers in the corner or  actually become cheerleaders for globalism.

A final thought. Isn't it deeply ironic how our enemies used the Church's homosexual and paedophile scandals to bring it down yet will now capitalise on its demise to promote those very sins? And by the way, there's another lesson to be learned : That homosexuality is the 'gateway drug' to paedophilia.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

John Lewis: Get woke, go broke

John Lewis is an employee-owned UK company which operates a chain of department stores appealing strongly to middle and upper-class shoppers. Almost one hundred years in operation and owned by a trust on behalf of all its employees its iconic status has been based on the solid British values of hard work, honesty and lack of flamboyance. The formula has been hugely successful, delivering solid profits and bonus payments to staff year after year after year.

But then some time ago the company decided to get woke. They commissioned diversity consultants who described their brief as follows: "John Lewis had begun to review their talent pipeline and was keen to develop women and ethnic minorities to senior positions. They were also keen to develop understanding and cross-cultural sensitivity to their increasing diverse partner base and to ensure they were fit for purpose as they began their store expansion plans particularly targeting diverse areas."

And the project has been hugely successful. In achieving diversity that is. Women and various other minorities came to dominate senior management ranks. (That's the Executive Board there on the left.) Their advertisements (which, the theologians among us will be interested to learn, were developed by Adam And Eve) became legendary among the chattering classes and invariably featured a wealthy, well-adjusted black family. Like this one. Which is surprising given that blacks would enter their stores only to shoplift. Time hitherto spent developing new products, optimising stocks and building IT infrastructure were instead devoted to joining hands and singing kumbaya or attending sensitivity and White Privilege workshops. This paid off as they continued to win one diversity award after another culminating in the ultimate woke validation last September when they proudly announced the first financial loss in the company's history.

Sales are plummeting, the vital IT infrastructure (you know, the kind of thing that White males look after) has fallen into a parlous state, customer satisfaction has declined sharply, the latest CEO (a woman) has just been fired and the employees are in revolt. So who will replace the departing CEO? 
Surely it will be a titan of the retail trade with an unalloyed record of corporate turnaround and innovation? Well no. The new CEO is a black female civil servant with zero experience of retail or indeed anything outside the sheltered and undemanding microcosm of public 'service'.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Chinese immunity

I have a rule of thumb that serves me well: When a new cause celebre appears out of the blue with the MSM, the UN, the EUSSR, the 'independent' think tanks and all the bien pensants commenting in lock-step. fact when every official source speaks with one voice you can be sure of but one thing: A major mind-fuck is underway. Bin Laden to blame for 9/11, Iraq and its non-existent WMD, Putin and Russia responsible for everything that goes wrong, the Kosovo 'massacres'...I could go on. Remember the viruses that were about to wipe out all human life? Zika, ebola...the latest lethal flu virus. Remember them? Why aren't we all dead by now? Have more than a couple of thousand people died world-wide from the whole lot of them combined?

Will the Coronavirus turn out to be more of the same? Perhaps, as the same story-book is playing out. Already there have been sixty deaths. That would be out of one thousand six hundred million Chinese. But maybe we should be extra careful because if the Chinese immune system can't fight it whose can? I ask because based on what they eat you'd imagine they'd have built immunities to just about anything Mother Nature - or a biological warfare facility - could throw at them. Note: There is such a facility in the city where the Coronavirus broke out.

Anyway, here are some of the dietary techniques the Chinese use to strengthen their immune systems.

Gutter oil actually does comes from gutters including sewer drains, grease traps, slaughterhouse waste depots, disposed of meat, animal fat/ skins/ innards, and restaurant oil dumps. Once collected, this slop is then filtered, mixed together, cooked up, and then sold to unscrupulous restaurants around China. Gutter oil you see is cheaper than new, clean cooking oil.

Other mouth-watering delicacies include bat soup, baby mice, rat-on-a-skewer and insects: Every kind of creepy crawly is available..... grasshoppers, scorpions, tarantulas, locusts and cockroaches.

The Chinese may well be intelligent but in a sperg-like inhuman way. They seem to lack the milk of human kindness. It's not unknown to see drivers reverse over traffic accident victims to finish them off to avoid the potential hospital costs. Or they just drive on leaving the victim on the road. They seem utterly and totally immune to animal suffering. It just doesn't seem to register with them at all. 

Clever or not, hard-working or not, our countries are better off without them.

Friday, 24 January 2020

I'm standing for election!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And there's nothing more desperate than Irish politics, which will shortly see a General Election. Still, destiny beckons. Some seek greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them. In which spirit I plan to offer myself to the electorate with what I believe to be an irresistible political platform.

Key measures include:

Immediate deportation of all non-Whites and Muslims

Women's right to vote, the fountainhead of almost all that besets us, will be rescinded

Foreign aid will be cancelled

All NGOs will be closed down. Employees of those with the word "Rights" in their title will be hurled through their office windows onto the street, their personal assets seized and their offices burned to the ground.

Every business in the country will be instructed to close their Human Resources departments and to fire without compensation the soy boys and lesbian land-whales employed therein

The current liberal prison regime which sees convicted scumbags roam our streets while prisoners luxuriate in 5-star facilities will be replaced by the acclaimed Honduran model (left) whereby inmates are packed together like sardines, fed on gruel and mowed down by machine-gun fire if they riot

All university courses containing the word "Studies" will be defunded and terminated

Alan Shatter to be deported to Israel.

Well, what do you think? I'm optimistic. I think the last item alone will have voters stampeding to the booths to support me. 

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Can Whites and Jews co-exist?

Is it possible for White gentiles to live harmoniously with a Jewish minority? I've come to the view that it's not. First let's get out of the way the standard acknowledgement that there are many good Jews in any community (I've known plenty) and there are even greater numbers who just want to live and let live. Nonetheless a significant Jewish presence in any country seems to have, and has had throughout the centuries, a negative impact on the host communities. In some cases, like that of Russia, this impact has been catastrophic. The maladies that affect Western countries today have been heavily, in some cases overwhelmingly, driven by Jewish Power. I refer, and this is far from an exhaustive list, to mass Third World immigration, debasement of art and literature, transforming courts into enforcers of anti-White 'hate' legislation and every form of sexual degeneracy, turning universities into indoctrination centres, redirecting economies from productive self-sufficiency to speculative finance, destroying the foundations and supports of the traditional family.

That's a fairly serious rap sheet. But it's fair to say that we ourselves allowed them do this through inattentiveness, inaction and a misguided altruism. For the sake of argument let's posit that Whites miraculously became Jew-aware and seized back control of our countries. Could we maintain such control?  I don't think so.  Because over time Jews will gradually recapture The Narrative. Bit by bit they'll transform into the helpless victims of yore, Whites will be reduced to warring ethno-religious camps, laws masquerading as universal principles of justice (think 'hate' crimes) will be implemented to further their agenda, indebtedness will grow, societal cohesion will atrophy. Think how Jews have taken over any - make that every - institution in America.  Using the tried and trusted cuckoo-in-the-nest strategy ('greetings fellow white people') they've edged out the goyim and replace them with their own. It's gradual, surreptitious and symbiotic in that each infiltrated component - media, law, politics and finance - will work together to achieve the broader objective.

Incidentally, this is not necessarily by way of a formal plan or structure. It's more of a shared instinct defending shared interests in a spirit of bitterness. If they lose ground in any arena they'll come back. Again and again. They were pushing for immigration "reform" in America for fifty years before they got the 1965 Immigration Act passed. And now Holocaustrianity  gives them unprecedented latitude.

To cut to the chase I don't think an accommodation possible. Why? A number of reasons. We must consider the Kevin MacDonald theory that they're biologically programmed to act as they do. Which in itself renders an agreed solution impossible. Then as some wise man once said “Jews do not have a history, they have a martyrology”. Jews have a kind of meta-history of martyrdom and persecution that relieves them of any responsibility for their historical travails. This and the Talmud (which in places reads like a psychopath's charter) combine to reinforce in-group support and out-group antipathy. Such ethnocentric people are prone to not seeing how their own ethnocentrism blinds them to rational discussion of anything related to their ethnic interests.  Then there's the insatiability. They can never have enough as we've seen in Wall Street and the Middle East. And there's no gratitude, every concession is quickly followed by further demands. Ad infinitum. They seem to have no sense, or so it seems to me, of the blatant double standards under which they operate.  

Hard to build a lasting accommodation with such people. Which means......what?

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Best of luck to the Virginia 2A campaigners tomorrow

Fingers crossed for the gun rights demonstrators at Richmond Virginia tomorrow. Many of us see the event as risking a repeat of the Charlottsville disaster.  You can be sure that the enemies of the people (lead by enthusiastic baby-killer Ralph Northam) have their plans made, agents provocataire planted, police and maybe even National Guard armed to the teeth. And with the full resources of the Surveillance State at their disposal you can be certain that every text, email, phone call and social media message has been intercepted and analysed. And no matter what happens the MSM will spin it the same way. Violent Nazis and White supremacists were to blame.

Just like they spun the events of Greensboro NC exactly forty years ago. Back then a group of Communist Workers Party and 'civil rights' activists sought to provoke a violent reaction from local Whites. Their initial move was to disrupt a screening of D.W Griffiths' The Birth Of A Nation. The same 'liberal' attitude applied back then: You can do anything you want - provided we approve. This fracas was followed by a proposed 'Death To The Klan' march with many of the organisers taunting Whites about being afraid to attend. One of their propaganda posters read that the Klan "should be physically beaten and chased out of town. This is the only language they understand. Armed self-defense is the only defense." Well local Whites took them at their word and showed up armed. A gun battle ensued which left fifteen marchers ventilated, five of them fatally. One of the White counter-demonstrators was slightly wounded.

The agitators had laid down the challenge and that challenge was met. With lethal force. Naturally that wasn't how the media portrayed it, and over time it morphed into what is now known as 'The Greensboro Massacre'. Happily the Whites involved were acquitted by a jury of their peers. But that was then, this is now. There are many reasons to urge caution and hope for the safety of the demonstrators and that the inevitable doxxing won't cause them too much trouble. But what else is there to do if the traitorous Government, undeterred by the Constitution, starts to disarm the citizenry? Court cases? Entryism into the Uniparty? Maybe, but it's probable that this might be too little too late as the demographic clock relentlessly ticks away.

And never forget what gun control is all about.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Camelot - NOT

As predicted by anyone with a functioning brain the royal union between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been a car crash. They have now left/been turfed out of the Royal Family and ended up in Canada. Where it seems they're not wanted either. It's only a matter of time before Markle stiffs the Royals for a few million and heads for the hills. Equally predictable was assigning racism as the cause of the problems. Vox referred to the “wave of abuse and harassment” Markle had already been subjected to. That included “the racial undertones of comment pieces” and “the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”  Which apparently was all too much for this delicate shrinking violet.

Let me offer an alternative take. 'The Firm' (Royal Family Inc,) viewed Harry's bout of jungle fever with alarm from the outset, an alarm that grew dramatically as they experienced her up close and personal. So they ousted her and him.

Item: She was brought (dragged) up in Compton, one of the worst ghettos in America, to the sound of gunfire and exploding crack dens.

Item: They feared that her friends and relatives from the 'hood would rob the Royal Cutlery or cause Windsor Castle to go up in flames

Item: They saw the risk of her becoming 'nigger-rich' - a well-studied phenomenon which could result in Buckingham Palace being painted a fetching shade of orange or the ordering of a personal fleet of solid gold limousines for the 'Duchess'

Item: Due her despotic behaviour there was a mass exodus of her staff within a short time of her taking over.

Item: She had broken Royal Protocol no fewer than 67 times in just 18 months on the job and showed no sign of stopping

Item: They worried about her stepbrother's letter to Harry imploring him: “Whatever you do, don’t marry her.” 

Item: The Duchess of Sex, sorry, Sussex, had had her ass pounded by an endless array of basketball players, pro footballers, golfers, porn stars, marines and Z-list actors from her early teens up to the time she met the Prince. (They were introduced by a Jewess). She appeared on film simulating oral sex in a car and half-naked pictures of her still circulate on the internet.

Item: Rumours that she drove Kate Middleton to tears with her rudeness and aggression. Such rumours were confirmed by the following simple announcement from the Palace Press Office: "Rumours of disagreements between the two Duchesses are absolutely unfounded."

Item: The changes in Prince Harry: "I haven’t seen him look really happy for a long time. To go from being the most popular member of the Royal Family to where people barely care about you, something has to have gone seriously wrong."

So what do you think? Was it racism....or other things?

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

The fox in the hen-house

Does cyber security worry you? Well it should. As things stand right now 'bad actors' are capable of accessing and corrupting all of your private data,  listen to what you say, know what you buy, read what you write, know what you watch on the internet and TV. Maybe even know what you're thinking. And this doesn't apply just to individuals but to corporations and government as well. Almost everything is reachable. If they get nasty they could bring down power and other utility systems, cause aircraft to plummet from the skies and cripple most commercial activity by disabling the internet. Within weeks cities would become Mad Max dystopias and while rural areas could survive longer they'd soon be targeted by roaming gangs fleeing the cities and would be reduced to subsistence living in due course. I'm absolutely serious about this and I've had direct first hand experience of the subject area over many decades.

This could happen because much of the software, firmware and hardware that runs civilisation as we know it has been hopelessly compromised by, inter alia, pre-installed 
Trojan software just waiting to be activated and back-doors through which malware can be introduced at will. Think of the Stuxnet virus that blew nearly half of the centrifuges at Iran's Natanz nuclear facilities. Taking down a whole regional power grid in America would be child's play by comparison. I'm not exaggerating and I'm deadly serious.

Is there any way of managing the risk? Well actually help is at hand. None other than Bibi Netanyahu has offered to provide an Israeli-lead Cyber Security World Order. He's certainly well positioned to implement it. Off the top of my head I can name companies across the full range of information and communications technologies owned or controlled by Israeli companies and/or their sayanim in the West. Payment gateways and processing, encryption, antivirus and data security products, databases, telecoms billing and mediation technologies, microprocessors, remote flight interception technologies, internet search, instant messaging, artificial intelligence, data mining, social media platforms.... In other words full-spectrum oversight if not control. Trust me on this: These products are riddled with back-doors and Trojans. They're as porous as a sieve. Also trust me when I say that the Israelis and their sayanim now have enough power to bring the West to a standstill.

Maybe Bibi's offering is in the finest traditions of Jewish out-group altruism. Or maybe not. Call me cynical but instead I'm minded of Tony Soprano complimenting a celebrity chef 'Nice restaurant. Shame if it burned down'. You may well wonder if those at the apex of America's national security colossus could have been so derelict in their duty to allow such a catastrophe occur. Unfortunately the American alphabet agencies are riddled with sayanim and actual Israelis. The highest strategic level of 'national security' is almost Ziocon Central and a "Chabad Lubavitch Linked Woman Related To One of the Wealthiest Jewish Families in U.S. [has been] Named Cybersecurity Chief For NSA". And I've written on how Lubivichers see us goyim. (Hint: they loathe and despise us). Former CIA analyst Philip Geraldi has exposed how former USAF Chief of Staff James Abrahamson appointed an Israeli named Lani Cass to oversee the Air Force’s most secret cyber capabilities including nuclear codes. Hard to believe but Cass was born, raised, and educated in Israel, is fluent in Russian and reportedly reached the rank of major in the Israeli air force before moving to the United States where she was rapidly magicked into overseeing cyber security on behalf of Israel the United States. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Are things any better in Britain? Well judge for yourself. The new Director General for Cyber Security at GCHQ is ..... Dr Ian Levy. I'm sure this sweet-looking gentleman is dedicating his life to protecting his people. Whoever they might be. I know I now sleep more  peacefully at night knowing that my cyber security is in his hands.

How did the Israel/sayanim nexus come to acquire near omnipotence in this arena? Remember that only a few decades ago Israel was but a niche player and the great technology  inventions were the work of goyim geniuses. I offer a number of explanations. First there was the well-documented outright theft of intellectual property from Government, corporations and universities. Then there was the cuckoo-in-the-nest strategy whereby breakthrough technology companies were gradually taken over by Jewish stakeholders, continually pushing out goyim and replacing them with Jews until the latter had de facto control. I have direct first hand knowledge of Intel, Microsoft and EMC where I was able to witness the process play out. 

Then there's technology lawfare whereby Jews use Jewish judges and other powerful figures to neutralise their criminality.  Facebook is an excellent example. In a nutshell Zuckerberg stole the idea and much of the code from the Winklevoss twins at Harvard. The latter's appeals foundered within Harvard where the two key decision-makers were Jewish.  Their final appeal was held before Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, a Roumanian Jew, who threw the book at them. (Can't you just see his eyes glow with the thirst for justice? Actually this guy
 was subsequently forced to resign in disgrace for doing a Harvey Weinstein with his staff.)  His judgement on the Winklevoss case: "The Winklevosses are not the first parties bested by a competitor who then seek to gain through litigation what they were unable to achieve in the marketplace. And the courts might have obliged, had the Winklevosses not settled their dispute and signed a release of all claims against Facebook." Seeing the writing on the wall the twins settled for a tiny fraction of Facebook's value. Then there's financial engineering whereby cash-strapped innovators are forced to cede ownership to those-with-access to-unlimited-financial-resources.

America and Britain (I'm not in a position to assess other Western countries) have been sold out and hollowed out. It can fairly be said that the new paradigm is 'designed in Israel, manufactured in China'. Whole swathes of America resemble the Third World as formerly thriving cohesive communities based on secure well-paying jobs come to terms with the new reality. This says nothing of the loss of sovereignty and security. The depth and breath of the treachery exhibited by the country's bribed or blackmailed leaders has been nothing short of breathtaking. Has its like ever been seen before, whereby the world's most powerful country allowed itself be taken over by a tiny hostile foreign race (who never hesitated to pass on latest military technology to America's enemies), bled dry and rendered into a hollowed-out husk? A husk that can be sustained for a little longer only by its ability to print money, a power itself dependent on its rapidly declining military might.

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level sands stretch far away

What powerful but unrecorded race

Once dwelt in that annihilated place?

Sorry for the black pill but 'they' have us by the balls.They have every angle covered. We're the chickens in the hen-house.

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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Boeing, Boeing, gone?

Boeing used to be one of the Great Companies. Legendary. For a century its technical excellence and innovation kept it at the summit of aircraft manufacturing. But now it faces the worst crisis in its history with its commercial business in particular facing a bleak future. The 737 Max scandal that has cost hundreds of lives and billions of dollars isn't its only problem. The flagship 787 Dreamliner is deemed so unreliable that it seems even key Boeing staff won't fly on it.

"If it's not Boeing I'm not going" has mutated into "i
f it's Boeing I'm not going". What happened? Well such a spectacular decline cannot be multi-causal. But I'll wager that the 'shareholder value' concept and a commitment to diversity have been critically important. Shareholder value is shorthand for replacing engineers and designers with accountants. Short-term profit becomes the priority with top executives (usually from marketing or finance  backgrounds) "earning" million-dollar bonuses while speculators use their insider knowledge to make a killing, usually at the expense of R&D and quality.

And then there's diversity. "Boeing has made diversity and inclusion a strategic priority — and external validators have taken notice. On May 7, it was announced that Boeing ranked 32nd out of more than 1,800 companies that participated in DiversityInc’s 2019 Top 50 Companies for Diversity survey — moving up 17 spots from No. 49 last year. Boeing also was ranked No. 2 among the top companies for veterans, No. 9 on the list of top companies for people with disabilities, and No. 10 on the list of top companies for mentoring and sponsorship."  ('Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers').

Well done Boeing. Now could we get back to the 737 and Dreamliner problems? 

   Your Life In Their Hands
Back in the day I worked closely with HP and IBM, both, like Boeing, legendary companies and both subsequently destroyed at least in part by diversity. (Hi Carly). I was always impressed by the dedication of their software and engineering staff. Literally 100% White, they'd be at their desks late into the night, at no extra pay, just driven by a commitment to quality and reliability. You will seldom get such commitment and diligence from blacks or affirmative-action women while -  trust me on this - bindi programmers will simply try to get away with whatever they can get away with. And with software it's easy enough to fake test results. 

The company has been hollowed out, its standards degraded, its culture corrupted. It will of course struggle on, sustained if nothing else by "defence" expenditure, financed by magic money from the FED. Even so 'financial engineering' and diversity have done their work in emasculating yet another Western institution.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Krugman really needs to be right this time

I see that Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman (the Garden Gnome) is the latest high-profile Jewish figure to become embroiled in a child-sex scandal. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tweeted on Wednesday that someone is using his IP address - a numerical label assigned to each device on the internet - to download child pornography. He suggested that while he may be a random target, it "could be an attempt to Qanon me." Now let's be clear here that this does not necessarily mean that he downloaded child porn and is now front-running an imminent 'outing'. Seriously.  He could for example have been the victim of a 'phishing' shakedown attempt. Time will tell. Or maybe, like Pizzagate, it will not.

In any event we can be sure that the diminutive Krugman will continue pontificating all over the media, celebrating the decline of traditional America. And getting everything else spectacularly wrong. Imagine a meteorologist assuring us that tomorrow's weather will be one of warm sunshine and gentle breezes. Based on this you pack your kids and head for the beach only to be engulfed and swept away by a hurricane. How long do you think he'd get away with such incompetence?

Well if his name was Paul Krugman he'd not alone get away with it but would become a media and academic superstar. In fact if they had a Nobel Prize for Meteorology he'd undoubtedly win it. Because Krugman is The Man Who's Been Wrong About Everything. In 2012 he forecast that the Euro would be gone 'within months', describing in hair-raising detail the ensuing horrors set to unfold.  Here he is on Trump's imminent election  "It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump. And markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? A first-pass answer is never."  Well done Paul! Then there's this beauty from back in the late eighties "By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the internet's impact on the economy will be no greater than the fax machine's." He's been a globalisation enthusiast from the beginning (he would, wouldn't he?) and has again been spectacularly wrong. Recently he penned an article entitled “What Economists (Including Me) Got Wrong About Globalization,” That article could have been comprised of just one word: "Everything".

But this burst of modestly was an aberration. Believe it or not he actually boasted “I think I can say without false modesty, a huge win; I (and those of like mind) have been right about everything.” Doesn't it take a strange kind of mind to claim something like that? A normal person with his record would leave for a cave in the hills with a final warning of 'please, never listen to a word I ever say again'. But Krugman's attitude is similar to that of fellow Tribesman Paul Erlich (I did a good, if I may say so, post on him here ) whose climate and population projections have earned him  a Nobel Prize and international fame and fortune. Despite being catastrophically wrong.

My mother had an aphorism to the effect that 'if you have the name of getting up early in the morning you can lie in bed all day'. She must have passed it on to Krugman at some point....

Monday, 6 January 2020

Remember 3D chess?

Well whatever remaining illusion we might have had regarding Donald Trump must surely be dispelled by the killing of that Iranian General in Iraq. What ever happened to the promise to end all the senseless wars in the Middle East? Well we know what happened. The Israelis want to destroy their last powerful enemy in the region and they want America to do the fighting and paying. And it's now become abundantly clear that Trump is a puppet with Bibi's hand up his ass. Meanwhile illegal immigration continues more or less at the same rate as under Obama and Trump has professed himself in favour of 'lots more legal immigration'. What he doesn't realise (or does he?) is that even if there were to be no more immigration, legal or illegal, America would still become minority White, and thus Brasil del Norte, within a few decades.

Such a catastrophe could be prevented only by mass expulsions of those illegally in the country, by securing the borders and rescinding birthright citizenship. Not gonna happen. And he's done nothing other than tweet about the tech/media complex that has worked, and continues to work, for his political oblivion. Meanwhile he has thrown supporters like Alex Jones (without whom he arguably could not have been elected) under the bus, playing up instead to the former (?) Never-Trumpers at Conservatism Inc. Virtually none of the proposed wall - you know the one Mexico was going to pay for? - has been built. He supports proposed red flag laws which are the thin edge of the wedge to rescind the Second Amendment and does nothing as statues to White historical figures get torn down.

And have you noticed that he now uses a teleprompter in all his speeches? 

All of which raises the question as to whether he was a fraud all along as many of us feared. Well he has done some good things..... pulled out of the Paris Accord and TPP and in de-politicising the corrupt courts system. But that's about it. And it doesn't even come close to being enough. I realise that he's been frustrated time and again by the courts and by traitors within his own party. But what did he expect after appointing Ziocons and others who hated him and his policies to top positions? And giving Chabad Lubivicher and Isreali-firster Kushner responsibility for the most important projects. Including the wall. It'd be funny were it not so serious.

So was he a fraud from the get-go? Somehow I don't think so. More likely he's just got worn down by the constant attrition, the serpent Javanka whispering in his ear and the Israelis having the dirt on him. Whatever the explanation it seems as if the Swamp has won.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

MSM credibility takes another blow

You may have noted comments from some readers of this post (which by the way has had over 23,000 views so far) claiming that this new Irish child will in due course enrich the heretofore monochrome Irish culture. Presumably they had in mind something like the recent Afro-Caribbean Music Festival in Dublin where, as the police report coyly put it ‘a number of altercations broke out among patrons’. "More than 20 Garda cars and a helicopter descended on a mass brawl in Dublin in the early hours of Thursday morning, after an ‘Afro-Caribbean’ event got out of hand. Shocking videos circulated on social media yesterday showing swathes of young event goers at the Red Cow Inn in southwest Dublin, being pushed and shoved. Further clips showed crowds spilling out into the street as dozens of squad cars – watched by a Garda helicopter – arrived in an attempt to calm the scene."

I can confidently say that you won't get a more authentic example of Afro-Caribbean culture than that. Normally the Irish MSM is out in force for such a culturally enriching event. But strangely there was nary a word about it on any of the main outlets. Now you must remember that in a small country like Ireland a pub fight gets headlines. So blanking out a mass riot requiring the services of thirty police cars and a helicopter? I'm baffled.

But maybe a DJ on Classic Hits - and his Twitter readers - are on to something.

"So a rat in a garage in Tallaght last year, warrants a full team, reporter and top story on RTE news but 29 Garda Cars, Garda Helicopter, multiple arrests, a near riot situation and no coverage. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but something is wrong."

Some representative (and they are representative as you'll see if you check the link) reader responses:

"This is why nobody takes rte news and current affairs seriously. Biased agendas being pushed and if they dont like the narrative it does not get shown."

"RTE needs to go. It is no longer relevant much like the licensing fee. The free market has spoken as it's essentially broke!"

"The RedCow Riots could be a rallying point for Irish Patriots. We can only expect more of this negative behavior if nothing is done now

This is good, folks, this is good. It underlines the collapse in MSM credibility, particularly that of our state broadcaster RTE. It's important to bear in mind that once credibility is lost the viewers/readers of an outlet will be sceptical of even truthful content. A bit like in the USSR. In fact a lot like the USSR, come to think of it.

Friday, 3 January 2020

'He a good boy. He dindu nuffin'

The (not very) Honourable Diane Abbot, the Hackney Hippo, is a Member Of Parliament and renowned mathematician. She's also a renowned hypocrite. For many years she waxed indignant at "Labour" colleagues who sent their kids to fee-paying schools. Tony Blair and paedophile supporter Harriet Harman were among those of the Suburban Champagne Freedom Fighters (SCFF) who felt the lash of her tongue.

But when Flabbot's own son reached secondary school age she quietly enrolled him in the swanky £12,000 a year City of London public school. She seemed surprised at the ensuing outrage and sought to explain her position by pointing out that 'I’m a West Indian mum and West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children'. Maybe, but if she sees herself as a West Indian mum why was she positioned to become Britain's second most powerful politician as Home Secretary? (This extreme left-wing socialist then flogged her apologia to a Sunday newspaper for £10,000. What a classy lady.)

When pressed further about her son she conceded 'I knew what could happen to my son if he was sent to the wrong school and got in with the wrong crowd. Once a black boy is lost to the world of gangs it's very hard to get them back and I was genuinely very fearful of what could happen.' So just as well then that her son got a top-class private education, saving him from the long arm of the law. 

Oh wait.

"Diane Abbott's son was in court yesterday after being charged with a string of violent offences including allegedly beating up police, emergency workers and doctors as well as exposing himself in a hospital. James Abbott-Thompson appeared before a judge at Thames Magistrates Court where he was accused of 11 crimes [including biting a police officer]. He is alleged to have gone on the rampage attacking nine people including five emergency workers, two of whom were assaulted on the same day. The 28-year-old faces nine charges of assault, a charge of of racially aggravated criminal damage and one of indecent exposure over the past five months."
Oh dear.

There are some strange aspect ts to this story. This paragon, at the tender age of 27, was appointed to a plum high-level job in the Foreign Office, stationed in the British Embassy in Rome as First Secretary for Exiting the EU. Even more astonishingly he was fired not just from the job but actually drummed out of the Civil Service 
itself. Now savour that thought. How bad do you have to be to get fired from the CS? Sheer incompetence won't do it, that's for sure. He must have been some operator to get fired, especially when his mother was Home Secretary in waiting.

But the reason remains a mystery. Also mysterious (well not really) is why the crime spree attracted virtually no coverage in the MSM. Can you imagine the reaction had Boris Johnson found himself in a position 
similar to hers? This incident is just another in a long line of corruption and misbehaviour by black and Muslim MPs. These are the grifters who legislate for the people of Britain. 

And what of young James? Many observers claim that his brush with the law rules out his chances of inheriting the Hippo's seat. Which proves only that such observers see the world through British eyes. Because blacks and Muslims vote entirely on ethnic and/or religious lines. Putting one over on Whites or kuffars only adds to the attraction. The seat is safe. In the interim I imagine that he'll become your typical pillar of the black community by engaging in the supply of mood-enhancing chemicals under the benevolent eye of the new Home Secretary.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Let us welcome Ireland's first baby of 2020

Ireland welcomed its first baby of the new decade this morning. Her mother, Patience Setuke, delivered the child just 12 seconds after midnight. 

No mention of the father but hey, we're talking of Africans here.

RTE, the State broadcaster, also published a clip on the first 2020 baby born in Cork, the Second City. Looked Arabic or some kind of Mestizo.