Thursday, 30 April 2020

Cahirciveen celebrates diversity

Diversity of its very essence means difference. And we're assured, this difference is a Good Thing. Now I must admit that even as a libtard back in the mists of time I struggled to provide concrete evidence to support this position. It seems diversity brings 'colour'. Not sure exactly what that's supposed to mean but it assuredly is a Good Thing. The clincher has always been diversity's exciting exotic dining experience. I was never convinced by this given that there was nothing stopping local chefs acquiring the requisite training and recipes, dressing up in ethnic costumes, abandoning hygiene and - hey presto! - locally-sourced exotic dining.

Yes, diversity brings colour, exotic dining and, as the inhabitants of one small and remote Irish village have discovered, COVID-19. If we were to believe the MSM (admit it - you  laughed out loud at the very thought) the townsfolk of Cahirciveen in Kerry were thrilled at the arrival of over 100 New Irish to their village. Locals were pictured brandishing Cead Mile Failte placards as they cheered their arrival. Overnight the village's population was increased by 10%.  As it happens a friend of mine who lives says the welcoming committee was made up of a few unrepresentative cranks - most locals were in fact deeply apprehensive. As it turns with good reason because within days of the enrichment it emerged that, as well as brains, skills, entrepreneurial spirit and a love for all things Irish it had brought something else as well: An outbreak of COVID-19. The hitherto untouched village was suddenly on the front line while our over-worked health service was introduced to a new cohort of clients.

The proverbial visitor from Mars might well imagine that these bogus asylum seekers would have some smidgin of appreciation for their parasitic lifestyle to which they have absolutely no entitlement. But not a bit of it. They're outraged at their treatment, at the affront to their 'pride and dignity'. According to the Irish Examiner 'the poor quality of the food in the centre often prompts asylum seekers to visit nearby shops to buy more nutritious meals. Now even that small luxury is denied to them. The source said that the manager of the new centre is “always very calm and helpful.” But subsisting on the centre’s food can be difficult. Muslim migrants, who are celebrating what they identify as the ‘holy month’ of Ramadan by fasting, have also been unable to buy nourishing food like dates and nuts, that are required to sustain them until Iftar, a time in the evening when Muslims are allowed to break their fast.

“When we were allowed outside,” the resident continued, “local shopkeepers would often ask us to leave, as the Cahersiveen community is acutely aware of the prevalence of coronavirus in the centre.” 

What a horrible and unappreciative lot those Kerry people must be! 

“Our demand is simple,” Lucky Khambule told Hot Press. “Close the centre and move people into a safe place where they can feel free. Their solution to deal with this virus was to lock people inside their rooms. There is a big gate, and they have locked that gate, so that people can’t go past that gate. Is this to protect them or to punish them?” Activist Bulelani Mfaco said the system "eats away at your humanity". He described "the misery of having to survive on €38.80 ($50) per week", adding "if that is the kindness and compassion of the Irish State, I would hate to experience its cruelty." (Note that the €38.80 is essentially pocket money. All food, accommodation, health, transport and education costs are picked up by Irish taxpayers). 

All of which brings to mind David Cole's "who’s more stupid, the poo-flinging baboon, or the human trying to reason with the poo-flinging baboon?"

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

'Hard times breed strong men....'

People suggest that post-COVID-19 we will once more emerge into the sunshine land of mass migration, low wages, cheap foreign labour, and the meaningless gluttony of consumerism, only this time our taxes will be higher, our children will be poorer, and our governments, staffed with hostile elites, will have more powers of surveillance and coercion than at any time in history.

That might well be true. But I suspect that there will also be some upsides even if, or maybe especially if, the lock-down is followed by a prolonged and severe economic crisis. Many economists are forecasting a depression worse than that of the early 1030s. But as we know an economist's forecast is about as useful as an ashtray on a bicycle.

I take heart from what I see as a new sense of community and (there was a time when I'd have been dismayed by this) a growing suspicion of 'the other'. In my town there's been a profusion of Irish flags flown from private houses.The virus is seen, correctly of course, as a manifestation of globalism and at a subconscious level we're going to look less favourably at the army of freeloaders swarming into our countries. And when there's a general shortage of money, when people have to go without that which they had come to expect, they'll be less inclined to fork out for ungrateful black and brown asylum-seekers. Also expect the same forces to operate against financing the swarms of NGOs and 'human rights' organisatipons which currently live high on the hog by leeching off the productive population. And pressure will surely come on publicly-funded media stations. Expect, or at least pray for, a license-payers' revolt against the likes of the BBC and RTE. What a day it would be were they cut loose and left fend for themselves.

The big payoff though could be in the field of third-level indoctrination education. This report refers to the 'existential threat' they now face. "Colleges across the country are trying to figure out whether they can reopen campus this fall. Right now, it's a 50/50 shot. No one knows, and with a second virus wave looming later this year, face-to-face classes might not be seen until early 2021. Ted Mitchell, president of the American Council on Education, said reopening colleges could be a drawn-out process and lead to a 15% decline in students, resulting in billions of dollars lost for schools. The transition to virtual classes has been epic." Add in the enthusiasm with which home schooling has been taken up by large numbers of households and these gulags could indeed be in for rocky times. How I'd love to see an ex-academic sitting on the sidewalk holding a sign saying 'WILL CONDESCEND FOR FOOD'.

In a more general sense people will focus on more basic priorities. Expect hungry productive workers to cast a cold eye on make-up affirmative action jobs for Hussein and Sh'aniqua. Race hucksters will find it tough going. Expect jobs for 'graduates' in Lesbian Dance Theory or Queer Studies to be in short supply. People will be less indulgent of proposals for small kids to be subjected to drag-queen programming.

Remember the old adage:

Hard times breed strong men
Strong men breed good times
Good times breed weak men
Weak men breed hard times  

We're on the last line. Let's hope we quickly transition back to the first.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

The virus is scary after all

Did you read about the two Chinese doctors who became COVID-19 victims and woke up black? It's true. Naturally enough they, being Chinese, were horrified. Especially Dr. Yi Fan, the guy whose picture is in that report. Just take a look at what he turned into! It's reported that he called the cops on himself when he looked in the mirror.

And it's not just skin deep, he turned into a fully-fledged negro. On coming to he immediately began calling for fried chicken and watermelon, lunging at nursing staff, 
complaining of racism and demanding to know the location of the nearest welfare office. Medical researchers are baffled by the transformation. One theory is that Dr. Fan, exhausted from his arduous duties, went to sleep dreaming of never having to work again. And on waking up his wish was granted. 

Hu knows?

Friday, 24 April 2020

The jig is up

And when I say the jig is up I'm not referring to a tumescent coloured gentleman, rather to the artificial panic accompanying COVID-19.  Because the much-ballyhooed death rate has been shown, like so much else, to be fraudulent. The cheerleaders for the panic claim the death rate to be up to ten times that of the common flu. A claim which many of us doubted given the overall level of fatalities seemed little different from earlier flu epidemics. The trick they used was to compute the death rate from the total number tested for COVID-19. This ratio they then applied to the ratio of deaths from earlier flu epidemics which were based on the total population - of those tested and untested. A classic example of comparing apples and oranges.

This was underlined by a recent study in LA whose participants were randomly tested for the virus. This showed the infection rate to be more than fifty times higher than it was for those tested for the virus. And this is obvious given that almost all of those tested would have been showing symptoms. Putting this another way, the death rate from the virus was/is fifty times lower than had been claimed. And of course this conforms with the overall death figures from various countries which, to put it mildly, do not support the outlandish claims made about COVID-19.

And further evidence is provided by the extraordinary admissions by members of the media just before Tuesday’s White House press briefing. John Roberts of Fox "News" was caught on a hot mic with Doug Mills of the NYT. “You can take off the mask,” he told Mills. “The case fatality rate is like 0.1 to 0.3, according to USC [in other words similar to the seasonal flu].  ”Is it really?” Mills responded, “everybody here’s been vaccinated anyway.” 

Cue a panicked response from Mills and Roberts insisting that they were joking. But listen to the exchange here and you'll realise that they most certainly are not joking. The media should have been all over the study that gave rise to this exchange but of course it's gone down the memory hole.

It could yet emerge that the LA study was inaccurate in some way. But if not the jig is indeed up.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Heads I win, tails you lose

Sometimes it seems you just can't win. But for some people it seems you can't lose. One instance is a variant of the problem/reaction/solution Hegelian Dialectic whereby you generate a major health panic by way of forecasts derived from complex scientific models, reinforced by impressive graphics in bright colours. To counter the risk you cite a series of draconian measures which are duly implemented by panic-stricken authorities. That the crisis never materialised is then attributed to the counter-measures that were implemented. It's brilliant in that you can't be wrong.

Take the case of COVID-19. Imperial College London's Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology (massively funded by the Gates Foundation - no conflict of interest there) and their solemn forecast of 500,000 deaths in Britain in the absence of a series of draconian measures. Unabashed, they've now reduced that to 20,000. In other words their model produced a result that was more than 95% inaccurate. Mystic Meg in her tent would have had a much better shot at it.  Yet they now bask in adulation. Why? Because their counter-measures saved the day! Heads I win, tails you lose.

Then take the new banking environment which, in large part thanks to the handiwork of Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, can now engage in activities involving gross conflicts of interests. Say Goldman Sachs issues a report claiming that the price of gold (or any commodity) is set to drop sharply. The fund managers to whom you entrust your pensions will offload their gold holdings. Which obviously leads to a drop in the prices. GS will be hailed as geniuses, especially as they had apparently put their money where their mouth is by offloading their own gold holdings just as they issued the report. After a discreet interval during which they had been quietly rebuilding up their gold holdings at the low prices GS will issue another report forecasting a sharp rise in prices. Fund managers and the public will of course pile into gold, driving the price up once again. GS will again be hailed as geniuses while profiting handsomely from selling at the new high. And so the circle goes. Heads I win, tails you lose.
And that's not the only way that the banksters have contrived a no-lose wheeze. Just like it was before the 2008 crash insane loans have been handed out like snuff at a wake. Missing that hobo you used to see living under a bridge near your office? Well that's because he's headed off in a luxury Fleetwood Fortis RV thanks to a $500,000 ten-year loan from a friendly financial adviser.  Now a great bundle of such loans has been packaged back at head office into investment bonds which are rapidly assigned a premium-grade AAA rating by the "independent" rating agencies. Enormous multi-million dollar/Euro bonuses are trousered by the purveyors of these "products". But, you ask, what happens when the hobo fails to make his monthly payments? Well let me tell you what doesn't happen: The people who made the reckless loans and sold them on as AAA investments won't lose their jobs or bonuses, still less go to jail. The losers are the small investors and pension funds - those who purchased the garbage based on fraudulent ratings. In other words, indirectly, you and me.

But as we now know the greed of banksters is literally insatiable. Which in due course brings the ponzi to the point of collapse. Which is where we are today. What happens to the banksters heavily invested in the wildly-inflated stock market? Those who bought insanely over-valued stock on the assumption that market values would continue to spiral irrespective of underlying corporate performance? Do they face ruin? Of course not. This is where Trump's bailout comes in to, well, bail them out by buying their junk at a 'fair' price by way of magic money conjured up out of thin air. (Same will happen in other Western countries).

And who has Trump appointed to oversee the project, to protect the interest of the tax-paying public? Why it's BlackRock, the biggest and arguably most unscrupulous investment management firm on the planet. I'll bet any anxieties you might have will be dispelled by the knowledge that your interests are being looked after by these sharks, headed up by a shark by the name of Larry Fink.

Yes indeed, heads I win, tails you lose.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

A new Holocaust?

It's anudda' Shoah I tell you. But this time Six Million Asians are going to be turned into lampshades. Well at least that's the conclusion I've drawn from the horrified headlines in our media. It seems that Asians are cowering in their homes, terrified of being dragged into the streets and torn to pieces by baying blood-thirsty mobs. Will the streets run red with blood like during an Eid celebration in Bangladesh (above)?

Steeling myself for the horrors to come I dug a little deeper. Warning: If you're of a sensitive disposition I advise you to read no further. In an LA Times column entitled ‘It’s just too much’! Asian Americans confront xenophobia, economic devastation and the coronavirus' we learn that 'during a basketball game, two classmates accused his son of having the coronavirus. Lee’s son said a curse word in response, and of the three children, he was punished by school authorities most harshly'. Oh my God! It's like the Cultural  Revolution all over again. And this: 'A
 few weeks ago, she [Cambodian immigrant] was jogging in the park and a man followed her, shouting that she was Chinese and blaming her for bringing the virus to America. She might have dodged bullets and land mines and endured beatings and starvation. But she doesn’t know how she’ll survive this.' Yes, he really did write that. The BBC recounts the shocking attack on four Chinese men in Southampton. By three boys all aged 13 or under! Little wonder the police reported that the 'victims suffered no lasting physical injury'.

And that's pretty much it. Some Asians are being verbally abused, avoided and Asian food outlets are bereft of customers. Not very nice for them but perfectly understandable and rational in the circumstances. 

And of course the MSM wouldn't be the MSM without assigning much of the responsibility for this 'hate and racism' to Trump. "Trump promotes racism by calling coronavirus ‘the Chinese virus’" blared a headline in the Guardian. The LA Times writer I referred to ended his article with "Trump has repeatedly shown throughout his presidency that he values his ego over the safety of the American people." But what he actually means is the Asian-American people. Because he's referring to the risk that this minority faces from the 'racism' Trump is supposed to be propagating by referring to the 'Chinese virus'. But it is a Chinese virus. Either from a lab or through their disgusting culinary practices. And if we had no communications with China we wouldn't be going through the current catastrophic lockdown. 
 And it's not just COVID-19. Most pandemics seem to originate in that region. SARS began as a virus in bats, and as David Cole said, would have stayed that way but for the fact that Chinese people love eating exotic animals which are sold in grotesque “wet markets” where species that wouldn’t normally mix in the wild mix with each other and with humans. Cole quoted numerous scientists on how the “wet markets” are where SARS made the “spillover” from bat to human (through an intermediary carrier—the civet—which is a delicacy in China), and how the next wet-market zoonotic disease would be even worse. He was right.   China’s top expert on bat-borne viruses has pointed the finger at the filthy, cruel, disgusting, unhygienic and ultimately lethal practices of these markets. Which by the way are back in operation even in Wuhan. And I've noted that every time the Irish Food Safety Authority publishes its list of offenders it seems dominated by names like Yangste River or Great Wall Takeaway.

We should not be intimidated by the usual point and splutter accusations of racism and instead shine the light where it needs to be shone.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

The Taker

We all know the type: The Taker. The kind  who, irrespective of personal wealth, wriggles out of buying his round, the type who contributes nothing in group situations, instead watching closely for any opportunity for personal gain, the type who takes credit for a work colleague's achievement, the type who in a sporting context will go for personal glory and fail when a simple pass to a colleague would have resulted in a guaranteed score. The Taker. Every interaction and transaction is analysed for the possibility of personal gain. To him personal loyalty means nothing. He'll use people until they're no longer useful and then drop them without a second thought. Such people are born that way and remain that way all of their lives.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Bill Gates, philanthropist, pictured here with close friend Jeffrey Epstein. In fact a more unlikely philanthropist would be hard to find. The supreme Taker. Gates as a billionaire - that's billionaire - was known in Seattle for redeeming discount vouchers when shopping. Who was described by Steve Jobs as 'a talentless bum who stole everything that made him his money'. And that assessment is coming from an expert given that Jobs stole the Apple concept from PARC. The depths to which Microsoft, shaped in Gates' image, would descend were legendary. It was SOP for them, even when the company was worth tens of billions, to bilk small developers out of their products and incorporate the functionality in the next version of Windows.
The ploy was simple. Small software company develops neat add-on for Windows. Microsoft express an interest. They're nice and friendly and would like to understand more about the product. And then some more again. And after that they break off communication. In due course the small developer's ideas have been incorporated in Windows and they original developers are left with nothing for all their time and effort. I have personal direct experience of this happening and it was widespread. (In fairness Microsoft weren't the only offenders). You don't like it, Mr. Small Developer? Then we'll see you in court!  Ha ha! 

The point here is that the developers would very often have happily parted with their material for the equivalent of  - and this is literally true - 10 minutes of Microsoft's revenues. But you see to the Taker this is irrelevant. What's important is that he's triumphed and outwitted his counterparts. The fact that a group of people who devoted enormous time, effort and money were bilked out of their work is not, to use a software expression, a bug. It's a feature. Little wonder that the developer who put Gates on his way ended up a derelict. Gates never gave him a cent  to alleviate his misery. Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft with Gates and a friend since childhood. Yet when he contracted life-threatening cancer Gates debated with Steve Ballmer ways to 'get rid of him' as he could no longer contribute effectively.


Could you imagine a less likely philanthropist? Ok, apart from Soros?

Which brings me to the Gates Foundation and his crusade for vaccines. What's motivating him? Money? Acclaim? Or something else entirely? Whatever it is it's not altruism. He doesn't know the meaning of the word. His early vaccine projects have had, intentionally or not, a catastrophic impact. Note that he comes from a family of eugenicists. He's on record as saying that the world population should be reduced to 500 million. That is reduced by 90%. Whatever it is he does not have the interests of us ordinary folk at heart. Au contraire

But thankfully the world seems to be waking up to the reality of this monster. Check out the reaction to his latest tweet.

As I've been saying for the last year or two, we're on the cusp of some great denouement. There's going to be a Great Unravelling. Will the Luciferians take total control? Only God knows.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

America today

Stock market booming

16 million unemployed

Jewish financial commentator to help us understand

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Will Covid-19 help or hinder the globalists?

Will Covid-19 spell the death of the globalist NWO as many are predicting? On the face of it they have a point. The virus and globalism have been inextricably linked. Foreigners are suspect, borders closed, tourism, cruises and air travel have ground to a halt. And people are beginning to wonder if it really was such a great idea to become dependant on thousand mile long supply chains. The ghastly hygiene and culinary standards of the Chinese have been exposed and made what I think will be a lasting and highly negative impression. In addition the lock-down has forced all of us to become more focused on local self-sufficiency.

So all good then?

Well not really because the virus has placed unprecedented power in the hands of the globalist 'elites' (I use that word advisedly). For a start the concept of whole countries meekly submitting to a Government-ordered lock-down will be seen by them as manna from heaven. They've now established the principle that brandishing some threat is enough to force the whole population to meekly retreat from the public space. There's now a precedent for global lock-down on the pretext of public safety. And what keeps us safe from viruses? Why vaccines of course. And right on cue we have that nice Mr. Gates and his good friend George Soros with the solution. It's a very easy progression from where we are now to mandatory vaccination. You want to travel? Fine, but you must carry proof that you, and those you might meet, will be safe. For that you'll need to prove that you've had a shot in the arm from Bill. It's for your own good and perfectly safe. You don't think that Bill and George would do anything nasty, do you?

And in due course The Mark Of The Beast a digital implant will be required. Unless of course you want to be seriously inconvenienced. A bit like the way you're 'encouraged' to take up digital banking. This isn't futuristic speculation, it's here right now. And the justification brainwashing is already underway.  New reports from the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for American Progress, and Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics spell out basically the same message. Which is that life in the U.S. will not fully return to normal until a vaccine is distributed widely. The reports encourage 'voluntary' implants so as to track and monitor - for our own safety of course - everybody's medical status. They also encourage friends and neighbours to rat one another out (they don't refer to it that way of course) in a further sundering of social cohesion.

And boy, do they have the tools to monitor. The implant that says you're free to travel can - and this is all possible now with existing technologies - also tell them where you are, where you were, who you met, when and where you met them, and in many cases track what was said between you, even out in the open. Of course intercepting digital communications is child's play so they'll know what you read, what you buy and have full insight into your banking details. (That's another thing: Physical cash will now come under serious assault. For our own safety of course)  Step out of line and, for the good of the people, you'll be taken into quarantine because, well, our digital tracking system has established that you were in contact with a person - who naturally cannot be named - who has been identified as carrying a contagious infection. It's my personal belief that 5G represents an essential component of this digital surveillance state.

How could the 1% not control the world with powers like that? How could an effective resistance grow under such a regime?  

Be afraid, Be very afraid.

Friday, 10 April 2020

Roll up, roll up, it's The Black And Brown Magic Show!

Any of you old enough to remember The Black And White Minstrel Show? It was one of Britain's most popular - if not the most popular - light entertainment TV  show for over twenty years, up to the late seventies. But then racism was discovered and that was the end of it. Because you see they had White people dress up in blackface. This was ironical in some ways because the programme showed blacks in a positive light. Good-natured, talented entertainers. Not a welfare bum, mugger, rapist or knife-wielding gang-banger to be seen.

And of course the termination of the show lead to a flood of black and brown media hagiography that continues to this day. One of the latest I call the Magic Black And Brown Doctors Show. (I don't know the actual name,  the station its broadcast on nor am I interested in finding out).  It purports to be a fly-on-the-wall documentary on extreme surgeries in Britain's hospitals. Mind you looking at it you'd imagine the location was Detroit or Pakistan because almost all of the genius surgeons are black or brown, the patients dim-witted Whites, bewildered, turning hopefully to their dusky saviours for salvation. So life-like.

Given that most black and brown doctors in Britain (that's a group of them disembarking on the left) 
are either up before the Fitness To Practice Committee or in jail for criminal misconduct the producers' ability to track down sufficient numbers still at large represents quite an accomplishment. 

By the way I must grudgingly concede the brilliance of those Indian and Pakistani doctors. After all White doctors struggle for six years to qualify while these guys can do it in six weeks! 

The ADL's new logo

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Boris' deputies

Poor old Boris Johnson has really got a bad dose of 'the virus' and is clearly incapacitated. So a temporary leader had to be appointed. This anointed one had to come from one of the three major Cabinet positions: Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary or Chancellor of the Exchequer. It's interesting that none of the current occupants - and probably future ones well - is a True Brit. By far the closest is the current Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab whose mother  is British but whose father was a Jew from Czechoslovakia. The other two are Indian. A bit like Ireland's PM. Isn't it extraordinary - or is it, really - that nobody of traditional British stock is up to the job? 

And. whatever about Raab, what feeling or empathy can Patel or Sunak have for the people they lead?  Well here's what prominent "British" journalist Ash Sarkar, wrote a few weeks ago: ‘The white British population has decreased by 600,000, while the minority population has increased by 1.2million. So yes, lads, we’re winning!’. At which point she went into the street and had a shit. And this by the way from a woman who claims to be driven by 'anti-racism'.

Britain's in safe hands.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Covid-19. Random observations

Some truly bizarre features with this ongoing Covid farce. For a start - just like the Holocau$t™ - the numbers just don't stack up. The evidence from country after country indicates this to be little worse than a bad flu epidemic. Not that TPTB aren't trying. For instance the American CDC has in effect instructed hospitals to assign every death to the virus. It remains to be seen whether the general public will react in outrage when the extent of the fraud dawns or whether, as usual, they'll go back to bread and circuses.

California is always the place to go if you want woke madness and they don't let us down with Covid-19. Any Californian caught outdoors for non-essential reasons (e.g. sex-change operation, anti-Trump demo) can be jailed and/or fined. 
At the same time they're throwing open the jail gates and letting the inmates run riot among the population.  I suppose they need the cells for the quarantine-breakers. Logical in a Cali sense. And note that this is the state that has rescinded legal penalties for knowingly infecting someone with the AIDS virus.

And boy, aren't the Chinese starting to really look bad? Not alone did they almost certainly initiate the virus (deliberately or otherwise) but they've lied and deceived throughout the epidemic. Now they're trying to make up by 'donating' masks, most of which are faulty. And not just faulty. Videos have emerged of Chinese workers spitting on and otherwise degrading the products due for export. And did you read about that Chinese woman in Florida who bought up all of the available masks from locals who 'didn't know about the limits'. “It feels so awesome to buy all the masks!,” she gloated “I didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans!”  Yup, these are the people to whom America has handed over its manufacturing capabilities, allowed flood its top universities at the expense of White Americans, and stood by as they robbed American intellectual capital.

Talking about intellectual capital, is there a bigger moron in America than that  "Surgeon General"? Sweet Jesus, he should be permanently quarantined. Affirmative action gone mad.

Anyway, let us finish this stream of thought on a positive note. You'll be pleased to learn that America's Favourite Lady has been using the gym of her new $14 million mansion to keep in shape during quarantine.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

And another one bites the dust

Despite being an American Icon the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has been on death row for a long time now. Fifty years of unrelenting attack and subversion by the Usual Suspects has culminated in the organisation recently filling for bankruptcy. Yes, the BSA is bankrupt. The straw that broke the camel's back was a lawsuit filed by 2,000 ex-members as compensation for alleged for sex abuse. But as I say its fate was sealed a long time ago. The attacks came in waves, initially focused on allowing girls to join - despite their having their own direct equivalent - and finally opening its doors, and the bodies of their members, to sodomites and perverts of various persuasions. Sex abuse cases soared while membership plummeted. Corporate supporters were induced to withdraw sponsorship and lawfare from well-financed nation-wreckers administered the death blow.

Why the relentless and ultimately fatal warfare? It's very simple. The BSA was male, patriotic, Christian and almost exclusively White. They saluted the flag, encouraged honesty, duty and self-reliance. Their oath is, or was: “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”  Now do you see why they were targeted for destruction?

And you can see the irony here in that pretty much the same people who pushed so hard for gay scoutmasters are the very ones bankrupting the BSA for not doing more to protect the boys. There's a word for that. What is it? Ah yes, chutzpah. The lawyers have got rich but young members are now cut adrift. But this was never about the girls or even the gays. No more than the Civil Rights project was about blacks. It was all about the Long March Through The Institutions, about destroying a vital pillar of Traditional America.

Like the 1964 Immigration Act this destruction was a largely Jewish project. The ACLU was heavily involved throughout the campaign and the lawyer who fought the case against the BSA in the US Supreme Court in 2000 was Jewish. The three Jewish judges on that court all voted against the BSA. The lawyer who bankrupted the BSA is Tim Kosnoff, a Jewish left-wing activist. From a 2019 Washington Post article by Kayla Epstein: “This year, Kosnoff, in collaboration with the Eisenberg Rothweiler law firm and San Diego attorney Andrew Van Arsdale, began running television ads and launched a website…where victims could contact the lawyers with their stories.” And “Tim Kosnoff, a lawyer for an Abused in Scouting group that now has close to 2,000 clients, said that while he’s open to hearing how the organization intends to reform itself, he finds it “difficult to impossible” to envision the Boy Scouts finding a way to continue to operate” (NY Times, Feb. 18). Job done. The by now totally Jewish-controlled American Psychological Association did their bit as well. Obama himself quoted them in a 2013 interview “Gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does.  The American Psychological Association has studied the issue that you just mentioned. Homosexuals aren’t any more likely to molest kids than straight men.”

So there you have it. Yet another iconic institution gets marched through. Not too many left, are there?

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Soldier F and the British justice system

So Soldier F is to get his day in court to face murder charges. For those of you who don't know, Soldier F belonged to the British Parachute Regiment that shot dead 14 civilians during the Bloody Sunday protest march in Derry in 1972. It seems pretty certain that he personally shot at least three unarmed protesters and there's no statute of limitations on murder. So that's clear enough then.

In some ways yes. But understand that the Paras are the toughest of the tough, trained to shoot first and ask questions afterwards. That's why they were so effective in the Falklands War and in other arenas. Paras are singularly unsuited for civilian peace-keeping. Add to that they were a de facto if not de jure occupation army. And soldiers in occupation armies always behave the same way. Americans in Vietnam, Israelis in the West Bank, the Wehrmacht in the USSR, the Red Army in Germany. Doesn't justify bad behaviour but that's the way it goes.

So now, nearly fifty years after the event, Soldier F gets hauled into court. This has been hailed by Guardianistas and their ilk as a ringing endorsement of British justice. And that's because Soldier F, we can reasonably infer, is of the White working class while the Paras epitomise Rule Britannia. In other words they represent traditional Britain. Justice? Well the paramilitaries, who between them were responsible for literally thousands of deaths in this tiny enclave, all walked free as part of the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.  Now I think it was a price worth paying as the Troubles could have gone on indefinitely. Many of the militants on both sides were idealists fighting for what they perceived to be a just cause. But many were just murderous thugs, an assessment confirmed by the ease with which they segued into gangsterism after their release. Meanwhile an ex-soldier, in his seventies, is hauled before the courts on a murder charge even though the militants claimed they were an army and that they were fighting a war.

These developments follow what's now become a familiar pattern in that Britain's justice system has been taken over by hostile outsiders and traitorous insiders. It works against the interests of the British people in the same way a declared foreign enemy would. Thus Muslim paedophile rape gangs were allowed to run riot against White girls for decades as police looked the other way. A father seeking to rescue his young daughter from them was himself arrested by police. Where a 13 year-old White girl reporting her abusers to the authorities was harried and bullied by police into dropping her complaint. Where Tommy Robinson was jailed without trial for filming on the street and who was subsequently accosted by police as he tried to rescue an elderly woman being assaulted by a Muslim gang. Where a British man gets jailed for throwing bacon into a mosque but four Somali women who beat a White woman to pulp (accompanied by religious and racial slurs) walked free from court. These are not carefully chosen exceptions. They're the norm under British justice today.

Meanwhile black gangs have turned London and other cities into replicas of Detroit or Baltimore as knife murders spiral out of control. The police cite lack of resources for their abysmal failure to respond. But say something unflattering about a 'minority' on social media and the police will arrive hot-foot at your door, sirens blazing, resources no problem at all. Shout a racial insult at a football match and police will spend man-weeks (sorry, person-weeks) painstakingly seeking out the offender in footage of the 60,000 crowd. And then ensure he suffers a variety of social, custodial and financial punishments.

Is 'traitors' too strong a word? I bet Soldier F doesn't think so.