Sunday, 30 August 2020

A scary explanation

Like most on here I've been astounded at the extent to which the ordinary public has been duped into supporting the draconian coercive measures imposed on them as part of the Covid plandemic. After all, even the most cursory examination of the facts would expose the outlandish over-reaction represented by those measures. Take just one fact  -  to wit, if you're under 70 and and not suffering from other related morbidities you're more likely to be stung to death by murder hornets than die of the virus. And even if you do get infected the impact will be similar to that of the common flu. To understand this requires no specialised knowledge of statistics or medicine and, while frantically obscured by the media, the relevant information is easily available to anyone with an internet connection. 

Yet most of the public goes along with restrictions on their freedoms unprecedented in peace-time. But at least they have the (not very valid) excuse of being just ordinary Joes with other priorities. Such as watching naggerball and surfing social media. Healthcare professionals have no such excuse. Yet most of them also support the scamdemic narrative, either explicitly, or implicitly by remaining silent. Why? Amazingly some of them are Believers despite contrary evidence staring them in the face every day. I know a qualified pharmacist who is twisting herself and her family into knots to avoid the virus. Her kids - who are under virtually no risk - are wrapped up in veritable hazmat suits, deprived of a normal upbringing as long as the restrictions last.

But what of the People-Who-Must-Know-The-Truth? Directors of virology research centres, top epidemiologists, tenured academics, even your humble general practitioners. I simply refuse to accept that such people fail to understand the outlandish disparity between the Covid threat and the calamitous measures taken to counter it. Yet very few of them call out this basic truth. What motivates them? Is it greed or fear? Or a bit of both? How has The Narrative been imposed on such a diverse and hitherto fiercely independent and territorial professionals? And so quickly?

I don't know the explanation. What I do know is that whatever it is it's scary.

Anyway, to conclude on a 'lighter' note....

Friday, 28 August 2020

Thoughts on Kenosha

Am I imagining it or has this whole Kenosha incident been pushed aside with unseemly haste by the MSM? After all this seemed like a Devil God-given opportunity to stick it to the Deplorables. White Nazi opens fire on peace-loving demonstrators, killing two and seriously injuring a third. And while the actual evidence shows he was using justified defence - when have facts got in the way of an MSM propaganda piece?

Could it be because those ventilated were White? Maybe. Or that they weren't exactly paragons of virtue? No, Lloyd, Martin, Brown and Blake were all hardened criminals. Mind you that's not the impression you'd get from the media. Rosenbaum] leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter. He was originally from Waco, Texas, but stayed in Wisconsin to be close to his daughter, his sister said Wednesday night. She wants her older brother to be remembered as the man he was. He loved to draw, she said; he was goofy and crazy; he loved playing jokes on everybody. And he loved his daughter very much”. His daughter wasn't the only child he loved. 
Yes, Rosenbaum was a paedo. Or was he (((Rosenbaum))) and if so could that be another reason for the MSM's discretion?

Anthony Huber had, according to his girlfriend, 'nothing but love in his heart, especially for this city. And his skateboard, which he took everywhere'. He certainly took it to the demo and demonstrated the love in his heart by using it to smash in Rittenhouse's head as we can see here. Unfortunately for him he must never have heard of the old adage 'never take a skateboard knife to a gun fight' and he too got ventilated.

And what of the third choirboy, 
Gaige Grosskreutz Allis? According to a friend “Gaige was driven by love and social justice. His whole reason for being out here was to provide medical services to protesters in Kenosha, and when Gaige tried to detain [the active shooter], he got shot in the arm”. Which fails to explain why he had a revolver in his hand when he was shot. Maybe it was loaded with Love Bullets? No, because just yesterday he expressed deep regret for not having killed Rittenhouse during the fight. 

Hopefully it might start to dawn on the pencil-necked geeks of Antifa/BLM that the violence they constantly justify can work both ways. If America's traditional people decide to take the gloves off these scum will be swept from the scene in short order.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Trump's salvation

According to Reuters " A white St. Louis couple who brandished guns at Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home in June were given a prominent speaking slot at the Republican National Convention on Monday, repeating unfounded claims by President Donald Trump that Democrats will destroy America's suburbs. Speaking amid new protests over the police shooting of a Black man in Wisconsin on Sunday, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who face felony weapons charges for threatening protesters with guns, said U.S. neighborhoods would be overrun by crime and lawlessness if Democrat Joe Biden wins in November. "No matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats' America," Patricia McCloskey said.


And if Trump persists with that message he will, in my opinion, win in November (short of massive mail-in ballot fraud). Because, no matter how gross and hypocritical their virtue-signaling, the Karens and soccer moms of suburbia will, in the privacy of the voting booth (actually do we even know if voting privacy applies any longer?) hold their noses and pull the lever for Trump. The thought of massive Section 8 projects down the road while their kids are forced to attend public holding pens schools will sway even the most woke. They like diversity. Just not up close and personal. Like these New Yorkers. The thought of Belinda and Vance negotiating their way home past Shaniqua, Jamal and Tyrone is, well, unthinkable. Under Joe and the Ho' and their vibrant District Attorneys and Police Chiefs BLM rioters will head to the 'burbs under the benign gaze of the police while media applaud.

Trump should do a campaign ad from the smouldering ruins of some Democrat-controlled city with the clear message: 'A Biden win will see this heading your way'.

Then arrest and execute Hellery.

Friday, 21 August 2020

Explaining the Goad Whitey project

It's not hard to make the case that the Antifa/BLM project is being orchestrated by sinister forces unknown to the hominids actually on the streets. (Here's a charming example of their standards). These street thugs have robbed, burned and even murdered not alone with impunity - the MSM and most of the political establishment have actually lauded their efforts. Even top executives of the businesses the mob have destroyed have metaphorically taken the knee and, in common with many other arch-capitalists, have actually donated to the Antifa/BLM 'cause'. Whites are now clearly fair game, bereft of protection from either the police or the courts. The likelihood of a new Civil War gets stronger with every passing day. Why would the men behind the curtain want that, especially given the certain and emphatic defeat that their black pets would face?

In this recent post I ruled out the possibility of the race-baiting and violence being an attempt to defeat Trump. If anything it should work in his favour. So what then? I offer here two different but closely related possibilities. First it could act as a distraction from, or explanation for, the forthcoming collapse of the dollar and with it the fiat currency ponzi scheme. Nothing like a civil war to keep your mind off the banksters as they flee with the loot. Here's the other possibility. The existence of a vast paedophilia network, spanning the globe and including many of the world's most powerful people becomes clearer every day. Despite the whack-a-mole response of the censors the truth is gradually seeping out as this recent video makes clear. The revelations could lead to a hundred Epsteins and Weinsteins (an awful lot of 'steins' in the network!) biting the dust. And with them the institutions - most notably Hollywood - that they control. ongoing Covid scamdemic, financial collapse and a race war. How many would worry about paedophile rings in such circumstances?

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

A question for you

I'm going to summarise at very high level what we currently know about Covid-19 and at the end of that I'll ask you a genuine question. First we know that Covid fatalities for the the working age population and younger are lower than those for the traditional flu. If you're below 50 and in good health you're - quite literally - more likely to die from a lightening strike than from Covid. Nobody seems to know anybody who's died from it. We know that lock-down does not reduce infection rates and probably renders the eventual outcome worse for those locked down. We know that masks are largely useless and are, like lock-down, probably counter-productive. We know that the herd immunity threshold is extremely low at about 20%. We know that much of the science on which on which Government advice is based has been debunked (like Ferguson's models) a fact reflected in the wildly varying guidance on masks and ventilators, to name but two.

Yet despite all of this information being available to anyone capable of using a search engine almost every country has been plunged into a dystopian nightmare where freedoms taken for granted only a few months ago have been summarily withdrawn. The Premier of Victoria State in Australia gloats at how cops have smashed the windows of cars and dragged non-conforming citizens out onto the street. The economic and social damage has been incalculable and unprecedented, even, arguably, in war time. And now, just as deaths are falling TPTB are limbering up to impose an even more draconian regime.

So my question to you is this: How are they getting away with it? Why are the voices calling out the scam been so few, even from those whose livelihoods are being destroyed before their eyes? (We can rule out anything from the whores in politics and media of course). Take dentists as an example. I have a friend working as one in England. He says that the new regulations are so intrusive and draconian that under them he - all dentists - will no longer be able make a living. He plans to take early retirement. So where's the dentists' union on this? Same goes for executives and employees in travel, tourism, aircraft manufacturing and countless other sectors. Bear in mind that, in the West at least, relatively minor economic hardships, such as tax increases, can galvanise an outraged reaction, crowds on the streets, capitulation by governments.

In particular I have in mind tenured academics and surgeons/consultants. Such people act like emperors within their own fiefdoms. They lie like coiled vipers, ready to strike at the first hint of intrusion. Yet most have been silent. Why? These people are untouchable. Or at least they seemed to be. Mountains of non peer-reviewed rubbish in their specialised domains are published without demur. Now of course most dissenting voices in our new Orwellian world have been banished from social media platforms and internet search engines. But why do "eminent" professionals write and broadcast in support of the scam? How are the NWO globalists exerting their control over such people? I really don't know. Do you?

Sunday, 16 August 2020

The West is ruled by traitors

An unnamed migrant living in Germany, originally accused of sexually molesting a young girl, struck again days after his arrest when he was released in less than two weeks after legal officials declared he would not be a flight risk. The Afghan migrant, who currently holds a temporary residence permit, was picked up after it was believed he had sexually abused an 11-year-old girl. The migrant was then released only to allegedly rape a 13-year-old girl after luring her to a hallway in an apartment block in Dortmund.

After the second brutal sexual assault his teenage victim was able to help identify the man with an accurate depiction of the suspect. Legal officials released the man shortly after his first alleged offence because he was not considered to be a “flight risk”.

“He had previously appeared for a narcotics offense, but not in connection with sexual offenses. He has a permanent place of residence and therefore there was no reason to hold the refugee,” said the prosecutor. Another public prosecutor, Börge Klepping, signaled that the second sexual assault was a “similar incident” to the first.

May The Day Of The Rope not be delayed too long.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Does Melbourne represent our future?

Australians has always enjoyed, a laid-back easygoing lifestyle. Ozzies themselves were independent-minded and freedom-loving. Which makes Melbourne's draconian reaction to the Covid plandemic the stuff of nightmares, medical martial law. Right now there's an 8.00 pm curfew, citizens can't leave their house without a 'valid reason', the army and police swarm all over the empty streets. If you're not wearing a mask or won't 'show your papers' police proudly announce that they now smash car windows and drag passengers out onto the pavement. 

Even being at home won't protect you as police can now enter without a search warrant. Other chilling 1984/North Korean parallels abound with gigantic signs proclaiming "STAYING APART KEEPS US TOGETHER". In textbook 1984 style dictatorship the media are in lockstep unison. And doesn't the  uniform of the policeman in that video looks like something Big Brother would wear? Surely that's not normal police garb?

What unprecedented catastrophe necessitated this?  What caused it was a minor one-day rise in the number of Covid deaths, all of people in their late seventies or eighties. That's right. Now remember that to date 250 people (most of them elderly, many with co-morbidities) in a population of 25 million have died. This gross overreaction makes no medical sense whatsoever. Just quarantine the vulnerable and let life go on as normal. But hopefully most of us on here are well aware that the plandemic is but a means to an end. Oh, did I mention that Australia recently used the pretext of a mass shooting to confiscate the nation's guns? 

And while the police and army can mass mobilise to enforce curfew on law abiding citizens they're nowhere to be seen when it comes to the African gangs terrorising the city. Even Al Jazeera admits  For more than two years, there have been reports that Melbourne is in the grip of a crime wave, with the finger of blame pointed directly at African street gangs. "We need to call it for what it is. Of course, this is African gang violence ... people are scared to go out to restaurants of a night-time because they're followed home by these gangs," said Peter Dutton, Federal Home Affairs Minister. Images of brawling Sudanese teens and hooded armed robbers have spread terror and stoked a growing anger towards those "of African appearance". "They do all these criminal acts and you see on the news that they get away with it. Why do they get away with it?" says one resident.

No, my friends, the world as we knew it is going to turn into a dystopia. Are there enough good people to stop it?

Friday, 14 August 2020

What is "Their" plan for us?

A commentator at Unz has a theory. I largely agree with it.

They are the Ruling Elite. They have a plan, its been handed down from generation to generation, its almost a religion, maybe it is. Its active phase has been ongoing since the start of the 20th century, some argue as far back as the end of the 18th century, it went warp speed with the start of the 21st century. Its approaching terminal velocity. The conclusion of this 4th IR will be the End of History. Mans evolution will have ended. A new species Homo S. Deux already has evolved. That is “they”. With AI and Tech , and genetic enhancements,they will be Gods. The rest of us are like neanderthals were to the early homo sapiens. Used for pleasure, sport or slaves until we are no more. Out of place in this technocratic era except a few who will be enhanced to serve their masters until robots make them redundant.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

All comment is superfluous

All comment is superfluous when you see reporting like this. For those of you who might not know, a black psychopath shot and killed a White five year old who was riding his bike near his home.

Monday, 10 August 2020

The Antifa/BLM riots: Is there a strategic agenda?

More entertainment last night as the deprived and sorrowful wretches of Portland and Chicongo assuaged their George Lloyd grief by way of some informal shopping. And burning.  Many observers fear that such anarchy represents the end for America as we know it. And it might well do. But let's make something clear at the outset: Comparisons with South Africa are wildly overblown. White America will not be overrun by marauding mobs of blacks and their White useful idiots. SA Whites were outnumber by nearly 10:1 while Whites in America are still a majority, albeit a small and declining one. Furthermore SA had the full 'international community' lined up against it, with their fellow Whites among the most bitter foes. In SA millions of marauding blacks could have made life impossible for beleaguered Whites, most of whom had become weakened by easy living anyway.

There is no chance - zero - that White America could fall this way. For a start black mobs are incapable of disciplined methodical action. I don't usually go in for crude racial stereotypes but it's not unreasonable to compare them to a troupe of macaques released into an unsupervised Indian fruit market. They'll knock over anything in their path, grab everything they can carry, and head for the hills. And remember that there's a very high proportion of women among the renegade Whites who support Antifa/BLM while the men seem to be cowardly opportunistic thugs. 

America's Whites have been steadily losing the slow-burn existential fight that's been ongoing for more than half of a century. Rather than fight back in the face of the black/brown sludge percolating into their neighborhoods they sell up and move to a Whitesville further out. Again and again. But an armed and angry mob heading their way represents an immediate and entirely different degree of threat. Guns will be out and as Tom Chittum showed in Civil War 2 a trained, motivated, disciplined and well-armed team of half-a-dozen Whites could paralyse and disperse a mob made up of hundreds of armed ghetto rats heading for their suburb.

Now we all know that Antifa/BLM are being financed and encouraged by corporate America. Law enforcement has been turned on its head as rioters attack and rob with impunity while LEOs risk their careers and worse should they intervene. The MSM is almost at one in supporting this agenda. Clearly some deeper and more strategic agenda underlies these developments. Or so it seems to me. But what's the objective?  We can agree that such developments tie in nicely with the Long March Through The Institutions with their calamitous impact on community cohesion. But that March has been doing just fine without the recent explosion of lawlessness.

Do they hope the disarray will unseat Trump in November? That's another popular theory but I don't buy it at all. It must be dawning on even the most dim-witted and woke (but I repeat myself) Whites that their skin will be their uniform. If not now, definitely when TSHTF. The atavistic Afrikaner horror of the swart gevaar (black peril) must have its equivalent buried deep in the limbic system of American Whites. Even, or maybe especially, among the SJW virtue-signallers. If we're to believe the opinion polls (I feel you need a laugh) the lawlessness is working against Trump. But surely when the time comes to pull that lever the thought of handing their physical well-being over to Dementia Joe - to be replaced by White-hating Kamala Harris within months  -  will be enough for even the most lily-livered White hypocrite to make the right decision.

I don't know. But I think our globalist overlords have blundered with this project.

Saturday, 8 August 2020

"It's a feature, not a bug"

This claim has become legendary in computing circles as software developers or salesmen try to convince the customer that an apparent bug is actually a carefully-developed feature. If nothing else this claim buys time. Could the same thinking be behind the selection by the Deep State/Ziocon/MIC complex (let's refer to them in prosaic terms as TPTB) of certain candidates for powerful positions? 

For a long time I was baffled by the anointing of Obama for the Presidency. After all he had a mountain of baggage just waiting to be exploited by would-be opponents and investigative journalists. (Are you too young to remember them?)  Was he even American, for Chrissake? Not being so would invalidate his candidature at a stroke and potentially any legislation that he would subsequently sign off on. Then there were his decidedly dodgy academic records and his reputation for haunting gay bathhouses in Chicago. Hence 'Bathhouse Barry'. A car crash waiting to happen. Or so I thought.

Same with Demonic John McCain. My God, what a record for the media and his opponents to exploit. The man was unelectable. Finished close to the bottom of his class at Naval College, wreaked havoc in the Naval Air Force with multiple crashes causing dozens of deaths. Sang like a bird when he was imprisoned by the Vietnamese. On his return he dumped his loyal wife of many years for a billionaire's daughter which still didn't prevent him getting embroiled in the disgusting shenanigans associated with the Keating Five and Vietnam MIA scandals. And where do you leave the Clintons, for God's sake? More skeletons (sometimes literally) in their cupboards than Al Capone. Or GHW Bush around whom credible claims of involvement with the JFK assassination and paedophilia swirled through his life.

You'd imagine that any party strategist worth his salt would run a mile from such candidates. "His opponents and the media will chew him up and spit him out" they'd say. Except that this never happened. The media carefully tiptoed around all of the dodgy stuff. As did the candidates' opponents! Why? My theory is that TPTB gave the candidates a choice: Do what we say and we'll keep the media and your opponents quiet (we have the dirt on them as well you know). Step out of line and we'll unleash the dogs of war. Much easier to control than an honourable candidate.

Sounds plausible to me. I have no other explanation for the selection of such seemingly bizarre candidates.

And could this be why they freaked out over Trump's shock victory? Was it because they didn't do the housekeeping and found they had a maverick to deal with? Again sounds plausible.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020


I took a keen interest in the east African Asian (overwhelmingly Indian) community while spending time in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania many years ago.  Let's just say they weren't popular with European expats. And much less so with the local Africans. The accusations against them will be familiar to anyone who has already dealt with Indians. They were deemed devious and untrustworthy, treated their African staff life serfs (interviewees often had to perform some humiliating ritual like kneeling before the prospective employer) and sought to elbow out non-Indians from professions and certain lines of business, mainly money-lending, a trade at which they were ruthless practitioners. Their money was - wisely of course - not kept within the local economy but spirited back to the Indian sub-continent - a practice not unnoticed by the natives.  Marrying out, unless to a wealthy White was frowned upon and absolutely verboten where Africans were concerned. (Remind you of another group?)

Their attitudes towards Africans should be seen in the light of endless Indian complaints at the British for the racism Indians allegedly had to endure before 'independence'. (In Africa independence has come to mean sharply increased dependence.)  Clearly Indian attitudes to race were influenced by the Hindu caste system (although many of those expelled were Ismaily Muslims) which in effect represents a kind of pigmentocracy with the darkest nestling uncomfortably at the bottom. When Idi Amin seized power across the lake in Uganda on this day 48 years ago he ordered them out of the country. 

Did the Asians head back to Asia? Of course not. Most headed to Britain which, despite a housing crisis, pushed them up the queue ahead of native Brits. Why? After all as MP Ronald Bell said at the time ‘They were either born in India or have retained close connection with India. They have no connection with Britain either by blood or residence.’ But now we all know why. The current "British" Home Secretary is one of those Ugandan Asians. The family of Priti Patel (the poison dwarf) left Uganda nearly fifty years ago and landed in Britain destitute. Aided by Government largesse and loads of affirmative action they subsequently prospered.

And now she's the most powerful law officer in the land. You'd imagine her first statement would be a humble tribute to the munificence of her hosts. But no. Watch this. Try - it's only 30 seconds long. A more ungrateful, arrogant, ungracious, imperious and entitled harangue would be hard to imagine. We can be 100% certain that were Patel's people back running Uganda there wouldn't be a BAME within a donkey's roar of the loot and power. In the world of her people you step over starving beggars on the street without a second glance, you run a mile from black people. Yet she got praised for her tirade by the grovelling White sycophants who hung on her every word.

I know it galled and infuriated me. How must it come across to a normal red-blooded Englishman? Assuming there are any left.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Saint Anthony

I must admit to being puzzled by Anthony, a recent BBC "documentary". At least that's what they call it. It's about black yoot Anthony Walker who was killed back in 2005. The film imagines the life he would have lived had he not been prematurely offed. Being the BBC this life did not feature drug-dealing, stabbing, attempted murder, welfare dependency and a substantial period spent as guest of Her Majesty's Prison Service. Surprisingly they didn't see him becoming a brain surgeon or astrophysicist, selflessly deploying his wealth to the betterment of others. No, they had him down as a civil rights activist, successfully leeching off White taxpayers' guilt. And this being the BBC he had a blonde White wife, pictured here with not a bruise in sight. Naturally the possibility of multiple other little sprogs with multiple baby mammas was not explored.

But go back to my confusion, which was based on the fact that he was killed fifteen years ago. Why him?  It's not exactly as if they were short of black yoots getting offed. In fact London now runs red with blood as black-on-black killings reach Stalingrad levels. But yes, I inadvertently stumbled on the solution: Black-on-black killings are no use for the White racism narrative. Did I mention that St. Anthony's killers were White? And it seems the BBC had to go all the way back to 2005 to find a White killer of a black yoot. They had already milked the other one for all it was worth. 

Thanks to Conservative prime minister Theresa (Treason) May, the United Kingdom just “celebrated” its first annual Stephen Lawrence Day, which commemorates the April 22, 1993 murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence by several whites. The case was a media sensation. Nelson Mandela intervened. A 1999 public inquiry blamed police incompetence, a failure of leadership, and “institutional racism” for the murderers’ escape. The event created the strongest anti-discrimination powers in Western Europe.” It was the “catalyst for permanent and irrevocable change.”

Indeed it was. And now Lawrence's mamma roosts in the Britain's House Of Lawds.