Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Dopey Joe's first diplomatic triumph

Well Dopey Joe didn't fall over during the first debate, nor did he crap himself onstage as did his good buddy Gerry Nadler, nor did he come out with one of his specials, like saying 200 million Americans have died of Covid-19. Or asking his supporters to vote for Trump. Yes, the bar was low. So low that his supporters have seized on his telling a sitting President to 'shut up' as a triumph. They're even getting sweatshirts made up to celebrate this achievement apparently.

Joe has of course an unalloyed record of gaffes and failures, which nonetheless enabled him to fail upwards throughout his career. I remember being amused many years ago when the then Vice-President took it upon himself to improve Chinese-American relations. Selling out American manufacturing to them wasn't enough, Joe wanted more. And he had a plan. Bring over a team of ghetto thugs from DC to play basketball against the locals.

With predictable results. Anyone with the remotest knowledge of the Chinese people – which obviously excludes Joe and his team of expert advisors – knows that they hate and despise blacks. They, like the Indians, operate a rigid pigmentocracy, pale at the top, dark at the bottom. As Nature intended. You can therefore imagine the Chinese team's reaction when they ran onto the court and found the ‘American’ team to be made up entirely of the despised ones. Things were niggly (ahem) from early on, apparently, and boiled over when one the Georgetown players kicked a chink. Cue for the locals to explode into action and administer a good whacking to the thugs.

Now I'm not saying who’s to blame for the fracas although it must have been the 'hood rats. I have two points really. First, as I said, how daft was it of Joe to send a team of blacks to China to foster sporting relations? The second was the way the thugs responded. It seems to me that a group of non-blacks fighting back, vigorously, took them completely by surprise. They were too used to 5:1 odds in beating up defenseless whites back home without retaliation. They ended up fleeing the arena without even finishing the game (or the fight). A happy ending.

Can’t wait for the day the Chinese take over Africa. The locals will pray for whitey’s return.

Monday, 28 September 2020

Covid trade-offs

 "You might have the right to endanger your own life but you have no right to endanger the lives of others". To the strutting, preening Covid Karens this represents the ultimate argument in favour of masks and lockdowns. But as with everything else to do with the Covid hoax this argument falls at the first hurdle. Because we do have the right to engage in activities that potentially endanger the lives of others. The most glaring example lies is driving a motor vehicle. Every time we drive off into traffic the lives of others are potentially at risk. (Note: If my wife is at the wheel these odds soar).

Even in a small country like Ireland we could save over 300 lives every year by banning driving. Or even by enforcing a 10 m.p.h. speed limit. So "if even a single life can be saved...." - another Covid Karen favourite - doesn't apply when it comes to being inconvenienced by severe driving restrictions. And here's another perspective.  Some of you might remember a bad bus crash in England some years back, involving multiple fatalities, caused by the driver succumbing to a sudden heart attack. He had been diagnosed with an apparently mild heart condition some years previously and had been undergoing treatment. Should he have been deprived of his livelihood because of the potential risk represented by his condition? Given the high proportion of drivers today with dodgy hearts I believe such a restriction would be decisively rejected by the public. And what about airplanes too small to have a co-pilot? If the pilot becomes disabled for some physical or mental reason the crew and passngers are doomed. But such planes are in the air every day.

And here's the piece de resistance. Vaccines. You can be assured that once Big Pharma produces a "cure" for Covid-19 the pressure for mandatory vaccination will be overwhelming. Not necessarily as in police breaking down your door to force a needle into your arm (although developments in Victoria suggest such a scenario to be very much on the cards) but more by making ordinary life impossible without your 'digital passport'. But, despite the furious propaganda counter-offensive from Medico-Pharma Complex (MPC) vaccines have caused, and continue to cause, catastrophic damageEven Our Saviour Bill Gates has been run out of India after his oral polio vaccine resulted in thousands of casualties (the actual numbers are in dispute). 

The point is this: Death and serious injuries are part of living. Trade-offs have to be made that seek to balance the risks to a minority against the general well-being of the majority. We can debate and philosophise about the abstract issues involved such as the value of a human life but society generally has made its position clear: Your right not to be endangered directly or indirectly by others is not absolute.

Point that out to the next Covid Karen who starts hectoring you.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Couldn't have said it better myself Johnny

I read this comment from a Johnny Kay - on Denver CBS Local no less - which brilliantly summarises and contextualises the whole Covid-19 fraud.  Over to you Johnny!

The starting point for knowing the truth about anything is to believe the opposite of what the government and the corporate media tell us. 
The coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud — an invisible, all-purpose enemy to which the government can attribute any dangers it wants to frighten and control us.

The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes has taken an illness no more dangerous than the common flu (and probably far less so) and turned it into an excuse for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous redistribution of resources — literally, trillions of dollars — from the citizens to the corporate elite.

The international corporate elite has used every organization under its control — which is to say, every organization of consequence — to promote this false narrative.

According to numerous studies and the government’s own data, at least 98% of those who have the coronavirus are asymptomatic — they have no symptoms. They are not sick.

The vast majority of the rest have minor symptoms. Only a very small percentage of the remaining group — almost all of whom have pre-existing co-morbidity factors such as asthma, cancer, COPD, diabetes, or morbid obesity — have severe symptoms. Only a very small percentage of that group actually die.

In terms of its real effect, COVID-19 is like a mild flu — a very mild flu.

There is no legitimacy to any of it. The masks, the “social distancing”, the “social bubbles”, the “self-isolation”, the “self-quarantining”, the “contact tracing”, the “flattening the curve”, the “alone together”, the shutdowns, the lockdowns, the push for vaccination, the push for testing, the bans on assemblies and large groups, the restrictions on churches and prayer groups — none of that is to keep us safe, but all of it is to condition us to accept more government control, more arbitrary regimentation, more transfers of taxpayer money to the corporate elite, and mandatory vaccination.

We have been lied to every step of the way. News reports of overworked doctors, overflowing morgues, crowded hospitals, crowded ICUs, emergency rooms inundated with thousands of COVID-19 patients, racing ambulances full of COVID-19 patients, mass graves, and refrigerated trucks full of bodies are contradicted by numerous videos of empty hospitals, empty waiting rooms, empty “testing centers”, and parked ambulances in the alleged “epicenters” of the pandemic.

The coronavirus charade is no different from previous virus panics — SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Zika — only now the people at the top think we are divided enough, stupid enough, and weak enough to submit to a massive acceleration of the ongoing transfer of power and wealth from us to them. Sadly, it appears that they are correct.

Too many of us still believe — despite overwhelming historical and contemporary evidence to the contrary — that the government and the corporate media do not lie, especially about the big things. In reality, the government and the corporate media lie about everything — especially about the big things.

And a final thought....

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

I'm suffering from Negro Fatigue

Don't know about you but I've had it up to my teeth with black 'communities' everywhere. I'm suffering from Negro Fatigue. The endless drumbeat of whining, bitching and complaining about the discrimination from which they allegedly suffer, the rioting and looting with which they assuage their imagined grievances, their utter and total rejection of personal responsibility by blaming all of their failures and shortcomings on Whites. I'm fed up of their demands that we respec' them. Respec' them for what? Their contributions to science, mathematics, technology and medicine? Their uncanny ability to built and maintain peaceful, prosperous and immaculately-maintained neighborhoods? Their academic achievements? Their respect for and adherence to our legal systems? Their model two-parent high-performing nuclear families? Their capacity for planning, deferred gratification and self-control? Their insistence on peaceably resolving all disputes?  

I have a simple recommendation which will put an end to their sufferings: If Whites are so bad why don't you find yourselves a nice black country and bugger off to it? What's that you say, you can't? Oh that's right - there are no nice black countries. Well maybe, 
Tyrone and Sh'aniqua, that should tell you something. And it explains why even when Whites flee to the suburbs blacks will put their grievances aside and pursue their productive prey to their new homes. Complaining bitterly as they go.

But maybe there are ways we can help them help themselves. 
First you could offer a substantial 'return' to Africa financial inducement. This is not a glib or facile suggestion. I  calculated the average lifetime costs of a black family to White taxpayers to be in the region of €2 million. Seriously.*** Check out my calculations at this link. And this doesn't include the incalculable societal costs of the black undertow. Given their impulsive short-term gibs- me-dat-now mentality I'd say the majority would jump at the offer of a tax-free 200k cheque. If they declined we could incentivise them to undergo voluntary sterilisation. What would blacks lose? Could still muh dick to their hearts' content - and their chilluns aren't exactly the centre of their lives anyway. 

My final proposal is a variation on the rigid race-based authoritarianism that applied in the Post Reconstruction American South up to about 1950 and under apartheid South Africa. Such a regimen was predicated on the correct assumptions that blacks were disproportionately of lower intelligence, impulsive and criminally-oriented, rendering them unsuited for White society. The regimen was supported by a range of segregation laws and a no-nonsense police force aided by other, well, less formal enforcement mechanisms. And woe betide any black committing a crime of violence against Whites, especially against White
 women. Miscegenation even where legal (and it often was not) incurred severe social sanctions.

The net effect under such regimes was that blacks and Whites developed a modus vivendi, each knowing his place and the rules of engagement. Not ideal or fair, but then what polity is? The fact is that black criminality and the welfare drag on productive law-abiding citizens were but a fraction of what they are today. Whites were able to enjoy the civilisation they and their forebears had hewn from the wilderness. Indeed blacks may have been more content than they are now - crazy as that might sound in today's bizarro world - with stable family structures the norm and nobody stoking their grievances.

And the rest of us would not be suffering from Negro Fatigue.

*** Subsequent to posting this I received a comment from Mefobills, a finance specialist and regular commentator on Zero Hedge and Unz Review. A very interesting take on the financial practicalities of the Back-To-Africa project.

It would be easy to pay for removal. It would take something like the Reconstruction Finance Corporation that FDR stood up for injection if new purchasing power during the great depression.
Basically, create a shell company that can issue new paper. The paper is something that looks like a check.

Lets call the new company RFC2. RFC2 creates a check from nothing. The check channels toward a negro of choice. The Negro is male, and of breeding age, and is undesirable for the future. His "now time preference" makes him grab the check. Gimme the gibs.

The check is cashed in at a bank in the targeted African country. The check then makes its way back to America, ultimately finding the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet.

The FED's balance sheet then expands as it takes in the "check" and then issues new dollars.

Negro removal was funded, and the double entry ledgers worked to create new dollar credit.

A body has TCells and other mechanisms to kill off and get rid of harmful agents. It is the same with the body politic, some people need to be ejected from the population, as they are harmful agents.

This idea that we don't have the money for removal is B.S.

The new dollars created will actually return to the U.S. to buy dollar priced goods. The Bill/Check can even specify how it is to be redeemed to prevent inflation.

Any debt based money system, including Ireland's can do the same tricks. Double entry ledgers require some sort of paper asset to enter the ledger to then create new bank credit. The "check" came from nothing, and the new Fed dollars came from nothing. New money popped into being without a debt instrument, but instead a finance instrument issued by RFC2.

There is a very good reason why our (((friends))) guard their privatized money power so jealously. Because the money power is their tap root, and the tap root could also be used for jew removal.

White cat ladies can say nothing about their pet negroes taking the gibs and leaving, because it appears as voluntary and beneficial.

Monday, 21 September 2020

"American" women, keep away from me...

Four years ago I described Huma Abedin, Hellery's closest advisor and rumoured lesbian lover as "completely indifferent to the struggles of the Historic American Nation. Just a wicked, black-eyed, soulless political climber who happens to be one of the most powerful advisors in the world. Do you think she has the interests of the farmer in Kansas foremost in her mind? Does she get a patriotic rush when poring over America’s storied history or take pride upon hearing a a perfect pitch rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner? Is there any doubt that every thought that crosses her mind in relation to the American people is overtly hostile? She is the portrait of a globalized, hostile elite, the modern arch-cosmopolitan. Unelected, unaccountable, and completely alien to the people of the nation she supposedly represents."

Now here's her alter ego, Kamala Harris, a ruthless unprincipled Hindu careerist whore who secretly worships whiteness (the Hindu caste system is racism in its purest form). She secretly despises black people but shamelessly exploits them and their identity as stepping stones to power. Harris’s mind is wired like a third-world despot and she would more appropriately be a politician in India or Pakistan where human rights depend on who your friends are and how much money you have. The idea of the inalienable rights of the individual is as foreign to her as begging for food on the street. She’s a narcissistic psychopath who proudly hates white people and Christians. Harris is a monster whose frightening cruelty simmers just below the surface but pops out at the slightest provocation.

Yet America's decline has been so calamitous that this psychopath will be President if Dopey Joe "wins" in November and is then duly consigned to the funny farm. And remember this: Suburban White women, who'll suffer most from her depredations, will vote for her in droves.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Just in time Satan answers my prayer

Some time ago I issued a heartfelt plea to the Lord Of Darkness. He has answered my prayer. RBG now resides in the Seventh Of Hell. Now let's make sure Trump gets a suitable replacement.
When is that evil witch Ruth Bader Ginsburg going to do the decent thing and croak? Well considering she's never done the decent thing in her whole life I don't suppose she's going to start now. And few have been more evil than she. Few have done more to destroy the foundations of Heritage America, helping to turn it into a disintegrating degenerate Brazil del norte in waiting.

Just a few examples of her malevolence:

She's called for the legalising of sex for children as young as 12 years. She's argued for legalising prostitution, bigamy and interstate sex trafficking. She has worked tirelessly against sexual dimorphism, ruling for the forced integration of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides, college fraternities and sororities, women in the the armed forces (with the proviso that they must benefit from affirmative action), quotas for women in jobs....even finding that Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day to be, yes, offensive and possibly Unconstitutional. She claimed that the concept of husband-breadwinner and wife-homemaker "must be eliminated from the code if it is to reflect the equality principle".

While she claims to be a Constitutional scholar she has flouted and mangled that document to the point of national scandal. First by her blatant partisanship, threatening to leave for New Zealand were Trump elected, her open and unprecedented canvassing for the Sotamayor SCOTUS appointment. Such partisanship on the part of a Supreme Court Justice represents grounds for removal from theCourt. The Senate has that power. But can you just see them use it?

And here's the reverence for the document she's sworn to uphold. In a 2012 interview on Al Hayat she stated that she would not look to the U.S. Constitution if she were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. "I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, have an independent judiciary. It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done." She also believes that taxpayer-funded abortions should be a Constitutional right. I'm sure that very thought was uppermost in the minds of the Framers, as of course was same-sex marriage. If we're to believe what this witch says.

So come on Satan. Be a good little devil. Cut off this demon's supply of children's blood and welcome her to your fiery abode.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020


The is an online rag owned by Denis O'Brien, the billionaire globalist and friend of the Clinton Crime Family who featured prominently in the biggest financial scandal in Irish history. Content is by way of copy/paste from other sources and many of its 'journalists' can barely construct a coherent sentence. In other words your regular mainstream outlet. I click on it  occasionally just to catch up on the local news. I see that they have now joined the serried ranks of  Approved Fact-Checkers, those sites which seek out and debunk 'fake news' and lunatic conspiracy theories. All of these sites have the same modus operandi. Select a straw-man element of the 'fake' news under review - the least credible part of the story - disprove that and end up with a triumphant headline (beginning with DEBUNKED!) purporting to show that as a result the whole story is false. 

So for instance - which is riding shotgun on Ireland's Covid-19 figures to ensure the mindless panic continues - will Debunk! a claim that 'only 700 people died in Ireland in July'. They'll point out that the formal reporting of many deaths gets delayed by up to a few months. Ergo, the figure of 700 is too low, as are by by extension all reports downplaying the Covid death toll. Debunked!. But the kernel of the supposedly false claim stands up. The 700 number would not be affected in any significant way by the late additions. But this small difference enabled the rag to show that the figure was technically inaccurate and thus Debunked!

Amazing Polly and James Corbett have done great work in this area. They've shown that almost all of the fact-checking sites are, directly or indirectly, funded by the same rogues gallery (Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg  et al). Polly cites the example of Wayfair Cabinets whereby identical units were on sale at different amounts, with some being outlandishly and inexplicably expensive, marketed under the names of girls who had gone missing. Deeply suspicious, to put it mildly. But the theory was Debunked! immediately by Snopes, the grande dame of fact checkers (run by a sexual pervert and his ex-prostitute wife). How did Snopes know the story was false? They rang Wayfair and asked them! "Snopes fact checkers here. Are you engaged in child sex trafficking? What's that, you're not, you say? Well that's good enough for us." Thus was the story Debunked! by Snopes.

The big problem is that the casual reader - and that covers about 95% - who goes to a fact checking site won't proceed beyond the Debunked! headline. "Wayfair Cabinet Conspiracy Theory Debunked!" will be enough for the overwhelming majority of visitors who'll depart shaking their heads in despair at all of this fake news. Let me add that those who work for fact checking site are unprincipled careerist whores. Because the stuff they produce is designed to deceive. This is obvious from the way they present their so-called rebuttals. What's also remarkable is the extent to which they're all on message. They are wall-to-wall globohomo orthodoxy. Well it's not surprising actually given that they all get funded by the same criminal globalist billionaires.

A worrying development and difficult to see how things will pan out.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Did someone mention karma?

So another 911 anniversary has come and gone with the mass-murdering criminals who masterminded the attack  all in fine fettle, enjoying their comfortable retirements, sipping fine wines as they watch the sun go down. Yes, post-911 life has been good.  Larry Silverstein reflects on his uncanny good fortune in having insured the buildings against terrorist attack mere weeks before 911. Double good fortune actually as that was the one day he didn't have breakfast at the top of the WTC's North Tower due to a prior medical appointment. And while Don Rumsfeld must be enjoying his vast financial fortune the joy must be tempered by regret that his diligent investigation into the missing $30 trillion (yes - trillion) from the Department of "Defense" was scuppered by the rocket attack on the Pentagon. Dov Zakheim's pride in his multiple awards for public service must also be tempered by the knowledge that had his aircraft remote control system been installed on the hijacked planes he could have diverted them to safety. That must be killing him. Meanwhile Dick Cheney is having a whale of a time pumping the Wyoming wildlife - and his shooting companions - full of lead as his electric heart still keeps ticking twenty years on.

Did someone mention karma?

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The handover

Croke Park Dublin is home to the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). But it's much more than that, in many ways embodying the spirit of Traditional Ireland and especially its seemingly indissoluble association with the Catholic Church. This standing was reinforced by the events of Bloody Sunday in 1920. Michael Collins had in one morning wiped out the whole Cairo Gang, the crack British intelligence unit poised to destroy the Republican rebels. In response British Army Auxiliaries headed to a football match at Croke Park where they blazed away at the crowd and players, killing 14 and injuring dozens more. Little wonder that the GAA had draconian measures against 'garrison sports' (soccer, rugby, cricket) which lasted for another fifty years.

But as all of us here know only too well, Ireland and the Catholic Church have changed beyond recognition over the last few decades, the old certainties gone, remembered - if remembered at all - with a sense of embarrassment like the mad aunt who used to live in the garret. Ireland is now multicultural, diverse, with out-of-wedlock children the norm, draconian 'hate' legislation in place, gay marriage and abortion voted into law by a massive majority of newly-liberated voters. The Church in Ireland as elsewhere has become a desiccated hollowed-out husk, devoid of self-belief, its great buildings empty, sliding into increasing irrelevancy.

What a contrast with Islam. Muslim numbers in Ireland are exploding (whoops!) and their assertiveness shows a corresponding growth. Red in tooth and claw, the Religion Of Peace is here to stay and wants the Irish kuffars to understand that.  Recently, during the most restrictive time of the Covid lock-down, an exception was made for Muslims to celebrate the animal sacrifice festival of Eid. In the Irish Catholic sanctum sonctorum, Croke Park itself. Fittingly the current Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin was on hand to effect the handover. Because that's what it was. The handover of Traditional Ireland to the New Ireland. Martin was the perfect signatory of the surrender document as he epitomises the modern Churchman - oily bureaucrat, believer in nothing, adept at leaping on every passing bandwagon, master of the bland platitudinous bromide.

And there was no shortage of bromide at the handover ceremony. Commitments to tolerance, freedom and inclusion floated in the warm Summer air. Which would have surprised Asif Pervaiz, a Pakistani Christian under sentence of death since 2013 for a supposedly blasphemous tweet. Or to Egypt's Coptic Christians who recently learned from a Pew Research survey that while their Muslim fellow countrymen strongly supported 'religious freedom' 84% of them also supported the death sentence for 'those who leave Islam'. 

We at least can take some consolation that there wasn't another blood bath at Croke Park during the Eid ceremony. Because, as this picture from Bangladesh shows, the streets can literally run red when the Religion Of Peace gets a free run at things.

But give it time. Give it time.

Monday, 7 September 2020

What happens to GoodWhites in Civil War 2?

The talk gets louder every day as BLM and Antifa outrages mount and White resentment comes to the boil. Even Fred Reed believes Things Are About To Blow. A conflict largely along racial lines appears to be to be on the horizon - and getting closer by the day. But how realistic is this? Whites make up the overwhelming majority of Antifa's peaceful demonstrators and there's a significant White minority even in the BLM movement. Meanwhile in suburban Whiteopias 'Black Lives Matter' signs adorn many lawns. How will this shake out if and when large-scale conflict breaks out?

I don't know but history suggests that in such circumstances skin colour (and/or religion) represents your uniform. Hate-fueled violence has a way of clarifying things for a person, especially if that violence is threatening the people they love. Most Americans are utterly unfamiliar with this. Hearing about it isn’t the same as experiencing it. If it comes to armed civil conflict the choices will largely (there will of course be exceptions) be made for them. People will do what they need to do to survive. Some people will try to act out of principle, but most will act in the interest of self-preservation. The fence-sitters are going to be force to pick a side. And in all likelihood, it’ll be the side that’s not trying to kill them.

Friday, 4 September 2020

Great minds lay out what's coming down the line

An excellent post by Andrew Anglin posits the grim future that lies in store for us. Some excerpts:

"In fact, it appears that the plan is to permanently wipe out the middle and working classes, and have a fraction of a percent of the population living in extreme wealth while ruling over a mass of peasants. This new world will be dominated by mega-corporations. The masses of people who don’t die of drug overdoses or suicide during the transition process will be herded into hive-like skyscraper “pod” living facilities, operated by the corporations in tandem with the government.

You’re going to have people putting computer chips in their brains and all of that. Elon Musk is actively promoting and developing that technology, and I started wondering if his use of all of my talking points on the coronavirus hoax wasn’t part of a plan to position himself as a good guy as part of a brain-chip agenda.

This is clear: the old concepts of rights, freedoms and the ideas we have about man’s role in the universe fundamentally will be wiped out. All of our basic rights were abolished with the opening of the virus hoax, and that is going to be continually played up all through this transition period."

As most on this site realise, the project has been on the making for a long time. For instance here's what Bertrand Russell*, one of the most enthusiastic proponents of One World Government, had to say in The Impact of Science on Society published in 1953. "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so."  And later in the same book "Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton." A clear exposition of the long-term objectives of the Satanic 'elites'.

Aldous Huxley, luminary of the sinister Tavistock Institute and another leading NWO exponent laid it out as follows in 1961: "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."

Well let nobody say we weren't warned.

* Russell has been idealised by the left for almost a century. Do they know that he wrote the following? "In extreme cases, there can be little doubt of the superiority of one race to another. North America, Australia and New Zealand certainly contribute more to the civilisation of the world than they would do if they were still peopled by aborigines. It seems on the whole fair to regard Negroes as on the average inferior to white men, although for work in the tropics they are indispensable, so that their extermination (apart from the question of humanity) would be highly undesirable."

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

What did you think of that stunning CDC report?

Have you read all about the stunning new study which exposes the Covid-19 panic for what it is - namely a fraud of monumental dimensions? Of course you haven't, unless you've been looking very very carefully. Because the MSM and the chattering classes have treated this bombshell as if it never happened. Nothing to see here, move along now. I'm not talking about evidence adduced by some 'far-right'  conspiracy theorists or anti-vaxxers. This report has been produced by the fountainhead of so much Covid hysteria, the American Center for Disease Control (CDC). In a truly stunning disclosure they confess that of the claimed  165,000 deaths from Covid to date fewer than 10,000 died from Covid-19 itself. The rest had multiple (on average 2.6) serious additional diseases, the overwhelming majority were in the oldest age cohort.

Now bear in mind that many of those deaths (most notably in New York) derived from dumping huge numbers of old people into "care" homes where they died like flies. And remember the respirators? You know, those devices that the 'experts' (before whom we all are supposed to bow) claimed were a matter of life and death? The experts were right. But not in the way they claimed because far from saving lives respirators had the health impact on the victims similar to that of a neutron bomb. But the lock-down, you say, that's why the numbers are so low. Here are two figures in response: Sweden which had virtually no lock-down suffered deaths per million of 575. The equivalent figure for the USA is virtually the same at 567. Meanwhile a number of inter-State comparisons in America found no correlation between lock-down and Covid death rates.

And for this America (and almost every other Western country) has had its economy and the lives of millions of people destroyed. For this families had to watch loved ones die from behind a perspex shield. For this millions of gravely ill patients suffering from cancer, heart disease and a myriad of other ailments have gone without treatment. For this millions have suffered, and continue to suffer, from the effects of despair, alcoholism, domestic abuse and much more.

When and if the dust settles there must be a reckoning for those who with great malice aforethought inflicted this devastation on millions of innocent people. And let us not forget their cowardly collaborators in the medical profession who could have stopped the scandal in its tracks had they had the gumption to do so. 

But I'm not holding my breath.