Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Life of young successful entrepreneur and prolific family man cruelly cut short


It seems that every couple of days New Orleans loses one of its treasured 
Let’s get the players straight before we go on with this..


His Companion : Kawanner Armstrong

His Sons : Christian Allen
Kwan Allen
Larmondo Allen, Jr.

His Daughters : Deidra Allen
Larmenshell Allen
Lamonshea Allen
Larmomdriel Allen
Larmerja Allen
Korevell Allen

AT AGE 25 - He had 9 Children. 

His Father: Burnell Thompson 
His Mother: Esther Allen 
His Stepfather: Bruce Gordy

His Brothers: Burnell Thompson 
Edgar Thompson 
Wil Willis 
Danta Edwards
Reshe Edwards
Mattnell Allen 
Burnell Allen 
Lester Allen

His Sisters: Shannail Craig
Lekiksha Thompson 
Gwendolyn Carter
Jessica Willis 
Katina Gordy

Grandparents: Delors Allen 
J.C. Allen 
Anna Laura Thompson 
Will Thompson



He was 25 and had 3 sons and 6 daughters. 
 welfare recipients collecting $950 each ....
That equals $8,550a month !!! Now add 

Food Stamps ,
Free medical, Free school lunches,

And on and on 
Do the math... $102,000+ /year .
Anyone out there, sittin' on their butt while reading this, making A HUNDRED GRAND doing nothing?

Now that, to me, is a real Entrepreneur.


Anonymous said...


entreprenueurwhatajoke said...

I was just thinking that sit on my ass and become an entrepreneur, its the new way of entreprenurialship , working from home they call it. Entrepreneur, the cheek of them to say that. He was busy alright. If more of our white,s did that, we wouldnt need these blacks would we, these entrepreneurs. They would still find a way to destroy the white man though. As edward dutton said, the reason the black breed fast, is because they don't know if they will ever get the chance to , so they live ''fast'' and die young. Shake the big boobs and arse - quick, quick. The women use the same strategy aswell, who knows if you are going to end up in the stock pot, so you live fast, breed fast and die young, they pop them out like stools, if they are unmixed its easier like a dog in heat, pop pop pop them out, pregnant nigerians never suffer from bad indigestion, or have the complications whites do when preggers. Whites need to take a leaf out of africans playbook. Just collect more welfare, more kids, you run the country then, get general butt naked in office then, we will see the gorilla with the whip hand.

Steve Morris said...

A month after Pollard’s arrest in 1985, C.I.A director William Casey stated: “The Israelis used Pollard to obtain our war plans against the USSR – all of it: the co-ordinates, the firing locations, the sequences, and Israel sold that information to Moscow for more exit visas for Soviet Jews.”

Does anyone know if the CIA still cares about Israel? I mean in the sense that they worry about Israel damaging the US, rather than in the sense of looking after Israel.

The CIA is supposed to be an enemy of the USA isn't it?

"Best not mention the Jews, eh Steve?"

Ooops, sorry. The article the above quote is from is about Jonathan Pollard, a Jew.

The defendant has substantially harmed the United States, and in my view, his crimes demand severe punishment…

He could, in fact, have harmed the USA's ability to service Israel, an unfathomable crime.

So why does the CIA care about the US? What possible reason could they have for such care? I can't think of one.

Anyone who is bold enough to either criticize the Israelis or defend the Palestinians is targeted, and if they happen to be in Congress like Cynthia McKinney, Pete McCloskey, Paul Findlay, James Traficant, William Fulbright and Chuck Percy they are first vilified in the media and then set up against a very well-funded candidate to drive them from office. The end result is that when Israel kills civilians and rampaging armed settlers destroy their livelihoods the United States government chooses to look the other way and shower the rogue state with money so it can continue to do its dirty work.

So why the worry about Pollard? I still don't understand it.

And then there are the hot buttons which, if the U.S. actually had a functional government that is responsive to the people, should have been pushed long ago. Israel is ranked by the FBI as the number one “friendly” country in terms of its spying against the United States.

The FBI seems to be an even worse enemy. Whose side is the FBI on? We haven't mentioned Jews for a while so let's get on with it.

Pollard is an exception, but Israeli spies are routinely slapped on the wrist when caught and never face prosecution. The Mossad agents who were the “Dancing Shlomos,” celebrating while the twin towers went down on 9/11, were allowed to go home.

So why was Pollard made an exception? Is it because he's a nerd?


I searched that page for the word "Jew". It only appears 155 times, but it's better than nothing, right?

Warning: the Unz site is run by Jews, so believe the opposite of what it says, but only if you are sure they are lying. One can never be sure if they are lying so believe nothing. In fact you probably would be better off if you didn't learn to read at all. Teaching us to read must have been a Jewish trick because we are so often misled when reading.

Steve Norris said...

Bacteria in your GUT affects your immune response to Covid-19 and could influence how severely you suffer symptoms, study finds

Best not mention the Jews in your guts, eh Daily Mail?

Everyone needs to read that study and modify their guts accordingly. If you don't then you are putting other people's lives at risk and you should be locked up.


stoli said...

More info from https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/pc-obituary-of-the-year

The New Orleans Police Department’s Press Release of February 8, 2004 says that Larmondo was one of two men murdered shortly before 11:00 p.m., at 2339 Martin Luther King Boulevard (Guste Public Housing Development), New Orleans. The other victim was identified as 22-year-old Edward Taylor. Both men were convicted felons. In May of 2003 Allen was arrested on two (2) counts of attempted murder and one count of First Degree Murder. In December and October of 1999, he was arrested on two separate First Degree Murder cases.

Sky Lukewalker said...

If the whole cult of welfare is so set up that it is financed by robbing Peter to pay Paul then taken far enough one will get just such a situation as is here outlined. When Paul senses that he nevetheless is being in some way shortchanged----regardless of the facts---then he may come again with rope and pitchfork and tumbril. We have seen a precursor to this in recent times in burned and looted American cities, and there is more to come. A few more dead "entrepreneurs" and there you are.

great white said...

Yes, I got to laugh at Gwendolyn too. Probably running out of names!

Rogue said...

Yes, yes, all fine and well Savant. But you seem to be forgetting he was an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur!

Where would the USA be without it's entrepreneurs?

Fortunately, Joe Biden has ensured that his cabinet - unlike the fascist, Nazi, racist, homophobic, anti-semitic etc etc Trump - is full of womens, ethnics and other diversity.

Hence the magnificence of entrepreneurship shall be alive and well at America's highest level of governance!

The USA, indeed the West itself, is in very good hands...

wakandaweekend said...

All I hears is gwendole-linn. I don't think they name them very well, half of it is deliberate. Who the F would put ''flair'' in their own name? Jesus. Give them back to africa. Wakanda awaits.

Matrick said...

By "entrepreneur" I'm guessing they mean drug dealer.

Rob said...

Larmondo Junior is already making a name for himself, following in his dead sire's footsteps.

Anonymous said...

did they fail to mention that the young lad was also a ""aspiring rapper""??

Anonymous said...

"Rogue: Hence the magnificence of entrepreneurship shall be alive and well at America's highest level of governance!"

Noggers do have a certain talent for street level economics. From recycling to drug dealing the economic niches they manage to find are truly amazing. Unfortunately, they don't seem to understand things like high voltage lines when they are doing their hunter-gathering.

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Hey Savant and others, if you want a few laughs in these troubling times, look here:


Anonymous said...


gT said...

It boils down to the difference between citizens and human beings. Thanks to liberals and females, human beings have more rights than citizens. Citizens are human beings who are responsible, pay taxes for decades, and can carry their own weight. A human being is not necessarily a citizen. The largesse of a state should only be allocated to citizens, not to human beings as is the case these days.

OT: Interesting stuff from this overly serious chap in the link below. He correctly identifies the economic collapse of the man in the street in the States, and it was planned, but then he goes a bit overboard with a little bit on the history of the 1929 Great depression. That was planned also, and every crisis, especially the planned ones, are opportunities for some to achieve their goals. If at first you don't succeed try again a few generations later is definitely the motto of these bastards.

But the essence of what he is saying is true, the impoverishment of the man in the street. Tptb never stopped their usual control of Third World countries which benefits the big multi-nationals / Wall Street, but they certainly did stop the man in the street in the West from earning a living. So everything is stacked against your average Joe.

My issue is also with that certain country in the Far East which was instrumental in the planned impoverishment of the man in the street in the West via de-industrialization.


Everyone is talking about this in 2030, or that in 2040, but I'm still inclined towards the year 2025, by which time 80% of US citizens would have disappeared, which is basically what that deagal site was saying. Only Trump had the possibility of maybe delaying matters.

footballeranklediver said...

https://www.msn.com/en-ie/sport/american-football/irish-youngster-afolabi-praised-for-lifting-the-lid-on-disgusting-racist-abuse/ar-BB1cGxFN?ocid=msedgdhp - Entrepreneur now , means kicking a ball and signing a nivea visage contract. Why has the meaning of language degraded, to be inclusive that is why. If they are not kicking a ball, they are dealing drugs , or having a baby mama on every corner. Means fuck all. The only social stimga today is not giving or recieving an std, sleeping around at 35+ , making shit of every partner, girlfriend you ever had, and STILL single! Not keeping it in your trousers for 5 minutes, being a sexual incontinent, giving into every single whim you have, hooked on porn, cocaine, being hooked on crack, betting yourself into debt, being a walking petri dish of disease, gib me gib me gib me, or otherwise, the ONLY SOCIAL STIGMA - well, it is being a racist, not a liar on your asylum application form. It is being a racist! Hoping all this crazy blm shit all just goes away..That is worse than being an incestuous peadophile or otherwise, it is worse than being an ANTIFA peadophile even! What they don't want is a HEALTHY WHITE RACE, OF all SUB RACES, they want us as sexual incontinents and otherwise, as listed above, they don't want racists, who resist, RESIST their inner whims, who resist the urge to stick it about or snort 200 euro in one sitting or night, who resist and endure until cured, who don't give in rather, maybe occasionally induldge if needs be, but don't become a DISGRACED JUNKIE slave to their carnal desires, but rather disclipline themselves and do something or think, or act on something worthwhile. They don't want that, this is why the demonise what is good, natural and right. They want us betting ourselves into debt, spreading disease, hooked on drugs, confused about our sexuality, being lost fucking souls, so the immigrants who LIED on their asylum forums can come in and look halfway decent, in comparison to us!

White Rose said...

Those names are priceless Wyatt Mann. Still laughing!

Mona said...

"Steve Morris
A month after Pollard’s arrest in 1985, C.I.A director William Casey stated: “The Israelis used Pollard to obtain our war plans against the USSR – all of it: the co-ordinates, the firing locations, the sequences, and Israel sold that information to Moscow for more exit visas for Soviet Jews.”

According to some retards(sorry for the expletive) the Jews controlled communist Soviet Russia. So why Israel would have to pay Moscow(controlled by Jews) to allow Jews to immigrate to Israel??!!
Anyway, according to the same retards(sorry again!) the Jews controll also the capitalist West, and China....
Is there anything not under jewish controll???

SovietIrelandakaInclusiveSocialistCapitalism said...

https://twitter.com/gearoidmurphy_/status/1349012752715698176 ''We're being purged from the public square (social media), Governments are pushing through hatesay/wrongsay laws, we can't travel over 5km or have a friend over. This isn't "like" or "approaching" totalitarianism. It is totalitarianism. We're in it now. Surreal.'' @gearoidmurphy_

Anonymous said...

Wow those progressive democrats
Talking about taking trumps supporters kids
And placing them in re education camps

anklediverspaycheck said...

That's a long list of entrepreneurs, it must run in the blood!

Anonymous said...

Doing better than white 'muricans with an 8th grade education who were able to make their house payments doing piecework in a factory.

Factory? Whazz dat?

homesforrefugeesbutnotfortheeee said...

https://twitter.com/last_call12/status/1301089313992699910 ''So Helen McEntee just said on #todaycb that she wants the people in direct provision to have their own houses.
I presume paid for by the state.
Why should these people get free forever homes from the state when the majority of working Irish people can't afford their own home?''

Steve Morris said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

12 January 2021 at 19:03

Sav, is Mr Jones up to his usual tricks?

Steve Morris said...

Covid is reducing the birthrate.


While our focus is on beating the virus now, the real cost will come in future with the after-effects lasting generations. A drastically reduced birth rate causing a major shortfall in labour is an indication of what’s in store.

Best not mention the Jews, eh RT?

They are using this Covid to justify more immigration, because they really care about our economy.

The UK birth rate is expected to plunge to a record low this year, thanks to a weary population left so deflated by this interminable coronavirus pandemic that the last thing on their minds is bringing more children into the world. Why would you?

Still no mention of the Jews, eh RT?

Many white people are refusing to have kids because our race seems to have no future. Best not mention that, eh everyone? Don't want to cause a fuss.


Steve Morris said...

Jim Stone says we might still see Pelosi in jail, or even sitting in ole sparky.

The Trumpster is still fighting the swamp, and they have been very very naughty. Possible charges coming.

An exciting week ahead but just one worrying aspect:

Best not mention the Jews, eh Donald?

How can he possibly govern without mentioning the Jews? Even Jim Stone is not mentioning the Jews. He is currently writing entire paragraphs without mentioning the Jews. He uses terms like "leftists" and "communists", etc. Have they got to him?

Trump is asking for the nuclear codes.

AnklediverspaycheckNOW said...


Lake district must change' in order to attract more diverse visitors, Why don't they hire banksy, he can spray graffiti on an ancient limestone wall. Wow that would get the punters. Like shit on the wall. It doesn't fit, none of this stuff does.

The fact sky news sees this as a newsworthy story, and is taking this on board, proliferating this nonsense is scary. https://news.sky.com/story/lake-district-must-change-to-attract-more-diverse-visitors-11897034

Here, I have an idea, fire the head of cumbria lake district, and the julie glover author of the spurious report, which only purpose intent, is to keep filthy social justice comrades like this in a job!

They are complaining it is only welcome for able bodied WHITE european people! Why is that a problem, is someone, an arse shaker and bleach drinker from a preachers church in zambia, going to be suddenly interested and go to a trek in the lake district? Don't think so, doesn't matter how many, HOW MANY banksy murials they do, there is always going to be a certain type of clientele, whether they like it or not, catering for a troll in a wheelchair is not going to do it..

The terrain is unforgiving, naturally it wont appeal to most who are naturally not as ''able'' if you want to rabbit finger it like some woke s**, devalue the meaning of able, so you know fucking what, tarmac the fuck out of it and spray paint it for what?????? What is wrong with ENGLAND, this is the question that NEEDS to be asked NOW!

Mr Reynard said...

Irish Savant .. Do you realise the loss to NASA losing another Astrophysicist ??
It will put IMO their Space projects back about 20 years ?

Anonymous said...

How about Latrine?

johnsmith said...

Big Jew Casino Man and GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson Finally Dead. It wasn’t just Trump he funded – he was basically the key figure creating the entire GOP Israel obsession. Actually, that isn’t true – the main people doing that were the evangelical pastors, who are also funded by Israel. - Andrew Anglin

@anon_nobreedingwaslopeheadNOWtheyevolveYOUdevolve said...

How about latit? pfft FFS the names alone should mean they go home, they don't fit, they don't want to and even if they try, everything they touch turns to s***.

Steve Morris said...

Trump is asking for the nuclear codes.

Correction: Pelosi was asking for the codes to be taken off Trump.

Before anyone gets excited the original statement was a mistake not a lie.

Rapparee said...

That nigger bitch name "Condoleezza" used to amuse me.
Speaking of which...

Joe Biden's ideal VP is Condoleezza Rice | TheHill
The best candidate is clearly Condoleezza Rice. As a black woman, she can help bring our country together...

Yeah right, but Kamala Harris will do instead.

White America, start prayin'...fervently!

Flanders said...

"Sheldon Adelson, Billionaire Megadonor to GOP And Israel, Dead at 87" [Jan. 12, 2021]

"Sheldon Adelson's last act was to fly traitor Jonathan Pollard out of America to Israel on his personal private plane.

"I am not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform. It was an American uniform," Adelson told a group in Israel in 2010. "Although my wife was in the IDF and one of my daughters was in the IDF … our two little boys, one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow, hopefully he'll come back-- his hobby is shooting -- and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF."

"All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart."

Much MORE at the link:

Anonymous said...

"According to some retards(sorry for the expletive) the Jews controlled communist Soviet Russia. So why Israel would have to pay Moscow(controlled by Jews) to allow Jews to immigrate to Israel??!!"

Jews lost their power in Soviet Russia when Josef Stalin (a goy) came to power.

Lots of Jews died during the 'Great Purge'.

The Russian Jews desperately wanted out of Soviet Russia.

This is when communism fell out of favour with the Western media and intelligentsia.

Flanders said...

Savant, I'm bringing forward my comment from the older post since you must either have missed it, or have chosen not to reply.

Flanders said...
Corkonian said...
Savant in case you have yet to notice 'Steve Morris' is almost certainly another incarnation of James/The Baron.
12 January 2021 at 00:49
SAVANT said...
Not bothered Corkonian once the tit-for-tat doesn't re-emerge.
12 January 2021 at 01:39
Why doesn't it matter, Savant, when a long-time commenter such as James/Baron, aka now Steve Morris, is allowed to use whatever moniker he chooses, when hasbarats are known to use such stratagem for the spreading of dissension and disinformation? You know better than your answer to Corkanian indicates.

Does that mean we are supposed to simply ignore the obvious implications?


nemesis said...

Correct Anon 00.43 although their fall from grace only started with Stalin when it dawned on him that their first loyalty was to newly created Israel. In fact the Israel issue was the main reason for Jews falling out of favour after that as well.

Anonymous said...

say what we will about the young decedent but do have to admit that he thought of the future for his young off spring and left them a handspme estate and well spring of bountiful monetary security,,,, btw we had a traffic stop here in Chicago years ago and the young ladies name on her license was ,,,,wait fot it, Ms, Sweet Meat Brown,,,we don't lie this was Xeroxed nation wide and passed around all roll calls we heard,,it was last seen on a few bulletin boards before we retired 20 years ago but was pulled down by certain chicken shit bosses,,,John old rtf Chicago copper

SAVANT said...

Flanders I operate on the comments rather than the commentator. If the comment is valid a publish it. The problem with banning an individual is that he can re-emerge under another avatar as James/The Baron seems to have done and the whole process starts again. I've deleted hundreds of tit-for-tat comments so far and also huge numbers of comments containing profanities. I sometimes think that posters of such profanities are deliberately sabotaging the blog by driving away the more literate and respectable readers.